Equine Waterboarding Torture

Source: Animal Recovery Mission

A.R.M. Investigation

logan-4Just days ago, a post appeared up on Facebook, one that Logan Carr Allen had no idea would spark an international outrage. To Logan, it was just another day and he wanted to share what he was proud of. Except, once the images broke into the public his activities revealed major crimes that he had comitted on a helpless Quarter Horse, named ‘Prickly Pear’.

Logan titled the post as ‘Bad Boy’, and although his story has changed several times from training the horse to a technique known as a ‘lay down’ to trying to wash mud off of his horse when ‘Prickly’ started to misbehave then also steered to teaching his horse not be scared of water. None of these answers have depicted anything other than extreme animal abuse.

What was revealed to the world instead of ‘training’, was disturbing images that shocked the world as Logan used a torture method known as ‘water boarding’. A technique more accustomed to encounters of extreme method used on prisoners to fall into submission. But this 3 year old colt was no prisoner or threat and whilst Logan has defended himself as simply using a traditional ‘old age’ technique amongst cowboys, this was anything but training.

Prickly was initially hogtied so that he was restricted from resisting against the torture then he was subjected to a constant flow of water over his face and body and told ‘ bad boy’. After that, photos showed the horse covered in a tarp and water flodded over him. This technique caused not only discomfort from the rough ropes that tightly bound the horse, but as the water pounds onto the tarp it restricts the animals breathing (similar to drowning) and can cause suffocation and even death. Aside the physical torture that this horses endured, the severe mental abuse is even more damaging.

By Iowa State law, the criminal acts performed on ‘Prickly’ are listed are determined as animal abuse and animal torture. Whilst weaker in the State of Iowa compared to others where the same crimes are considered a felony act, they are both considered as aggravated misdemenors and consider jail time with fines.

Waterboarding is a form of water torture in which water is poured over a cloth covering the face and breathing passages of an immobilized captive, causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning. Waterboarding can cause extreme pain, dry drowning, damage to lungs, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, other physical injuries including broken bones due to struggling against restraints, lasting psychological damage, and death.[1] Adverse physical consequences can manifest themselves months after the event, while psychological effects can last for years.[2] wikipedia

Logan-Allen-2However, even after the footage went viral, no arrests were made, and shockingly STILL are not being made. Infact from the County Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s office (who refuses to comment on this case), this is an ongoing investigation. This has been the only response that is repeated.

ARM is continuing to investigate this case on a State and Federal level, despite the resistance of the local law Sheriff’s Department of Mills County and the county attorney’s offices, to prosecute these crime.

Logan is also under fire for Bull baiting and causing torment and distress to a minature horses in previous post of Facebook. His account has since been disabled.

ARM has also contacted the leading equine and animal protection agencies and associations who are now launching their own independent investigations. They will review their evaluation publicly and will be updated on this page. None of these organizations consider Logan Allen’s methods as ‘training’ or condone it and were all appalled by its use. It is ARM’s mission to discredit and ensure the banning of Logan Allen from any horse training involvement, breeding, selling or competing in any equine sport.

These include;

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)
The Iowa Quarter Horse Association (IQHA)
The American Horse Council
The Iowa Horse Committee
The Professional Rodeo Association
The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA)
The National Snaffle Bit Association