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Update: Celebrities Join Equine Advocates in Asking Obama to Stop Horse Slaughter, Forever

Tom Petty of the Heartbreakers, has publicly posted on Facebook that he supports and has signed the petition to President Obama to stop horse slaughter once and for all,

tompettyheartbreakersTom & Dana have signed this petition to end the unethical treatment and slaughter of horses. They urge you to help–horse meat is toxic!”


Likewise, Billy Joel and Graham Nash have added their support to Equine Advocates and other groups in asking for an Executive Action to put an end to the barbaric and predatory business of horse slaughter, won’t you add your name to the growing list of Americans who want to ensure the future safety and welfare of American Equines?

(The Board of Directors of Wild Horse Freedom Federation have signed and fully endorse this action)

Barack Obama: Obama/Biden: End the Slaughter of America’s Horses

Dear Horse Lovers and Advocates,

Susan Wagner, of Equine Advocates, and Mariclare ~ photo by Karen Wagner

Susan Wagner, of Equine Advocates, and Mariclare ~ photo by Karen Wagner

My name is Susan Wagner. I am the president of Equine Advocates, the national non-profit equine protection organization I founded in 1996.

I am reaching out to you to for your help to end horse slaughter by directly appealing to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. We need to gather over 100,000 signatures by Election Day in order for this appeal to get to the President’s desk.  It is not only critical, but extremely urgent to accomplish this before the next president takes office.

In 1994, I rescued my first two horses from slaughter, Gandalf and Rain Man. That event literally changed the direction of my life. Gandalf passed away in 2003 at the age of 35. Rain Man, a Miniature Horse now 25, is still with me and is a permanent resident at our horse sanctuary in Chatham, NY. His story, along with the ones of all of the others here, are daily reminders to me of why we do the work we do, and why it so important now more than ever to finally end horse slaughter.

Slaughtering equines for food is a serious threat to food safety, human health and consequently, extremely unethical. We now have scientific studies, irrefutable evidence, and factual documentation that horse meat is not only toxic, but it has entered our food chain. A landmark study published in Elsevier in 2010, clearly documents the serious health risks for people who eat the meat of equines treated with the common drug, Phenylbutzone or “Bute.” Here is a link to that study: http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/uploads/Food_and_Chemical_Toxicology_FINAL.pdf

However, most injectable, oral and topical medications administered to equines have this warning on the packaging, “Not intended for horses bred for human consumption.” The fact is that NO EQUINE is bred for human consumption in this country. Consequently, all wild and domestic equines should be removed from the food chain entirely and not just because the meat is unsafe but also because of the risks of food fraud. A 2015 Chapman University Study, also published in Elsevier, documented the presence of horse meat in some chopped meat products in the American food supply

Both President Obama and Vice President Biden are very well aware of the exposure, liability and all the reasons why horse slaughter should be banned. We believe that they have the ability to do what Congress has refused or been unable to do for years, which is to stop this unsavory and un-American practice once and for all.

It is extremely disappointing that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have chosen known horse slaughter proponents among their appointments to serve in their respective administrations, despite the fact that horse slaughter is opposed by the vast majority of Americans. Secretary Clinton has had an excellent voting record on animals and is on record as opposing horse slaughter, so her choice of former Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar to head her Transition Team is nothing short of mystifying. Donald Trump has no voting record as he has never held office before, but if elected, his list of individuals to serve on his “Agricultural Advisory Committee” is so disturbing that it’s like a Who’s Who of horse slaughter supporters. Among the most dangerous is Lucas Oil owner, Forrest Lucas. He runs the pro-horse slaughter/pro-puppy mill PAC, Protect the Harvest and is on Trump’s short list for Interior Secretary. Here is Trump’s proposed list for his Agricultural Advisory Committee:


Special interests in the horse and ranching industries have blocked legislation to ban horse slaughter for years. Now in the battle to protect the lives of America’s horses, we have the ammunition we need to win this war.  You can access this material in my new article, “In the Race for the Presidency, America’s Horses Could Be the Biggest Losers.”

President Obama now has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to add the end of horse slaughter to his legacy. The lives of America’s wild and domestic equines depend on it.

