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chevychasemar10One of America’s most beloved comedians and actors, Chevy Chase has signed this petition urging President Obama and Vice President Biden to end the slaughter of America’s wild and domestic equines as part of their legacy. We love Chevy’s performances on television and in film, and his hilarious appearances as one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live which debuted in 1975. Chevy, his wife, Jayni and their children are all avid horse lovers. We thank them for their support of this petition and hope you will be inspired by them to help gather more signatures in the final stages of this petition drive.

Update: Celebrities Join Equine Advocates in Asking Obama to Stop Horse Slaughter, Forever

Tom Petty of the Heartbreakers, has publicly posted on Facebook that he supports and has signed the petition to President Obama to stop horse slaughter once and for all,

tompettyheartbreakersTom & Dana have signed this petition to end the unethical treatment and slaughter of horses. They urge you to help–horse meat is toxic!”

Likewise, Billy Joel and Graham Nash have added their support to Equine Advocates and other groups in asking for an Executive Action to put an end to the barbaric and predatory business of horse slaughter, won’t you add your name to the growing list of Americans who want to ensure the future safety and welfare of American Equines?

(The Board of Directors of Wild Horse Freedom Federation have signed and fully endorse this action)

Barack Obama: Obama/Biden: End the Slaughter of America’s Horses

Dear Horse Lovers and Advocates,

Susan Wagner, of Equine Advocates, and Mariclare ~ photo by Karen Wagner

Susan Wagner, of Equine Advocates, and Mariclare ~ photo by Karen Wagner

My name is Susan Wagner. I am the president of Equine Advocates, the national non-profit equine protection organization I founded in 1996.

I am reaching out to you to for your help to end horse slaughter by directly appealing to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. We need to gather over 100,000 signatures by Election Day in order for this appeal to get to the President’s desk.  It is not only critical, but extremely urgent to accomplish this before the next president takes office.

In 1994, I rescued my first two horses from slaughter, Gandalf and Rain Man. That event literally changed the direction of my life. Gandalf passed away in 2003 at the age of 35. Rain Man, a Miniature Horse now 25, is still with me and is a permanent resident at our horse sanctuary in Chatham, NY. His story, along with the ones of all of the others here, are daily reminders to me of why we do the work we do, and why it so important now more than ever to finally end horse slaughter.

Slaughtering equines for food is a serious threat to food safety, human health and consequently, extremely unethical. We now have scientific studies, irrefutable evidence, and factual documentation that horse meat is not only toxic, but it has entered our food chain. A landmark study published in Elsevier in 2010, clearly documents the serious health risks for people who eat the meat of equines treated with the common drug, Phenylbutzone or “Bute.” Here is a link to that study:

However, most injectable, oral and topical medications administered to equines have this warning on the packaging, “Not intended for horses bred for human consumption.” The fact is that NO EQUINE is bred for human consumption in this country. Consequently, all wild and domestic equines should be removed from the food chain entirely and not just because the meat is unsafe but also because of the risks of food fraud. A 2015 Chapman University Study, also published in Elsevier, documented the presence of horse meat in some chopped meat products in the American food supply

Both President Obama and Vice President Biden are very well aware of the exposure, liability and all the reasons why horse slaughter should be banned. We believe that they have the ability to do what Congress has refused or been unable to do for years, which is to stop this unsavory and un-American practice once and for all.

It is extremely disappointing that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have chosen known horse slaughter proponents among their appointments to serve in their respective administrations, despite the fact that horse slaughter is opposed by the vast majority of Americans. Secretary Clinton has had an excellent voting record on animals and is on record as opposing horse slaughter, so her choice of former Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar to head her Transition Team is nothing short of mystifying. Donald Trump has no voting record as he has never held office before, but if elected, his list of individuals to serve on his “Agricultural Advisory Committee” is so disturbing that it’s like a Who’s Who of horse slaughter supporters. Among the most dangerous is Lucas Oil owner, Forrest Lucas. He runs the pro-horse slaughter/pro-puppy mill PAC, Protect the Harvest and is on Trump’s short list for Interior Secretary. Here is Trump’s proposed list for his Agricultural Advisory Committee:

Special interests in the horse and ranching industries have blocked legislation to ban horse slaughter for years. Now in the battle to protect the lives of America’s horses, we have the ammunition we need to win this war.  You can access this material in my new article, “In the Race for the Presidency, America’s Horses Could Be the Biggest Losers.”

