Feel Good Sunday II: Fixing With Feed – How to Choose the Correct Feed for Your Horse

Submitted by Nancy Parker

When choosing feed for your horse, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind, from the horse’s age and activity level to any health problems that are currently plaguing the animal. And that is why the Animal Health Company decided to come out with this brand new infographic that takes a close look at what is considered to be the ideal diet for most horses, sometop feeds that can help prevent diseases in horses, some common but essential rules of horse feeding, and of course, how to assess how much of feed your horse needs.” ~ Nancy


Feel Good Sunday: Band of Rebels ~ White Horses of Camargue

Video Provided By:  Drew Doggett as published on the Total Horse Channel

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Click Image to View Video

Presenting sweeping panoramas of the horses galloping through the Camargue marshlands of Southern France, this video explores the relationship of the guardian caretakers and the horses. Dating back to the 1500s, the guardian’s role is a time-honored tradition based on mutual, earned trust and respect enabled by their history living among these wild animals.  The original score is composed by Christopher Ward, a multi-platinum and Oscar and Grammy-winning producer, arranger, and composer.