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Here is the Face of “Pro-Horse Slaughter” Advocates

Source: the PPJ Gazette by Debbie Coffey ~ Director of Wild Horse Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The pro-horse slaughter shot heard around the world…   Don’t let this gutless coward hide!


Many of us have already viewed a video posted on Youtube, seemingly by Tim Sappington, who is employed by the Valley Meat Company in Roswell, New Mexico…(which is attempting to become one of the first horse slaughter plants to re-open in the U.S. since 2007), which captures an act that should bring shame to the cities of Roswell (where Tim Sappington works) and Dexter (where Tim Sappington seems to reside) and to the state of New Mexico.

Tim Sappingon’s video is being viewed nationally and internationally, and if you haven’t seen it yet, click here.

Don’t let a coward hide, or let Tim Sappington’s actions go unnoticed, especially in his communities.   His video shows a mindset that should frighten communities and put communities who might condone this attitude on alert that this is a shot being heard around the world, and this will adversely affect their economies, especially tourism.

Below are some suggested comments for a letter (write your own personal comments, but please be polite) to be sent to community and government leaders (who are listed below):

Dear Sirs/Madams:

Tim Sappington, who is employed by Valley Meat Company (3845 Cedarvale Rd., Roswell, New Mexico 88203) and seems to live in Dexter, NM, posted the following video on youtube that is being viewed nationally and internationally, and reflects shamefully on your communities and the state of New Mexico.

Here  is a link that contains this 50 second video (scroll down the article, until you see the man with a cowboy hat and the horse)

Although the graphic states “horse plays dead…,” Tim Sappington actually shoots and kills the horse.   This is now a shot being heard around the world.

The act in this video is receiving national and international attention, and will adversely affect your economy and tourism (which supplies many more jobs than a horse slaughter plant).

While I am sending this letter to you with great sadness after viewing such a soulless act, you should be aware of many other public concerns regarding horse slaughter plants, and more unwanted affects of having one in your community.

Here are links to some articles regarding unwanted affects:


Your name

List of people to write:

(When you remember that trusting horse, you can choose to write all, some or even one person on this list, but remember, your voice counts and you can make a difference):

U.S. Senators from New Mexico

Martin Heinrich:

Tom Udall:

City of Roswell officials

Roswell mayor Del Jouney:

and City Roswell Council members:

Roswell, NM Chamber of Commerce:

Roswell Daily News:

Economic Development Corp of Roswell-Chavez County:  Robert J. Donnell (Exec. Dir.)  and Jessica Chaves (Project Mgr)

Dexter, NM officials

Mayor David White and Town Councilors (Norman P. Caffell, Jim Berry & Thomas Morales) of Dexter, NM

Leo V. Pennington, pastor, Midway Baptist Church in Dexter: “”&

New Mexico Governor

Susana Martinez:

New Mexico House of Representatives

Ron C. Nelson, USDA FSIS, Denver

Auralie Ashley-Marx

, Chief of Solid Waste, NM Environment Department,


(505) 827-2902


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  1. Okay…I saw the video… and I must say I was somewhat shocked by his indifference about it all and then, he walks away when the animal is CLEARLY not dead yet. At this point nothing could be done to save it so another shot would have ended it’s suffering. But he just walks away. Can he NOT be charged for animal cruelty?


  2. I agree Denise Brown. We should suggest that be the example for police to charge him. You cannot allow an animal to continue in pain to die a hopeless last few moments. That is cruelty.


  3. I wrote to several of the listed folk. Still haveDebbie’s letter in my “Paste” file. I also believe what the SAP did was illegal, and I wrote to Dexter to investigate.


  4. This says it all: Affidavit to Members of Congress:

    February 29, 2008

    Lester Friedlander, DVM

    “Distinguished Members of Congress, my name is Dr. Lester Friedlander and I am a former USDA Veterinarian. I am refuting the testimony of Dr. Bonnie Beaver, DVM, that the captive bolt is a humane procedure of euthanasia for horses. The captive bolt does not meet the humane method of slaughter, as described in the 1958 “Humane Slaughter Act.” Head restraints are not used in the slaughter of horses and therefore do not comply with the Statue. The captive bolt is used in cattle, due to the fact the cow’s brain is more anterior than the horse’s brain and the penetration of the bolt is more effective. Horses are not, and cannot be restrained, during horse slaughter. I have seen several video tapes of horse slaughter where the horses have to be struck with the captive bolt several times. No head restraints were used; to do so would cause these flight animals to break their necks. During these multiple times of striking the horses head with the captive bolt, the horses are in pain and suffering. It is important to know that the captive bolt does not kill the horse, nor was it ever intended to. The horse must be exsanguinated to be suitable for human consumption. As the captive bolt is not a proper instrument for the slaughter of equids, and these animals regain consciousness thirty seconds after being struck, they are fully aware they are vivisected. Ergo, the use of the captive bolt for equids is a violation of the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958. I ask you to support HR 503 and S 311 in the best interest of horses”

    ~Lester Friedlander, DVM

    The Veterinarians for Equine Welfare White Paper on the Captive Bolt can be found at


    • Saw on the USDA website that it has been recommended to the USDA that they increase their threat assessment regarding one of the cow diseases Dr. Friedlander discussed on the audiotape I listened to.