President Obama now has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to add the end of horse slaughter to his legacy. The lives of America’s wild and domestic equines depend on it.

Together we can make a difference to stop equine slaughter now. Please sign this petition and help to share and forward it far and wide so that we can reach our goal of 100,000 signatures by Election Day.

Time is of the essence!

With sincerest thanks,

Susan Wagner, President
Equine Advocates

This petition will be delivered to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

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Horse Slaughter Fact Sheet

Slaughtering Wild Horses and the BLM: A Fatal Mix

By Jack Ferm as published in The Independent

“We don’t need these federal land leeches who promote slaughtering wild horses and burros that belong on the land more rightfully than cattle or sheep.”

“We at Wild Horse Freedom Federation would like to thank Mr. Jack Ferm for not only being a very loud voice for the Wild Horses & Burros but for also acknowledging the efforts of our volunteer non-profit, Wild Horse Freedom Federation.  My hat is off to him.” ~ R.T.

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Wild horses have long been the victims of U.S. government aggression by “intentional” slaughter. In the 1830s the Choctaw Indian Pony was ordered destroyed to separate the Native Americans from their war mounts. They were a gentle breed that would carry women and children over the nefarious “Trail of Tears” after Native Americans had been ordered to relocate from their ancestral lands to the reservation in what is now Oklahoma. They were also the preferred war pony for Native Americans during the Indian/settler wars, because of their agility and speed. Some settlers hid a few so that today we have almost 300 surviving Choctaw ponies roaming free on private reserves.

We are now seeing a replay of the 1830s, but now it’s a different story: cattle, oil, gas, mineral rights, solar, and wind farms have made wild horses and the BLM a fatal mix.

The Trail of Tears is another story of U.S. aggression against a people who only wanted to live free, wherein 16,000 Cherokee people were forced to travel 1,200 miles, walking and riding; 4,000 died. Likewise our wild horses and burros want to be free and to live out their lives without being chased to death by helicopters or captured and sold to slaughterhouses by individuals who lack compassion for living creatures. This is not the end they deserve!

I have written, researched, and spoken to individuals about the plight of our mustangs but have failed to learn how many of these wild horses and burros have been captured from their rightful place on public land (roaming free as they are meant) and sold to slaughterhouses in Mexico. What I have learned is that some 140,000 horses are sold to slaughterhouses in Mexico annually; the thought of these majestic animals reaching that end angers me. This needless slaughter must be stopped, even if we must march on Congress to make it happen!

Over 92 percent of horses sent to Mexico for slaughter are healthy and in good shape. They are able to live out productive lives. These horses would be sold, donated, or otherwise provided a new home; however, kill buyers outbid legitimate horse owners and rescuers at auctions, robbing horses of ever having a second chance at life. Right after the auction, the horses are boarded onto trucks for their last ride in life.

Modern western civilization considers horses companion animals and not part of any food chain. We would no sooner eat a horse than our dogs! But this is not how some people feel; horses and dogs are a delicacy for many people around the world. Slaughtering wild horses and dogs for food is something I don’t understand.

Ken Salazar may be gone but the damage he caused the wild horses and burros still remains.

Ken Salazar may be gone but the damage he caused the wild horses and burros still remains.

Unfortunately, we have agencies that employ monsters like Ken Salazar, a cattle rancher and neighbor of the now infamous Tom Davis, who have no concern or compassion for wild horses or for America’s heritage. The BLM has been fully aware of him slaughtering wild horses but have turned their back on the laws that protect them. Former Secretary Salazar, our number one lawbreaker, gets a free pass from liability.

Within two weeks of his confirmation in 2009, Ken Salazar began shipping truckloads of horses to Tom Davis, Salazar’s neighbor and business associate. Salazar is a fifth-generation rancher; ranchers throughout the western U.S. lobby for the removal of mustangs from public lands to make room for their cheap, taxpayer-subsidized livestock grazing. The livestock industry has been a very vocal advocate for slaughtering wild horses.

