Day: July 3, 2016

Feel Good Sunday: I Woke Up This Morning Ready To Cry

“You may find that today’s title/headline for Feel Good Sunday is a tad unusual being assigned to the “Feel Good” department, but there is a method to the madness.

I have spent the bulk of last week out on Oregon’s open range with the very talented and insightful Carol Walker world renowned equine photographer and Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation. We were on a very important mission; to document and photograph the herd families of the mares that will be targeted by the BLM’s blood lust machine for sterilization experiments, this fall. (They need ‘Fresh Pregnant’ mares) And also to photograph the mares that are currently being stockpiled and catalogued at the BLM Hines facility where the experiments will be conducted, open air, in non-sterile or safe corrals. And yes, I woke up in the morning ready to cry…but I also knew that we had to keep going, keep snapping the pictures, keep posting the articles and just plain keep on keeping on. The horses needed us then and they need us now more than ever.

So I identify with what is said, here, and am greatly encouraged that others feel exactly the same way that I do. From knowing that, I draw strength and it is my most sincere hope that you can draw strength from the fact that you are not alone in this fight, there is a legion of compassionate and concerned individuals that share your drive, your quest and your love. You are not alone, we are one and fighting as one will one day give us what we all strive to achieve; the ultimate freedom for our wild equines so that they can live free, with their families and prosper so that following generations can share their grace.

That is our prayer for this Sunday morning; keep the faith and never falter. They need us.” ~ R.T.

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