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When the BLM Talks Wild Horses and Burros, They Lie

There is an age old adage that asks, “How do you know when ‘so and so’ is lying, when their lips are moving.”  That does a pretty good job of describing one of America’s most corrupt federal agencies, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

For years the BLM has lamented how they have too many horses and burros in long term holding, because they keep ripping them off from their legal and rightful home, and in so doing they have created an artificial fiscal emergency where they have even whispered about KILLING the horses in an effort to save money. 

Now that a federal judge has stopped them from illegally assailing wild horses in Wyoming, and deemed that they have broken the law doing so in the past, they are crying that they will not have enough horses to adapt out, below, which is a program they have pointed to as a failure over and over again.

You can’t have it both ways and this is, again, clear evidence that the BLM speaks out of both sides of their mouths and uses mainstream media as a tool to lie to and influence the tax paying public.  Disgusting.

So please, let the reader beware, if a sentence or headline has the acronym BLM in it you can pretty much be assured that it will be filled with untruths, bad science and inaccurate figures all paid for with your tax dollars.  We really, really can do better than that.” ~ R.T.


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  1. They can drive over to Lander to the Wind River WIld Horse Sanctuary and pick out a few to train. There are over one hundred there that should hold them for several years.
    What a crock of crap….

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  2. What a bunch of bs!! They just want to spend our tac dollars and are hoping some way to eliminate the horses and burros. They lie so much they believe their own lies. Dismantle this ugly and corrupt arm of our government.

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  3. You are spot-on, RT!
    Fraudulent is the word that seems most appropriate to me but there are lots of other words too.
    BLM is saying they adopt about 2,600 to members of the public each year? The most recent (October 20, 2016) BLM off range facility report states they have 12,528 wild horses and 1,046 wild burros currently in corrals (“short term” holding – i.e. feed lots) plus another 31,562 wild horses in long term holding plus another 562 wild horses in BLM Eco-Sanctuaries.
    And now BLM tells the public they can’t find any to adopt out to the public???!!!

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  4. Well well well..finally seeing it huh? I’ve seen and said it for years now. Now they’re crying that they have an negative supply. After bilking the American taxpayers out of how much money? Where are ask these horses in holding? in the toilet after being digested by humans? Down pin the border waiting for their execution date? Aww gee now they’re gonna have to take another cut when appropriations bill comes up again.. Ask their fast assed rancher buddies aren’tgoing to have so much power avid the helicopter Nazis a soon won’t have a government contract…too F- ing bad..poor BLM.. MY OPINION? It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.. F em!

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  5. Good grief! The expensive and often inhumane adoption program was established to prevent killing horses they pulled off the range, so if the adoptions aren’t needed any more, isn’t that called management S U C C E S S ? This would also drive UP the value of those available, so this would be a WIN/WIN should it become real.

    That this is evidently a Wyoming based article is appalling, since they seem dead set on emptying their state of wild horses at every turn. Must be a cub reporter.

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  6. Just shaking my head. First, there’re too many horses, now there are not enough? They are not supposed to be adopted out anyway, but to remain the beloved wild horses the American public, and others who visit this country, want to protect, and who are a symbol of our country. Adopting wasn’t the point of the exercise in futility, but reducing the herds. I agree, if there aren’t enough to adopt out, that is success. The entire program was designed to mislead the public anyway – brainwashing some into thinking a horse would go to a good home, when there’s no guarantee of it or where they will end up if the ‘good home’ decides not to keep them, or they are bought, intentionally sold to or not, by kill buyers. The wild horses already have a good home, on the range.

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    • There is a constant stream of BLM mustangs showing up at the killpens, especially on our southern border. How many more go through that we don’t see? Running out of options to keep dragging (stealing) more horses off the range, as Congress and the American public put the squeeze on this criminal agency, they’ll start filling up those syringes and darts en masse. They have already been overusing the fertility control drugs in some places, which was only to be expected. It’s the BLM folks! They won’t give up on their final solution.


  7. SCRAP the Wild Horse & Burro prison programs…just one more way for America’s WH&B to disappear behind closed doors and one more way to keep the Public from checking on them.

    Feds Caught Illegally Using Prisoners To Train Wild Horses

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is improperly paying some prisons to train and hold wild horses that were removed from federal lands, according to an internal Department of the Interior (DOI) investigation.

    Some prisons “hold horses that are not currently being trained and have no training potential,” according to the IG. “These correctional institutions are therefore serving as short-term corral holding facilities in addition to training operations.”
    When auditors looked into Utah Correctional Industries in 2013, they found “the cooperative agreement in place provided for reimbursement using a specified rate (per-horse-per-day), instead of providing for reimbursement of actual costs in accordance with” federal law.