In my opinion, if a rancher doesn’t have enough grazing land to raise cattle or sheep, he should not be in ranching but should find a different profession or raise fewer animals that his land would be capable of supporting. It is not my job or the public’s job to subsidize ranching that isn’t necessary as evidenced by the 779,000 ranchers who have shown that this grazing permit program isn’t needed to support their ranching or ability to be in business. There are about 800,000 livestock operators and cattle producers in the United States. Of those, fewer than 21,000 benefit from the Forest Service and BLM grazing programs in the West. We don’t need these federal land leeches who promote slaughtering wild horses and burros that belong on the land more rightfully than cattle or sheep. The wild horses and burros should rightfully be protected, not slaughtered.

When ranchers like Salazar and Davis lobby for removing and slaughtering wild horses, they engage my ire.

If I am going to subsidize ranchers by financing their cattle and sheep grazing and feed, am I not entitled to a part of their profits? Why is it that the BLM does not make a profit on cattle and sheep grazing? Perhaps they need to raise the grazing fees — or better yet, end this worthless program.

This to me is just another range war, but instead of the cattle vs. sheep wars over government grazing lands in the 1880s, now we have cattle and sheep ranchers against the horse — an animal that has no protection against the rim-rocking of the powerful cattle lobby and no ability to fight back against a worthless BLM that itself is no better than a domestic terrorist.

Tom Davis and other large BLM buyers pay $10 a head for horses captured by the BLM. They sell these horses to kill buyers who pay around $500 a horse. Tom Davis bought 1,794 horses from the BLM and paid them $10 each or a total of $17,940. He sold them immediately to kill buyers, generating $897,000 and a profit of $879,060 through a fraud scheme to acquire slaughter horses that by contract he was not allowed to resell to kill buyers. Yet he did.

I have even personally attempted to speak with U.S. Attorney for Colorado John Walsh, but when he heard I wanted to discuss his failure to bring criminal charges and possibly a civil complaint against Tom Davis and that I was from the media, he went dark and most likely hid under his desk. I have learned that to mention wild horses and the BLM in the same sentence evokes a state of panic in both the BLM and law enforcement. Everyone goes into hiding at the mention of wild horses and the BLM and for good reason: this agency is at the top of the Obama administration corruption list, and that list is a long one.

I want to acknowledge and thank two organizations that continue to make a difference: The Wild Horse Freedom Federation and the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, an 11,000-acre reserve where Dayton O. Hyde continues to save wild horses and the land they inhabit. Hyde, with his passion for life, allows our wild horses to remain wild and free and to reproduce while living out their lives as they are meant to.

You can view some of the lucky horses Hyde has adopted and set free here. You can even become a sponsor and help feed them, which is always greatly appreciated.

Hyde even has Choctaw Indian Ponies on his reserve where they roam free and breed naturally…(CONTINUED)

Please click (HERE) to read the rest of the story and to comment (thank) Jack for his continued support of our wild horses and burros

The BLM wild horse roundup continues: follow the money

By Jack Ferm as published on The Independent

“As of August, at least 86 horses have died in holding pens after being captured in Wyoming’s Checkerboard roundup…”


Obama knew what he was getting when he made Ken Salazar head of the Bureau of Land Management, an agency within the Department of the Interior that manages some 500,000,000 acres of public lands. The Department of Interior has been an agency ratcheted by corruption for decades. In 2009, Obama put Salazar in to oversee and manage this agency. During his term, Salazar, a strong proponent of renewable energy, pushed through more then three dozen new solar, wind, and geothermal projects on public lands. However, what this article will seek to understand is the BLM wild horse roundup and its mission to destroy the free roaming wild horses they are mandated to protect.

Salazar is an associate of a notorious senator from Nevada who is currently under investigation by the State of Utah for corruption. Harry Reid’s scandals could fill a book and include land swaps, hidden property, and lavish gifts for his intervention in and in the Utah investigation for pay to play. Reid has also been involved in BLM land deals for solar energy, Salazar’s pet project.

Ken Salazar may be gone but the damage he caused the wild horses and burros still remains.

Ken Salazar may be gone but the damage he caused the wild horses and burros still remains.

Tom Davis purchased nearly 1,800 mustangs from the BLM over a four-year period. He claims to have immediately resold the animals to individuals who drove them to Mexico to their painful deaths in Mexican slaughter houses. The Inspector General interviewed Davis, who refused to disclose the names of anyone he sold these animals to. So why not prosecute Davis himself and perhaps even Salazar if, as I suspect, Salazar was aware of the fate awaiting these animals?

