Month: April 2016

Welfare Ranchers Forced to Scale Back in Elko County NV

“Sorry but I live in an agricultural community surrounded by cattle, horses and donkeys and not once have I heard any of them do the whining and hand wringing that the welfare ranchers on OUR public lands do over what they feel is their “entitlement”. I just don’t have one ounce of sympathy in my soul for them. Here in Texas we buy, fence, manage and pay taxes on our grazing land and we do NOT take handouts from the government. Out on our public lands the welfare cattle ravage the range, destroy the watering holes and out number the wild equines 100 to 1. The numbers in the article, below, are skewed and it is a big bunch of welfare propaganda but it does do my heart good to see the government leeches stress over their free ride. Sorry, again, but it’s about time that subsidized grazing cease upon a national, natural keepsake, our public lands.” ~ R.T.

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