Together we can make a difference to stop equine slaughter now. Please sign this petition and help to share and forward it far and wide so that we can reach our goal of 100,000 signatures by Election Day.

Time is of the essence!

With sincerest thanks,

Susan Wagner, President
Equine Advocates

This petition will be delivered to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

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Full Article:
“In the Race for the Presidency, America’s Horses Could Be the Biggest Losers.”

Horse Slaughter Fact Sheet

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  1. Holy cow!!! This is great to have such celebs joining ranks! I wonder how many more will sign up.. This is good news.


  2. I totally agree that slaughter plants NEVER open in the US again and that we PERMANENTLY close US borders so NO equines ever leave to be slaughtered in a foreign country. I would go further. We need to rid the US of companies operating here in the US that are owned by horse slaughter companies in foreign countries. Cavel, Intl closed since 2007 was owned by a foreign company but operated here. This fight has been a long battle and will end. Butif I have learned one thing while fighting for our horses and other equines is that its not going to stop until legislation is passed or the Executive Order is signed. I did sign this petition too. But many of us gave up personal time and money out of our pockets to be present at the Safe Food, Safe Horse Act March on Sept. 22nd in Washington DC. I personally talked to visitors from several countries about how toxic the meat is. Codex also got the message as we protested outside their meeting at the Dept. of AG bldg. The people I spoke with were from England, France, Japan and the Netherlands. All were taking our message back to the people and their governments to stop the slaughter of US horses and other equines as well the danger of consuming this meat. These are actions that will impact what is to happen. I know the.actors and musicians have very busy schedules but their present at these Marches also provide impact. I hope we do get.more than 100,000 signatures, but in the mean time actions can speak louder than words. And as far as the Presidential candidates go, if you have someone else in mind to head a transition or lead a dept like the BLM then bring those names forth. I have recommended Raul G from Arizona. Anyone else have any ideas before it is too late? And I do not sit back and wait for something to happen. If there are as many committed people as they say they are the impact should be a landslide. Signatures are one thing, but actions will always speak louder than words. Too bad many of those reading this were not at the March. Our impact was so great that our March was projected on the jumbotron in Times Square. Its on face book. But my question again, once 100,000 signatures are reached who will be meeting with President Obama and VP Joe Biden? Nancy Watson has brought people from all corners and parts if the country in an effort to get HR 1942 out of committee. She and Rita Reik deserve recognition for their gallant efforts. But we all must come together and save US horses and other equines from going to slaughter and contaminating the Global food supply! So if you have suggestions for the new President make the recommendations!


  3. I sure do hope this petition & the publicity given to it make a difference!
    Received an email from Chilly Pepper Rescue this am – they have been contacted by the Sheriff regarding ISPMB – they have to be there Thursday to see if its possible to remove some horses & take them home with them to care for them. This rescue does a lot of caring for orphan foals from shipping pens. Hopefully there will be some that they can help.


  4. America is becoming more aware of what is happening to our beloved wild horses and burros and many are passionate in our desire to see them protected. Please, sir, help make this happen. Respectfully,


  5. President Obama you can end the horrible slaughter. Please listen to the tens of thousands of people who are trying to do the right thing. Its cruel, unnecessary and horse meat is not safe for human consumption.


  6. If Donald Trump could be contacted I’m sure he would listen to what you have to say about what is happening to the horses. Don’t write him off, he knows nothing about horses or what has been happening to the wild horses. Before I started looking into horse slaughter I didn’t know there was any wild horses left in the U.S. I think the internet has helped to educate the public about what is happening to the horses and its existence may be able to save them. Trump would pay more attention if Equine Advocates could contact him to explain what is going on and to suggest different people to run the BLM than the ones trotted out for the jobs, he has no idea who they are or what they represent.


    • Barbara, did you read Susan Warner’s article copied above? Do you not think there are a lot of people making a lot of money off having a disposal pipeline for the horse industry? The majority of the American horses dying in slaughter pens come from our quarter horse and thoroughbred industries, and include a lot of gambling interests. This seems to me exactly the type of people he would want to showcase, not shut down.