Davis and Salazar are both cattle ranchers from Colorado. They had a pre-existing personal relationship that allowed Davis an inside opportunity to acquire wild horses from the BLM. These BLM wild horse roundup efforts and the subsequent slaughter of our wild horses began almost simultaneously with Salazar’s appointment as head of the agency. Suspicious?

To be clear, this was no accident. Davis allegedly had farming and trucking connections with Salazar according to a report by the Office of the Inspector General, who has begun an investigation. Hopefully Salazar, if he in fact knew wild horses were being driven to Mexico for slaughter, will feel what it’s like to be rounded up, penned up, and behind bars, although it’s doubtful Obama will allow that to happen. In fact, the agency charged with criminal prosecutions at the U.S. Attorney’s office has apparently gone dark.

Obama Wild Horse Harvesting Machine ~ courtesy of John Holland

Obama Wild Horse Harvesting Machine ~ courtesy of John Holland

The BLM claims a death rate of one percent for helicopter roundups, but these claims are inaccurate. Wild animals do not belong in pens, ergo the term “wild.” In BLM wild horse roundups, wild horses are dying in captivity.

As of August, at least 86 horses have died in holding pens after being captured in Wyoming’s Checkerboard roundup. Most of them died from broken necks, traumatic injuries sustained from desperately slamming themselves against the bars of their holding pens during terror-stricken attempts to escape. There are now fewer then 25,000 wild horses running free on our public lands….(CONTINUED)

To read the Rest of the Story:

Lawmakers Call for Action in Wake of Mass Slaughter of Wild Horses

Source: Michael Markarian as published on Animals & Politics

“The agency not only ignored its own rules, but also flouted congressional mandates that horses not be sent to slaughter…”

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are weighing in on the recent damning investigative report by the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General, about the Bureau of Land Management’s mismanagement of our nation’s iconic wild horses.

The report concluded that the agency, under then-Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, failed to prevent a notorious livestock hauler named Tom Davis, with connections to kill buyers, from acquiring 1,794 wild horses and burros between 2008 and 2012. Davis subsequently funneled these horses to Mexico where they were slaughtered for human consumption, all under the nose of the BLM, which failed to follow its own policy of limiting horse sales and ensuring that the horses sold went to good homes and were not slaughtered.

The agency not only ignored its own rules, but also flouted congressional mandates that horses not be sent to slaughter. The Interior spending bill passed by Congress in 2009 included a provision stating that none of the BLM’s funding could be used “for the destruction of healthy, unadopted, wild horses and burros in the care of [BLM] or its contractors or for the sale of wild horses and burros that results in their destruction for processing into commercial products.” This prohibition was renewed in appropriations bills for subsequent fiscal years, covering the period that BLM was selling horses to Davis, and is still in place in the current budget.

It’s now come to light that the BLM did not heed this appropriations language. Indeed, the investigative report found that while Tom Davis purchased each horse for $10, for a total of $17,490, the BLM spent approximately $140,000 in taxpayer funds transporting those horses to Davis. Talk about government waste—for every dollar the BLM took in, it gave back nearly 19, with the net loss associated with conduct that was inhumane and criminal.

Several members of Congress are rightly calling for answers from the BLM. Congressman Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., sent a strong letter to the Secretary of the Interior demanding an explanation for why the agency ignored congressional directives. He noted, “It is unacceptable that BLM’s disregard of the law resulted in the use of taxpayer funds to facilitate the inhumane slaughter of iconic American wildlife.” We couldn’t agree more.

Congressman Sam Farr, D-Calif., and Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, D-N.M., also weighed in, requesting information on how the agency plans to recover the approximately $140,000 it spent in taxpayer funding transporting horses to Tom Davis. They also demanded a detailed explanation on what steps the BLM is taking to ensure that America’s iconic wild horses are not sent to slaughter again. They rightly observed that “BLM actions, which led to the slaughter of horses, are completely unacceptable and while BLM cannot reverse these serious errors made in the past, it is essential that the Bureau act expeditiously to prevent them from happening again.”

We are grateful to Representatives Buchanan, Farr, and Lujan Grisham for speaking out for wild horses and burros and holding the BLM to task for its actions, as well as for their leadership on H.R. 1942, the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, a bill to prohibit the transport and export of U.S. horses to slaughter for human consumption. We are hopeful that their advocacy on this issue, and the spotlight on BLM’s actions in previous years, will help ensure these iconic and majestic animals are protected from similar mismanagement and government failures in the future.

