Day: July 10, 2016

Feel Good Sunday: Deaf HPD Horse Inspiration to Others with Disabilities

“This story, below, was published during the outbreak of disturbing videos of Americans losing their lives for undetermined causes and only days before the assault upon our sister city’s, Dallas, horrendous loss of life as peace officers were gunned down due to the color of their skin and the uniform that they wore.

The acronym BLM has been, within the Wild Horse and Burro advocacy, identified with the illegal capture, abuse and mysterious disposition of our federally protected wild horses and burros. Likewise, BLM is also used for a single minded, specific skin color protest force where controversy and racial hatred is stoked to the extent that, as in the most recent case, bloodshed follows.

But on this Sunday, looking at the outreach supplied by this one,singular equine soul, I would like to coin another acronym; one that is not based upon hatred and fear but instead on love, awareness and peace…that acronym is, ALM (All LIFE Matters).

Yes, all life does matter; not just the egotistical assumption that humans are on the top of the heap but EVERYTHING that requires air, oxygen and food is an integral component in the circle of life. And we as humans sure as hell better get our heads turned around and back to where we recognize this one simple and all important truth; ALM.

Please take this simple thought away, today; All LIFE Matters and if you share this concept with family and friends and they, likewise, spread the word perhaps we can make a difference in this vacuum of leadership that grips our nation, today. All LIFE Matters and what better way to celebrate it than to share the story of a Police Horse that touches a community so deeply as does Smash, our local hero.

Make a difference today! Share your heart and exude peace and comfort to all that you encounter this day; regardless of how many legs, fins or roots that they may have.

Let there be peace.” ~ R.T.

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