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The Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program is Not Maximizing Efficiencies or Complying With Federal Regulations

From: Office of Inspector General – Department of Interior

BREAKING NEWS:  The Department of Interior’s own investigation agency has uncovered the facts that the BLM is mismanaged, shoots from the hip, has no plan and violates federal law.  OH MY GOODNESS, I am SHOCKED, STUNNED…the sky is falling and we must tell the king.  Duhhhhhhh, why does this make the pain in my chest hurt more?  STUPID permeates the agency that is entrusted with protecting the well being of our wild horses and burros.  As usual, I am NOT impressed!” ~ R.T.

BLM Management Team - and damn proud of it

BLM Management Team – and damn proud of it

We conducted a review to determine whether the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) cooperative agreements and contracts for wild horse and burro off-range holding facilities are cost effective and comply with applicable Federal laws and regulations.

We found that BLM does not maximize the cost-effectiveness of its off-range holding facilities. Specifically, BLM’s contracts do not ensure best value for services, BLM does not maximize the use of its pastures, and BLM has no strategic plan to manage wild horse and burro populations. We also found that some of BLM’s cooperative agreements with correctional institutions do not comply with Federal laws and regulations. We made four recommendations to address the issues we identified.

Click (HERE) to download the official report

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  1. Thanks for the update RT. Interesting read but not surprising at all to me. The BLM had not been in compliance with the law or anything regarding these horses and burros. They have put them in harms way for as many years as I’ve been reading about them. The BLM is comprised of a group of cattle ranchers and if you take a look at history you will read about the war between the cattle ranchers and the farmers right there in your own state. My mother told me about this and that in itself told me the lengths that that those crooks would go to to have their way with the land..

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  2. BLM should have nothing nada zero to go with horses
    USA wears better than this or do we need more land for fracking and destroying our water.
    Malarkey $$$$$$ follow the money


  3. “Report fraud & Mismanagement, etc???????????? Their phone & website should be “ringing” off the wall! This OIG takes for granted that everything the BLM does is correct BUT they arent “maximising” the income? What a bunch of hooey… No mention of the grazing allotment “program”! When does THAT come under review?

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  4. OIG quotes all the BLM BS about population and AML’s and ignores the NAS study that found no evidence of an over-population and 87% ( hope that’s right) of the AML’s are not genetically viable.
    Will BLM use the $3.7 million to round up more wild horses?


  5. “According to procurement and grant officials, the State offices are reluctant to conform to Federal laws and regulations” per the OIG report. Let’s stop for a minute and think about a piece of the puzzle that is not often discussed. A few years ago an audit was done on the Gunnison Utah Wild Horse and Burro Prison program.
    The cast of characters: Kerry Despain was the lead BLM person in charge of that facility and Gus Warr was the Utah state WH&B person.

    The results of the audit were: “[at] Gunnison prison in central Utah, an audit last year revealed the federal government had overpaid Utah by about $2 million…”. “According to an audit conducted by U.S. Office of Inspector General, $2,004,553 in funding from the BLM to the state’s Department of Corrections were found to be either questionable or unsupported — meaning Utah failed to adequately document or justify how such monies were used.”

    The story goes on and on but the point is that to my knowledge there has NEVER been any discovery of the “missing” $2 million and the Gunnison prison WH&B program was ended and the BLM head of that program, Kerry Despain “retired” to his personal ranch and got himself a big fat contract with BLM to keep (last reported at about 1,300) many of our wild horses and burros on his personal property in a feed-lot environment – to the tune of $5,970,547 that we have paid him in the last few years.
    To say it mildly, it appears that “something fishy” has gone on with the Utah BLM ???

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  6. The difference between the Boy Scouts and BLM is that the Scouts have adult leadership. The official BLM salute is a shrug of the shoulders. No surprises here, but where is the enforcement to amend resource management plans to provide sufficient wildlife habitat for WILD AND FREE ROAMING EQUIS HERDS.See Case Law Mountain States v. Hodel
    ” In structure and purpose, the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act is nothing more than a land-use regulation enacted by Congress to ensure the survival of a particular species of wildlife. At the outset, it is important to note that wild horses and burros are no less “wild” animals than are the grizzly bears that roam our national parks and forests. “

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  7. So—the DOI finds the BLM to be mismanaged—and then there was that NAS report a few years ago—with recommendations that the BLM couldn’t read well enough to implement–and at least a score of other ideas and suggested horse-management policies from near and far–But BLM just goes on complaining and destroying….’cause it’s really hard to fix STUPID…(at our expense and the lives of wild horses). So when is DOI going to fix it?? Can BLM be fixed? (I know, I know.)

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  8. No they are not that’s a fact!! Our WILD HORSES are in BETTER CARE/ health WHERE THEY ARE!! NOT in a BLM shelterless dirt pens!!! Nothing to block winds like trees& thick bushes!!! We see them complain they DON’T have ENUF ROOM or FOOD $ for get care etc… Yet they keep taking them@a rate too rapid for U.S. to adopt these INNOCENT horses!!! They cause this PROBLEM& HAVE DONE VERY little to try and reverse damage THEY’VE CAUSED!!! It is ludicrous to KEEP LYING to U.S. so they can KILL off these AMAZING TREASURES!! It’s NOT humane logical reasonable realistic NECESSARY or fruitful for OUR AMERICAN LANDS! The FED INVESTIGATION ongoing doesn’t STOP Nevada wanting another1600 HORSES seized brutally!!! RIDICULOUS and a DISGRACE TO AMERICANS NATIONWIDE!!!3 out of4 AREof U.S. are OPPOSED TO THIS BARBARIC DELUSIONAL RUSE!! We CAUGHT them in LIES but still get to kill MORE WILD HORSES!! NOT OK IN USA!!🇺🇸❤🐎


  9. From Washington Times

    Lawmakers on Wednesday demanded accountability from the Bureau of Land Management following an investigation that found the government routinely fails to secure proper bonding from wind and solar project developers, potentially leaving taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars.

    The Government Accountability Office report -which gives more fuel to critics who say President Obama will push “green” power at all costs – also said that the administration has kept shoddy records, may have shredded bond documents and blatantly treats renewable power differently than it treats fossil fuel projects.

    Energy developers are required to post bonds in the event they declare bankruptcy or are otherwise unable to fund the cleanup of federal land after the projects end. Without such bonds, taxpayers would be responsible to fund reclamation.
    The administration has approved at least 43 solar and wind projects on federal land since 2009, the GAO said, and has secured about $100 million in reclamation bonds to pay for cleanup.

    But nearly one-third of those bonds are woefully underfunded, leaving taxpayers potentially responsible for as much as $15 million in reclamation costs, the GAO reported.


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