Day: June 12, 2016

Feel Good Sunday: Pinto the Pony Plays “Daid”

“We all have a busy week ahead of us so today is the perfect day to laugh, relax a bit and recharge our batteries for what is coming at us just over the horizon. Now, it seems that on human terms every village has an idiot, or does that apply to political parties, and in the domesticated animal world every pasture has a prankster. We have our own red headed ‘Dennis the Menace’ that lives with us on our small ranch and there is not a day that goes by without another installation of stupidity in our ongoing book of life. So we can relate. But in this much publicized case, below, a little pony has found it to be much more comfortable to take a nap laying on his back versus standing on his legs but for some strange reason it appears to drive his guardian absolutely crazy…as you shall see. One thing is for certain, hollering in human English, ‘Pinto get up!’ is a ineffective means of communicating one’s behavioral desires to a sleeping horse. Enjoy.” ~ R.T.

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