If you have a moment, please contact your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators and ask them to support H.R. 1942/S. 1214 to protect horses and consumers.

Despite Slaughter of Wild Horses, No Prosecution of BLM or Rancher Involved

H. Sterling Burnett as published on The Heartlander

“…he became the largest buyer of wild horses in the United States…”

BLM Captives; Freedom Lost ~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM Captives; Freedom Lost ~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Just two weeks after Ken Salazar was selected by President Barack Obama to become the 50th Secretary of the Interior in 2009, the Bureau of Land Managment (BLM), an agency within the Department of Interior (DOI) sold and began shipping horses to rancher, and reported Salazar associate, Tom Davis, who in turn, in violation of the law resold them to slaughter houses in Mexico for horse meat.

A report released by the DOI’s Office of the Inspector General in late October, concluded the BLM did not follow the law in selling 1,794 horses to rancher Tom Davis. The sales were conducted through the agency’s Wild Horse and Burro Program – the program established to protect, manage and control the wild horse population.

The BLM sold horses to Davis between 2008 and 2012 for roughly $10 a horse. The agency lost money on the transactions since they spent tens of thousands of dollars on transport. By contrast, according to Davis he resold “loads” of 35 horses for as much as $4,000, making $2,500-$3,000 profit on each sale, despite signing a contract with the BLM agreeing not to send the horses to slaughter. With the volume of horses Davis purchases he became the largest buyer of wild horses in the United States.

The Inspector General’s report states, “During our investigation, Davis admitted that most of the horses that he purchased through WH&B ultimately went to slaughter. We determined that BLM did not follow current law while managing WH&B. According to the report, the BLM did not follow its own policy of limiting horse sales and ensuring horses sold were not slaughtered.

The slaughter of horses for meat violated a congressional ban on the practice as well as BLM policy.

Despite the Davis’s reported ties to Secretary Salazar, the IG’s office “determined that this matter did not warrant further investigation.” The IG did refer Davis’ conduct to both the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado as well as the State of Colorado Conejos County District Attorney’s Office. Neither office chose to bring either civil or criminal charges.

According to the report, WH&B marketing specialist who approved the sales to Davis received “exceptional or superior” reviews, complete with bonuses between 2008 and 2012…(continued)

Prologue by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Sorry, not to sound jaded, but the above information is nothing new and we volunteers at Wild Horse Freedom Federation are making a sincere effort in not slipping into “We Told You So” mode.

Back in 2013 our own Vice President and Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Debbie Coffey, uncovered rock solid evidence, in the way of paperwork, receipts, etc.. of the BLM selling wild horses to known kill buyers (Click HERE to read report) and the entire story was just swept under the carpet by the Feds.

Terry and I, along with many other equine advocates, made a point to be present at the very next BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting to speak on and to present said evidence to the board and the BLM, see video below, and again…nada.

What does it take to get the members of Congress to wake up and smell the BLM’s BS, collusion and criminal activity?  The time for a Congressional Investigation is long past due.

If you are not emailing and writing your Congressional representative on this topic, please begin to do so.

If you are writing and politely prodding, continue with your efforts.

We are not just cheerleaders, here at SFTHH or at WHFF, but instead we are the gatherers of information and the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves.

If ever there was a time to ‘KEEP THE FAITH” and continue to plow forward, this is it…don’t give up; you are not alone and every little effort matters .

Feel free to utilize the reports and documentation supplied on this site, we are a storehouse of information on this topic.

Keep after it, my friends, we need to make this happen.” ~ R.T.

For More Stories and Information on the BLM selling wild horses and burros to slaughter click (HERE)

Bill to streamline oil and gas permits heads for Obama’s desk


WASHINGTON, D.C. — A bill that will streamline permitting for drilling on federal lands is headed for President Barack Obama’s desk, and congressional sponsors say the White House supports it.

Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., introduced the bill in the House, and Sens. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., and John Hoeven, R-N.D., co-authored the Senate version.

According to news by Bostech Drilling, Hoeven originally introduced a version of the same bill last session, but a counterpart was never brought up in the House. After that loss, Hoeven said, the White House reached out and said it was supportive of the bill, he said.

This session, Cramer said he brought the bill right after he started in January. Hoeven reintroduced his.