  5. I also believe men like this Sappington consider that if the horse was sold for slaughter nobody cares what happens to it. They can do whatever they want to it. This is the same mindset that is seen on these pig farms, chicken farms where ever animals are raised for food. This is why the AgGag laws are being pushed. I have seen videos of workers punching pigs, hitting them and numerous other acts of cruelty. A number of the people had been arrested. But this man did this to prove a point and to cause pain to every person that seen it, he needs to be behind bars. He is also the type that would barricade himself in his house and fight it out with the police.


  6. BECAUSE of WHY he did this, this CREEP should rot from the inside out, slowly and completely, and sooner rather than later. WANTING to cause pain to GOOD people who love God’s creatures IS pathetic AND very nasty. Three Angels came to me and took away my chronic pain with a touch.. … 23 years ago.. and it has never returned… and they communicated their approval of my empathy for animals (I am certainly not a Church goer!), as it was a day I had two rescued dogs with me. God’s Angels, I am convinced, do not favor people who enjoy inflicting pain, emotional OR physical. As much as I would be happy to dance on this man’s grave, in this case, what the creep did to that sweet horse is MUCH MUCH MUCH kinder than those what happens in a slaughterhouse to horses. The trip is torture, physical AND mental, and ends with a terror filled death, often the farthest thing from pain free as we can imagine. IF all owners did THIS to horses they could not feed or could not place… I would not bitch. Sending them off to a week long torture for a few dollars in the owner’s pocket is a BETRAYAL of all the trust we teach and encourage in horses from the day they are born. SO, those owners who think because THEY were not the one to do the killing, that they are immune from God’s wrath? I would bet my house they are VERY wrong. Anyone having the care and control of one of God’s creatures who does not honor Him by valuing and honoring THAT life.. well, if YOU were God.. what would you want to do with that sub- human soul when it comes under YOUR care and control? I think we all know what the answer to that !


    • Nanci, I find it hard to believe that those angels who approved of your empathy for animals (which any messenger of good would surely do!) also approve of the words “what the creep did to that sweet horse is MUCH MUCH MUCH kinder than … what happens in a slaughterhouse to horses.”

      Yes, the shooting (which I will not watch) happens to be a quicker form of cruelty, but there is not a drop of kindness in it, human or divine. I believe you know this in your heart and do not support *any* kind of human domination over any of God’s precious creatures.


    • It would be nice to imagine somebody busting this scumbag’s kneecaps, I will admit. He’s probably only worth $50. 🙂 just kidding


    • Hopefully since he eats horses and most likely bute, he will die a painful slow death. Hopefully in prison for his hate crime.


  7. Someone who has this video should send it to Jane Velez-Mitchell. Everyone needs to see the face of a true to life, psychotic, pro slaughter horse killer. Everyone needs to understand the mentality of the people that will be working in these plants, these kind of lowlife, evil and barbaric humans are the only people they will hire because they are the only people capable of killing an animal so pure and magnificent! It takes a very dark soul to want to put out the beautiful pure light a horse transmits!


  8. Big Man – Isn’t he…Heartless…No Angels that I have communicated with would condemn a beautiful baby like this to death…I condemn this type of death and that of the horrific death our equine friends endure also by the hands of sick people like this in the slaughter process..What else can be said?


  9. I filed a report last night with the FBI. I very much consider his words and deed to be a hate crime. Folks if you haven’t watched this video please be advised this is NOT CHILD SAFE! This is SUPER GRAPHIC. It’s not just words its the action


  10. we live in such a sick world….so many heartless people. I’ll never understand. I wanna see this guy go down…then we’ll see who’s smiling.


    • mother f*****!!!!! This guy better be charged and hung up by his you know what….I’m sorry I’m just getting madder and madder.


  11. Perhaps rather than universal background checks to own a firearm, all people convicted for animal cruelty could be in a state-by-state national registry. Dr.’s have known for over 30 years that animal cruelty and torture is a marker of sociopathic or psychopathic behavior. It is very disturbing to think that he might represent law enforcement, but some bullies gravitate to these fields.