    “Similarly, in our visit to the correctional institution in Carson City, NV, we found that BLM pays a changing per-horse-per-day rate based on preset ranges for population and hay purchase price rather than actual costs,” auditors noted, “resulting in inaccurate or inflated claims for reimbursement and allowing for potential profits, which are not allowed under a cooperative agreement.”

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    • The BsLM SHOULD BE MADE TO PLANT ALFALFA FOR THE FACT THEY TOOK THEM FROM WHERE THEY LIVED& GRAZED FREE!!! They got the DAMN LAND! And YOU CAUSED ALL THIS! HORSES are THE Greatest ANIMAL God created( to me!!!)❤ So many POSITIVE THINGS OUR HORSES ARE CAPABLE OF!! But they WANT to torture trap& KILL THEM!!! HOME OF THE BRAVE( in those helicopters Sooo strong& tuf chasing terrified horses,babies, foals, burros) LAND OF THE FREE…???? NOT FOR OUR WILD AMERICAN HORSES!!!! SUCH A SICK GROUP OF GREEDY BASTARDS!! Hell bent on destroying OUR COUNTRY &KILLING AMERICA. ONE TRUCK OF HORSES@a time! You evil alien LAND bullying MURDERERS!!! QUIT HURTUNG EVERYTHING U FRIGN TOUCH!!! DISGUSTED by my own COUNTRY’S CORRUPTION!! Goes Waaaay up! We just gona LET them get away w/ it cuz theres NO ONE WILLING 2STOP THEM!! And it’s only gona get worse TRUST that! Unless we cut the cancer out & get worthy reps for our Nation! They gota get OUT b4 all are GONE

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      • Our public lands should be reserved for wildlife. I have a cabin high in the mountains of Colorado, and the BLM always leases out those public lands to ranchers in the summer. That is OK if there are more than enough resources for the wildlife. But I wonder if these herds of sheep or cattle are taking resources from the wildlife? I can only hope that someone (BLM) is keeping a close eye.

        Since there is no hunting season on horses, that presents a real program of harvesting the population of horses. It is a difficult problem to solve and I do have some sympathy for anyone managing the herds. But I’ve heard stories of ranchers who lease the wild horse public lands ;who kill the herds because they don’t want to share the grass and limited water resources. So, if there is a conflict, I say quit leasing the land to ranchers and leave it all for the horses. As our population grows and we take away more and more habitat from wildlife, they will be increasingly limited to public lands. We must reserve those lands for our ever-more-limited wildlife.


      • OUR MAJESTIC MUSTANGS deserve SOO much better than what they are GETTIN now! The whole overpopulated RUSE was PROVEN false! They take to unnaccetable PRISON PENS out in the elements as nasty as they get winter& hot summers. Them complain NO good what bout the billions have got from ALL this over 7 yrs of UNNECESSARY CRUELTY! For not 1 honest logical humane reason supports their GREEDY Land BULLYING BS actionsSo they should be MADE TO HELP$$ fix$$THIS TRAVESTY THEY CREATED. It’s All BASED off LIES!but 800,100+WILD HORSES went to SLAUGHTER & were NOT SAFE or W/good intentions IN THOSE facilities!! They can help or they can STOP. But “THEY” can’t take a WILD living healthy& 4FREE… to a “DEATH CAMP USING BAIT& traps to lure into lives of HELL AND LOSING ALL THEY’VE EVER KNOWN, separating Mamas& BABIES who does that??? Just to send them to be KILLED & NEVER see eachother again. OUR NATION IS COMMITTING BARBARIC EVIL ACTIONS HURTING U.S.& ANIMALS THAT HAVE DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS VILE TREATMENT. WHY?ANIMAL CRUELTY is AGAINST the law, last time I checked & So is ABDUCTING anything with ill I’ll intent, AGAINST THEIR will, from THEIR HOMES!!.THESE MAJESTIC AMAZING TREASURES BUILT THIS COUNTRY & DESERVE OUR DAMN RESPECT NOT A ONE WAY TRIP TO AUSCHWITZ!!! I’ve had it we are NOT going to but their bullshit just so they can keep STEALING selling and KILLING OUR American HERITAGE off. This is NOT ok in OUR USA!! OR ANYWHERE IN OUR WORLD!!!


      • Susan, if you research the history of public lands grazing you will find that public lands policy emerged from land and grazing interests. The DOI was tasked with managing these resources to prevent their overuse by private interests (see the Range Wars) and retain some public use of the resources. The public lands were never intended to be set aside strictly for wildlife, but for multiple public USE. How those uses are weighed against each other is an ongoing battle, as you are seeing first hand. Wildlife conservation groups routinely insist we have the wildlife we do because hunters and anglers pay for habitat improvements and controlled harvests, not because our system particularly values one use or species over another. BLM and USFS also rarely have the staff to conduct site visits even once in 10 years on grazing allotments, even those easy to access. Where I live the scars from even overnight sheep grazing linger for many years but grazing continues.