The Bureau of Land Management’s Miles City, Mont., office was already part of the Federal Permit Streamlining Pilot Project, established in 2005. The bill adds North Dakota to the project under the new name “Montana/Dakotas State Office” so that the Dickinson BLM office can benefit from the project.

The Dickinson BLM office has a backlog of hundreds of applications for permits to drill.

Right now, federal permits take up to nine months for approval, compared to 10 days for private land, according to a news release.

Many federal agencies are involved in processing the drilling applications — from the U.S. Forest Service to the Environmental Protection Agency. Now, the Montana/Dakotas office can work with the agencies in a more effective way.

“Without the bill, that means that every time somebody has to look at something or they have to adjust something, the paperwork has to be sent to the other agency and then back and forth, back and forth,” Cramer said.

“The people that are working on a permit will all be housed in the BLM office in one office” now, he said. “It shaves weeks, really, off of the process.”

BLM Billings office spokeswoman Mel Lloyd was cautiously optimistic about the help the bill would provide for North Dakota permits — there will still be challenges, she said.

“It should help, yes, but will it make every pending (permit application) go away? No, not necessarily.”

Continuing problems center on staffing — recruiting people, retaining them and housing them, she said.

The Dickinson BLM office recently acquired land to build employee housing, but that’s only in the design phase.

Hoeven said the bill benefits the federal government as a whole, because the more federal drilling permits are approved, the more royalties the government collects.

Wyoming State Rep Defies Logic, Reason and White House in Quest to Kill and Eat Companion Horses

Source: By JOAN BARRON Casper Star-Tribune

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Ignores “Burger-Gate” Crisis in Effort to Fatten her Wallet
"Slaughterhouse" $ue Wallis ~ Horse guts and blood are what drives this political nut-job

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis ~ Horse guts and blood are what drives this political nut-job

CHEYENNE — State Rep. Sue Wallis says the Obama administration’s proposal in its 2014 budget that would effectively ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption is “a pretty sorry situation.”

The Republican legislator and rancher from Recluse, in northeast Wyoming, leads the International Equine Business Association and has promoted and proposed operating horse slaughter plants in Wyoming and Missouri. She doesn’t think Congress will follow the budget recommendation of Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to ban such slaughter.

“The word that we hear is that directive was coming straight out of the White House, which is the only explanation for the Department of Agriculture to be doing something as anti-agriculture as that,” Wallis said Thursday.

A similar spending ban on horse slaughter plant inspections was established in 2005. It effectively closed horse slaughter operations in the United States until Congress didn’t renew the ban in 2011. Since then, there have been private efforts to reopen horse slaughterhouses.

“The fact is there is no basis for them to single out one species out of all the species that we eat in this country — to pick out one and destroy the industry,” Wallis said. “It just boggles my mind.”

Wallis said the entire agriculture industry is “adamantly opposed” to the ban.

Horse slaughter plants are ready to open in New Mexico and Missouri, and one is coming along in Iowa.

“They have customers both domestic and international waiting for this product,” Wallis said.

Organizations that advocate for the humane treatment of animals oppose the slaughter of American horses for human consumption because they believe the practice is inherently cruel to the animals. These groups also claim that horse meat poses a potential human health risk, as horses are not raised for food in the U.S. and are consequently treated with a wide range of drugs not approved for use in animals intended for human consumption.

Patricia Fazio, of Cody, works with humane organizations. She said it is possible that a member of Congress will remove the language banning money for inspections from the Department of Agriculture budget. Fazio, who holds a degree in animal science and biology, said she is not an animal activist.

“But the fact that the secretary of agriculture has gotten involved shows he supports the removal of funding,” Fazio said Friday. Fazio said she doesn’t know Vilsack’s motive, but there have been many studies that show the meat of domestic animals is contaminated by such veterinary medications as “horse aspirin.”

Europe, she said, will no longer accept horse meat that may be contaminated as a result of “Burger-gate” — the revelation that some beef on the market there contained horse meat.