    • The Animal Abuser Registry would be SO important.. I PRAY that there is enough of a demand that somehow .. even if it just a website on the internet… it will happen! I certainly would not move into a new neighborhood if I knew a neighbor had been convicted ..or even accused.. of abusing animals. As far as the AG GAG laws being passed (can we list every politician who votes FOR such laws onto the ‘animal abuser’ page?!), they have one purpose and one purpose only; protect and hide the abusers and cruel practices that companies and persons who desire only more profits in their pockets (think puppy mills and factory farms and fur farms!) ; and seek to punish the activists and rescuers who have the courage to endure working in such a depressing place because they desire only to make the world a better place for animals AND people. AND why do politicians, whom WE support with salary, perks and pensions…feel they have the right to make criminals out of those of us who have believed in what THEY preach… sunshine is the best disinfectant!


  12. He needs to be prosecuted for animal cruelty and boasting about it,I could not bear to watch but I can imagine how horrible this act was,hope he gets a big pay back from God almighty in the hereafter


    • Intentional cruelty inflicted upon an animal to intimidate a specific group – anti-slaughter people – is a HATE CRIME. He clearly displayed intentionality to committ this crime as evidenced by the videotape he set up prior to his preconceived act. Those are federal criminal offenses. It is domestic TERRORISM. Why is he not in jail awaiting a trail????? Where is the justice system that is supposed to protect us from exposure to threats of cruelty to those whom we love????? How is this different from watching children or other companion animals being executed “to send a message” to their opposition?????


  13. What a piece of crap. Did you see how the horse became nervous and tried to back away. The horse knew something was up. I can’t believe he did this. This is what promotes violence and shootings in our society. The horse looked gentle and a young girl or boy would have loved that horse for 4-H. This man should not own animals.


  14. You know, our society does not eat horse meat. How many people could shoot and kill their family dog? It is the same thing as eating horse meat. We condemn China for raising dogs and gathering family dogs for slaughter and the U.S. sees eating dogs as barbaric. The U.S. feels the same about our horses, we don’t eat them. We do not want to experience the mental trauma, we do not want to pay the taxes and we not want to see our communities destroyed with horse slaughter. If France, Belgium, Canada or any other country want to eat horse meat, Let them destroy their own towns for horse meat. Let them pay for the USDA inspection in their own country.

    This Sappington character (I will call him the Sap) is a mean, SOB. I would be afraid of him being around my children. He has a lot of pent up anger. He did this, simply to taunt us and cause distress to horse advocates on purpose.

    It is not only animal cruelty, it is absolutely cruelty to advocates to taunt us and cause distress to us individually, especially with the video saying, horse plays dead, learns fast. Sap did this, along with disgusting language because he needed attention and wanted to traumize as many people as possible. I have to wonder how many children were also traumatized with the video caption, Horse plays dead, fast learner. He wrote that reel in as many people as he could and then traumatized as many as he could. The man is dangerous.

    I hope all the brute, horse spray builds us in his liver and kidneys and then lets see how much he likes eating horse meat.


  15. This man should be hung out to dry. People who work in animal slaughter plants should show kindness and understanding to the animal. That is their right.. All animals deserve the right to a dignified death.


  16. Thank you, RT. Your suggestions for actions based on this disgraceful incident are right on. Following on the heels of the EU ban of US produced horse meat in their horse/beef burgers, this story and video have been picked up by the media and we need to “make hay while the sun shines”. I pledge to write each one of these representatives using my words (influenced by my involvement with Kaufman) and your format. Thanks for putting the information in such an usable form for us. Now everyone. Stop whining. Get to work.


  17. If he has any other animals in his possession they should be removed immediately! If his intent was to piss advocates and horses lovers off, he has accomplished that. There are so many people that are hurt, disgusted and pissed about this, IF this guy gets away with this, he will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life!

    He is a psychopath, and is totally pathetic EXCUSE for a human!

    I think we need to get someone to lobby for (as some mentioned above) a animal cruelty list, just has there is for sex offenders. This guy if given the opportunity would do the same to ANYONE if they made him angry. He is dangerous and a menace to society, and does NOT deserve to be on this earth!


  18. Complete PIG. Hopefully he just $&@?!@ himself permanently. No heart, no brain, no soul. What goes around comes around. It’s called Karma.


  19. To the people saying animals should be slaughtered in a humane and kind way… There is NOTHING kind, compassionate, or humane about killing any animal for food. Don’t fool yourself. The humane thing to do is NOT KILL ANIMALS, PERIOD.


    • Thanks for speaking the truth boldly, Colin. We can’t make much progress as a nation until we individually rout out our own self-deceptions, huh?


      • To Colin Wright and BlessUsAll – the people pushing to open horse slaughter facilities accuse those who demonstrate compassion toward companion animals (equines, canines, felines) that have not been raised for food, at least in this country, as hypocrites. Many who mindlessly eat other species must be feeling very uncomfortable that their habits are being questioned by both those who want to extend animal suffering (pro horse slaughterers) and those who want to eliminate it. Eating animals is no longer necessary; in fact, it is unhealthy. Thank you both for speaking the truth for all animals. “Humane slaughter” is an oxymoron.


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