      “Donald Trump has no voting record as he has never held office before, but if elected, his list of individuals to serve on his “Agricultural Advisory Committee” is so disturbing that it’s like a Who’s Who of horse slaughter supporters. Among the most dangerous is Lucas Oil owner, Forrest Lucas. He runs the pro-horse slaughter/pro-puppy mill PAC, Protect the Harvest and is on Trump’s short list for Interior Secretary. Here is Trump’s proposed list for his Agricultural Advisory Committee:”



  7. I am watching from afar.But the freedom of wild horses are very dear to my heart.They desever to be wild mustang.there are no wild horse left here in Corpus Christi Texas .But years ago there were many.sad but the slowly were taken away..please save Blaze and his hard from this happening to them as well.


  8. Icy Spots, I have been fighting horse slaughter for at least ten years as soon as I found out what was going on, I know plenty about it, I was sending hundreds of faxes every week to politicians trying to help move whatever bill had been introduced nothing has ever helped. defendhorsescanada./org is working to send information to their politicians hoping the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will do something about the horses going to Canadian horse slaughter plants from the U.S. emphasizing the danger of the drugs the U.S. horses are full of. The EU in 2017 is going to order Canada to start holding horses from the U.S. for six months in order for the drugs to leave the horses body. As every one knows, bute is there to stay I’m hoping that the slaughter plants will refuse to take the horses if they have to feed them for that length of time because it will bankrupt them and force them to close.
    What defend horses Canada is afraid of is that the slaughter plants will take the horses and not take care of them like they should.


  9. President Obama and Vice President Biden, Please stop the slaughtering of horses for any purpose! This has to end here and now! Thank you for making the right choice.


  10. Singed and shared !!! Hopefully with Tom Petty jumping aboard with a huge fan base will get the message out faster and to many many more people.


  11. Horse Slaughter
    Its Ethical Impact and Subsequent Response of the Veterinary Profession (excerpts)

    Veterinarians for Equine Welfare

    Veterinarians for Equine Welfare (VEW) is a group of veterinarians committed to equine welfare, and as such we support measures to end horse slaughter including passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1176). We are concerned about misinformation being transmitted to Congress and the broader public regarding horse slaughter. VEW believes that certain veterinary professional associations that are actively promoting horse slaughter are undermining our profession’s integrity and the welfare of the horses we care for. In so doing these organizations, of which many of us are members, erroneously purport to speak for our entire profession. Veterinarians should put animal welfare at the top of their list of priorities, not relegate it to an also-ran concern.

    Horse slaughter has never been considered by veterinary professionals to be a form of euthanasia. Congress and the general public must hear from veterinarians that horse slaughter is not and should not be equated with humane euthanasia
    It is worth noting that the suffering of horses in slaughter is accentuated by the very fact that they are not raised for slaughter. Horses going to slaughter have largely been accustomed to close human contact whether through racing, ranch work, pleasure riding, rodeo or any of the other ways in which horses are used in this country. While some are purposely sold into slaughter by their owners most end up at the abattoir through pure bad luck: they were sold at auction and the winning bidder was a “killer-buyer” working for one of the slaughter plants. To suddenly be treated as pure livestock must be disorienting and frightful, and can only compound their suffering as they proceed to slaughter.

    Transport of horses to slaughter compounds equine suffering

    Unfounded claims that banning horse slaughter will lead to an increase in equine abandonment and neglect

    Horse slaughter does not provide a humane service for “unwanted” horses
    The entire argument that horses that go to slaughter are unwanted is unfounded. Instead, the horse slaughter industry exists solely because a profit stands to be made in fulfilling gourmet demand in foreign countries for horseflesh.

    Proper disposal of horse carcasses no longer slaughtered
    Pro-horse slaughter organizations have argued that an end to horse slaughter and the supposed need to dispose of an estimated 100,000 horses each year will result in environmental damage. This argument is flawed on two fronts


  12. ^^The ugliest part of humanity. But….guess whose name has popped up in Wikileaks’ Hillary emails? Ken Salazar, supposedly called upon to write an op-ed discrediting Bernie’s policies on immigration.


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