“It doesn’t look good for the pro-slaughter people who are trying to make a dollar,” Fazio said…(CONTINUED)

Click (HERE) to read the story in it’s entirety and to Comment on Wallis’ deranged obsession

BLM Smears Lipstick on Wild Horse & Burro Issues

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~co-founder/president Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“You Just Can’t Polish Horse Poop”

It appears that as wild horse and burro advocates we have finally struck a nerve in the federal cattle grazing agency operating under the clenched fist of cattleman Ken Salazar and known by the name of Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Weary of lawsuits (like our West Douglas litigation that has kept that Colorado herd free and roaming for years) and with evidence produced by Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF) that indicates the possibility that “YUP” the BLM might just have a hand, or turn their heads, in selling wild horses to slaughter, the agency decided to trump up some empty words and edicts to try to throw off the scent followed by the outraged public and taxpayers of the United States.  It just ain’t gonna work, boys.

Yesterday, Feb. 1st, 2013, the BLM released a packet of memorandums that they hoped would pacify the ever increasing ire of the public but it appears that they have missed the entire point of the controversy.

Yeah, they feebly attempted to address the media and public access controversy that was first brought to court by Grass Roots Horse in 2010 and then run through the 9th circuit by Wild Horse Freedom Federation with a private citizen selected as plaintiff.

And sure, they tried to answer the issue of humane care of captured wild horses which was brought to court, this time, solely by donations to Wild Horse Freedom Federation with the same plaintiff as the access case but BOYS, you have missed the entire point which simply put is;


That’s the message, that is what needs be taken home and all the pretty paper and bows they use to try to dress up their war on horses and burros is nothing more than what falls out of the back end of an equine, which is crap.  (And theirs smells a whole lot better than the BLMs)

All this humane care, access and all the rest of the double talk is AFTER THE FACT.  The act of the roundup IS what is inhumane and the numbers that they base their removals on are all, once again, CRAP.

I, for one, am tired of the diluted, homogenized, pasteurized and filtered response to what Salazar’s grazing company is doing to the last of our national icons.  Forget chasing the BLM from roundup to roundup waving TROs, stop throwing money at languishing litigation that does not address the issue of the illegality of the BLM’s actions from the git-go.  It’s about stopping the abuse, halting the roundups, obtaining an accurate accounting of who and what is left on the range and if any sort of management is even required it should be through a stringent and well organized/documented/scientific/non-invasive birth control.

It’s just that simple and YES, it would be just that easy.

But there I go being rational again, sorry…I forgot.  We are dealing with a good ole boy, rough and tough mentality that thinks both horses and women are possessions that need to be “broke”.    Stupidity is a difficult thing to shake when your peers consider it to be an attribute.

We are not by any means finished here and we surely are not giving up on Mr. Salazar who thinks that he can run back to Colorado and all will be fine, I beg to differ.  Salazar and his boss Obama have destroyed the lives and stolen the freedom of over 35,000 federally protected horses that were living with their families on their rightful land.  There are dues to be paid, here, and that is what we intend to collect.

Wild Horse Freedom Federation stands with the members of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and we share their angst.  This tacky attempt to throw off the troops has failed and failed miserably as we are not so easily had.

Tighten your cinches advocates; this ride is far from over so lets dump the dead weight and frauds; pick up the pace as there’s horses and burros that are counting on us and time is not on our side.

Keep the faith.

Infamous BLM Advisory Board Wild Horse Hater Tries to Spin the Truth

By Nancy Lofholm of the Denver Post

Outspoken BLM Horse-Eater Attempts to Delude the Press

Callie Hendrickson is a member of the Colorado Cow Club that has partnered with the BLM in it’s effort to zero out the West Douglas herd in northwest Colorado.  Wild Horse Freedom Federation, the Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Coalition, the Cloud Foundation, Front Range Equine Rescue, Habitat for Horses and private citizen plaintiffs have been responsible for keeping the West Douglas horses free.  To date, this has been an unprecedented success but a MEMBER of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board is active in trying to end, forever, the existence of this herd.  That speaks volumes to the “stacked deck” theory of the BLM’s Board.  Many thanks to our plaintiffs, donors and sponsors for supporting this TRUE and LEGITIMATE win by these unified, registered 501(c)3 organizations.  The horses of West Douglas run free thanks to your concern”  ~ R.T.

CallieHendricksonGRAND JUNCTION, CO — Callie Hendrickson is a horsewoman. She grew up on a ranch. She was a professional horse trainer for seven years. She has owned as many as 35 horses at a time and currently has two that she rides for pleasure. Her eyes still redden when she talks about having to put down colts with broken legs decades ago.

But for a certain faction of horse lovers, Hendrickson is an evil advocate of horse slaughter. She is the unfeeling citizen adviser who would send thousands of wild horses to the glue factory, the dinner table or the dog food bowl.

