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Feel Good Sunday: Man ordered to pay $13,000 for abandoning paint-splattered white mare at New Holland auction

By Jan Murphy | jmurphy@pennlive.com

“Lily looks like a different horse…”

* Update: Man convicted of summary citations for abandoning Lily 

Lily seen here at a private rehab farm following her discharge from New Bolton Center. (Photo courtesy of New Bolton Center)

Lily seen here at a private rehab farm following her discharge from New Bolton Center. (Photo courtesy of New Bolton Center)

In a matter of two months’ time and lots of tender loving care, the Arabian/Appaloosa mare named Lily that once had an unflattering coat of many colors looks like a different horse.

She is 150 pounds heavier and has gained vision back in one eye. And she is all white again.

“People wouldn’t recognize her. That’s how miraculous the change is,” said Kelly Smith, director of York County-based Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, which was given ownership of the horse that was found abandoned in March at the New Holland Sales Stable.

Lily continues to be boarded at a private rehab farm in Kennett Square next to Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center, where the malnourished, ill-kept 20- to 25-year-old horse was taken for treatment. She had uveitis, an inflammation, in both of her eyes when she arrived at New Bolton.

Veterinarians had to remove her right eye but an experimental treatment that involved putting injections into her left eye helped save it. Dr. Nikki Scherrer, who is her tending vet, said that “it worked fabulously.” She regained about 80 percent of the vision in that eye and keeps it completely open.

Her teeth were another problem. It took a dentist two days of working on her teeth so she could eat properly, Smith said. But now that problem is resolved as evidenced by Lily’s weight gain.

Meanwhile, the only person who has been charged in this animal cruelty case is Philip S. Price, 65, of East Providence, R.I. He received five summary citations – three counts of animal cruelty, a single count of dealing and handling animals without a license, and a single count of importing animals without an interstate health certificate.

Those charges are not associated with Lily’s poor health or the paint splattered on her coat. No one has been charged for that. Rather, Price’s citations relate to transporting her to New Holland from New Jersey on March 14 and abandoning her.

Price pleaded not guilty to the charges and is scheduled to have a trial Friday before District Judge Rodney Hartman in New Holland.

While others seek justice for the cruelty shown to her in her past, Lily is moving on to greener pastures.

At the rehab farm, Smith and Scherrer said Lily hangs out with another horse named Anita, a paint horse that was rescued from slaughter and like Lily, lost one of her eyes. Anita’s was due to cancer. Smith grows silent when asked if she has received any inquiries from people interested in adopting her. She said because of the pending court case, she is unable to talk about it.

“Lily is very, very loving. She’s very kind, very forgiving for all that she’s had going on with all the treatment and all that,” Smith said.

Scherrer described her as one of the sweetest horses she works with. She said, “It’s amazing how forgiving horses are.”


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  1. Its way over due in passing the Safe Food and Safe Horse Export bill. Its time to close the auctions as we know them now and the Kill Pens. My Arabian made came from New Holland. When the rescuers bought her she was about 150 pounds under weight, a bag of bones and in foal. The foal died, but she survived and I now own her. Why anyone discarded this Horse like trash is beyond me. She is the perfect horse…and everyone loves her at my barn. That guy needs to go to jail and then let all of us Horse Warriors pummel and shot him with paint ball guns until his skin is no more!!


  2. New Holland “Sales Stable”??? No, New Holland auction barn! I really doubt New Holland deserves the title of stable!! This place definitely has a reputation on the East Coast & maybe elsewhere – not a good one. Have been hearing about it for years.
    How great that this little mare & her buddy have a “forever” home – finally.


  3. Great news and a new safe life for Lily – wonderful wonderful news. Many thanks go out to everyone who helped with Lily’s recovery and care and in securing her future life. Thank you.

    PS I don’t want to ruin the good news by saying here what I think should happen to the animal abuser but I imagine everyone else feels the same.


  4. WONDERFUL news
    The person or persons who shot her with the paintball gun REALLY need to be apprehended. Who knows what (or who) else they are using for targets. This is a serious crime…. a felony….and should be fully investigated.


  5. When I’m asked why I do what I do at my age and have all the extra work and expenses, this is why, when you have a Horse abused and neglected saved and goes on to live the happy life it was meant to live. When we get a Horse who’s given up on life and we watch as they slowly start raising their tales and heads when they run with the Herd and they begin to call when they hear your voice, when after so much violece and neglect they will still love and when they come up to you and give you that first touch on their terms, their choice, it’s magic because when they are given back the choice in how they want to live with you it gives them back their dignity so when that happens it’s worth more than anything you can buy. For whatever we give up they give us back 100 times more, I don’t have fancy clothes, I don’t have fancy anything, but my stalls have two fans in each one, my husband built a colling station for them in the high heat we have here in Fl. it has 3 giant water showers and when they want to cool off I go out and turn over the switch and they will line up like a Horse Wash, then I will squeege them and off they go, we have a huge industrial fan that we turn on so they can cool off especiallly our Cushings Horse so we may not have what most want in materials things, but what we have makes a difference in another living beings life that’s important and it’s real, what we want is to make are animals know they are not only loved buy wanted and there is no sacrifice in giving them the life they deserve. So when I’m asked why I do this I simply say why aren’t you, you don’t have to take animals in but there are many many ways to help those in need so find them and start giving, it’s the best feeling in the world and no piece of jewelry or fancy car or clothes can match it and stories like this just reinforces why I do this and why I love it. This post and it’s ending is a blessing on this Sunday and so needed. Thank You

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    • I could not have said it better myself! I also rescue horses, seven now but hopefully more. I donate as much as I can to the rescue to get the horses “safe”. It is the best feeling in the world. I hope more people will start helping. Who needs all the fancy trappings in this world when you have the love of horses. This is indeed a Blessed Sunday. Lily girl, you are loved by many!


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