        Areas on which wild horses are legally allowed to exist have been consistently reduced in the past 40 years, yet most of those remaining must share resources with livestock who routinely outnumber them by orders of magnitude. Most of these areas are fragile and semi arid as well, so an easy first step to protect wild horses and burros would be to simply revoke the grazing permits in these shared areas, which are only a fraction of the lands allowed for livestock grazing overall. Sensible and achievable, but the voices of a few for-profit interests still manage to thwart the will of the larger public – something over 340 million citizens now share ownership of our wild horses and burros. The laws are in place to revoke or rescind grazing permits but the BLM does not often find the will to confront those who profit by them, even while taking paychecks paid for by we, the people. This will only change when enough citizens are educated and vocal enough to insist on it.

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      • I hope these posts give OUR WILD AMERICAN HORSES voices and one day SOON THIS STOPS!! On Nov 8, 2016 9:49 AM, “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” wrote:

        > IcySpots commented: “Susan, if you research the history of public lands > grazing you will find that public lands policy emerged from land and > grazing interests. The DOI was tasked with managing these resources to > prevent their overuse by private interests (see the Range Wars) ” >


      • Thank you icy spots🌸🌷💜🐎🐴🌍!! I swear they just DON’T “wana” get it!!! They are evil and keep LYING to keep KILLING OUR WILD AMERICAN MUSTANGS!!! This WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTABLE IN AMERICA!! They DESERVE BETTER from U.S.!!!💜🇺🇸🐎 The REMAINING can STIL be SAVED💜


  8. Ya know that stuff we shovel out of the stalls each morning?? But wait—that stuff is valuable as a soil building component….hmmm—BLM? not so much…..

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    Lack of accountability remains questionable

    The BLM has habitually demonstrated a complete lack of accountability regarding horse and burro mortality rates. Excuses include everything from incomplete and missing paperwork, to excluding deceased foals with the death tolls. If BLM’s record-keeping is as palpable as they would have the public believe, why are there such imposing discrepancies?

    Per Mr Fran Ackley, BLM Wild Horse Program Lead, the Colorado BLM has an “assistance agreement” with the Canon City Correctional Facility. Prison employees pick up deceased horses and burros and take them to the landfill.This agreement was described as an arrangement that benefited both Government organizations in various ways, providing work for inmates and providing a service needed by the BLM.

    As per usual, the BLM’s figures in Colorado often do not match the prison receipts. Animals’ Angels requested a copy of the prison’s records, but Mr. Jim Heaston, Head of the Department of Corrections Program, denied our request.

    Our review of the mortality rates at the Palomino Valley Holding Facility in Nevada was alarming, but unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg. Received via Freedom of Information Act Request, the disposal information obtained from Utah, California, and Colorado BLM offices and landfills was enough to cause great concern. Upon reviewing the mortality reports, disposal protocols and landfill delivery sheets from January 2010 to May 2013, we were compelled to share our findings with the general public.

    While each state maintained at least rudimentary mortality reports, there is absolutely no oversight whatsoever with regard to disposal. Landfills utilized by the BLM either do not keep disposal records, or refused to provide them to Animals’ Angels; referring us to the BLM instead. One landfill in Utah did respond to our request for disposal receipts, however, the receipts were for total tonnage and not by head count. Their receipts still didn’t match the records supplied by the BLM. Without an outside agency keeping and/or providing disposal records, it is nearly impossible to know the true mortality rate of horses and burros within the BLM.


  10. Thank you for pointing that out to that gal!!!!! WE NEED OUR WILD AMERICAN HORSES ON THE LAND that helps KEEP it fruitful. And HORSES HAVE better shelter from MISERABLE weather. And they are healthier happier living FREELY with their FAMILIES! The WAY God intended not(BLM) in CRUEL torturous prison PENS for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG! They BUILT this COUNTRY and deserve OUR gratitude and RESPECT. They even help veterans with PTSD& Autistic children. Gives inmates training jobs that can help employ after released etc. Sooo many good THINGS this EVIL beings are DESTROYING!!! When is enuf,….ENUF? EVERYDAY this prolongs they SUFFER or go to SLAUGHTER for DEATH sentence they DO NOT DESERVE!!! ANIMAL CRUELTY to our most majestic TREASURES is unforgivable to continue PERIOD!!!! USA IS BETTER than THIS!


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