Hendrickson, one of the newest appointees to the Bureau of Land Management’s national Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, shakes her head over that.

“I certainly don’t consider myself a horse hater. I am a realist,” she said as she slapped a hand on a sheet of figures documenting what she sees as the facts of the problem of too many wild horses on public lands. “My focus is on this.”

What she means by “this” are numbers that show the federal government in the past year spent nearly $60 million on gathering, removing and holding wild horses and burros from the 179 horse management areas that dot 10 Western states. There are currently more than 37,000 wild horses and burros in the wild, 11,000 more than the U.S. Bureau of Land Management estimates the management areas will sustain.

More than 46,000 horses and burros are being held in short-term corrals and long-term pastures. Attempts to have these horses adopted have fallen far short. Last year, 2,730 horses and burros were adopted at a cost of $7.1 million to the BLM.

Those numbers and the fact that horse herds in the wild can double every four years, have led Hendrickson, an otherwise unassuming middle-aged Grand Junction resident, to speak gas-on-the-fire words that horrify advocates who see wild mustangs as noble icons of the West and living symbols of history: “sell,” “slaughter” and “eat.”

“Selling a horse to go to slaughter would be my last choice,” Hendrickson said, after explaining why it may be part of a multifaceted solution to get the horse population under control and that it is more humane than letting them starve in the wild.

Hendrickson added, “I’ve never eaten horse meat. I never plan to. But I’m not going to tell someone else they can’t eat horse.”

Even the agency she advises as part of a nine-person board is removed from that view.

“We’ve taken the idea of selling for slaughter off the table. It is not an option,” said Tom Gorey, the BLM’s national wild horse specialist who called Hendrickson a highly qualified board member who will do the job of working toward consensus.

Hendrickson honed her no-nonsense belief about animal welfare growing up in the remote west end of Montrose County. One of her strongest memories is of raising 4-H steers, and, yes, she admits crying when they were auctioned to become beef.

She completed the Horse Training and Management program at Lamar Community College and has worked as a school teacher and an agriculture loan officer. She has training as a mediator and works as the part-time executive director of a northwest Colorado conservation district.

Look at any wild horse advocacy website or blog, and Hendrickson is painted with one broad brush. She is excoriated as the “pro-slaughter cattlewoman,” tagged as “anti-wild horse” and “inherently antagonistic to wild mustangs and burros.” She is called an advocate of “the mutilation of mares” for her views on spaying and as a proponent of “equine concentration camps.”

She sparked her own day of national protest on March 1 when thousands of wild-horse supporters heeded the urging of horse advocacy groups and called Interior Secretary Ken Salazar‘s office to lobby for Hendrickson’s removal from the board.

In the wake of that kind of criticism, Hendrickson has grown even bolder about drawing attention to what she calls the elephant in the room. That is the subject of using lethal control as one method of reining in the wild horse population.

“I think she should step up to the plate and resign,” said Ginger Kathrens, executive director of the Colorado Springs-based Cloud Foundation, a wild horse and burro advocacy group. “She knows very well she doesn’t represent the sentiments of the American people she was appointed to represent.”

Suzanne Roy, director of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, said she believes Hendrickson was put on the advisory board to represent the interests of the cattle industry and “to clear the path for the mass slaughter of wild horses who have been rounded up and removed from public lands.”

Roy’s group and other horse advocacy groups charge that the BLM is mismanaging wild horses and burros by decreasing the acreage they are allowed to roam on and by placing equine interests behind those of livestock grazing.

The groups’ fervid criticism of Hendrickson has only intensified lately as the wild horse situation has been roiled by new controversy. A wild horse buyer in southern Colorado is being investigated for allegedly buying large numbers of wild horses to sell for slaughter.

Hendrickson says she hopes her talk of using what some consider extreme measures to control herd sizes may spark horse advocates and the agency she advises to get more creative about the problem.

Her bottom line is that before the horses can be managed in healthy herds, their numbers must be reduced through birth- control, relaxing adoption rules so more horses can be sold and adopted, and creating more sanctuaries on private lands.

She would like to explore the creation of a “virtual adoption” program. Those who want to save horses could pay ranchers an annual fee to care for them.

“Right now we are in crisis mode,” she said. “We need to truly start managing horses.”

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