Day: September 10, 2016

Open Letters: What do YOU think about BLM Advisory Board’s Recommendation to Slaughter 45,000 Innocent Wild Horses?

“You know MY thoughts and it is way too early to commit my words to text; not many of them are multi-syllable and most only have four letters. (I have managed to create an entire sentence utilizing only one cuss word, and it makes sense)

Link to unedited transcript from Bogus BLM Murder Board Meeting, yesterday:

Listed below are thoughts from many of our esteemed colleagues and I strongly encourage you to add yours AND to forward them to the email addresses supplied by Carol Walker, below. The bloody bastards! (sorry, that just slipped out)” ~ R.T.

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Good News for Wild Horses and Burros Overshadowed by BLM Board Murder Plan

“It is extremely disheartening, but anything the BLM touches causes pain, that the good news that the BLM called off their planned inhumane wild mare sterilization program was completely eclipsed by the decision of the special interest BLM Advisory Board to murder and destroy 45,000 wild horses in long term holding that never should have been captured from their legal, rightful homes in the first place. Please read and share the announcement we received amid the flurry of outrage, yesterday.” ~ R.T.

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