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Feel Good Sunday: Horse Health – Toolbox for Making Your Horse or Donkey Feel Good Everyday

Forward by R.T. Fitch – Listing compiled by Geraldine Bray

Pele, Harley and R.T.“This feel good Sunday is a small departure from what we normally on this day every week.  Historically we attempt to consistently come up with some sort of information, news, article or video to make you, the reader, feel a little better and to give you a break from the worries of the week.  Instead, on this Feel Good Sunday we are attempting to give you a file drawer full of information to make your equine companion feel good each and everyday so that as end result, you BOTH feel good.

Many thanks to our volunteer Geraldine Bray for compiling this extensive list of online information for your review and perusal.  We have many kind folks who contribute posts, here, such as Debbie Coffey, Carol Walker, Grandma Gregg, Louie C, Lisa Leblanc, Vicki Tobin and many others including all of the readers who contribute through commenting, but as of late Geraldine has been sweating over the keyboard and researching articles that she believes will bring value to our readership and aide in keeping everyone informed of the issues facing our American equines be they domestic or wild.

Feel free to bookmark this page for later reference as we do not plan on removing nor moving it.

It is my most sincere wish that this effort, today, brings you value and helps make your life with your equine companions more enjoyable, healthy and rewarding.  But above all, don’t forget to give your four legged friends a big hug, today.  Life is short and they bring so much joy to each and every day…never forget that.  Thanks Geri and keep the faith, my friends.” ~ R.T.

Acid test: Scientists review what we know about stomach ulcers in horses

Not Your Grandmother’s Bedding: Horse Bedding Alternatives

Managing Barns and Buildings During the Winter

Genetic vulnerability can increase risk of stallions becoming carriers of equine arteritis virus

This robotic CT scanner is made for horses, but it could revolutionize human scanning too

Mycotoxins in feedstuffs at alarming levels, survey reveals

Resveratrol shown to be of value in treating hock lameness in horses

A leg up for science: Thoroughbred feet under scrutiny in New Zealand study

Where We Stand With Shivers

Vaccination to Control Equine Influenza During an Outbreak

Stakeholders Support Central Rule Making for Drug Rules

Equine Leptospirosis – A Hidden Threat to Your Horse’s Health

Mind That Gut!

Advanced scanning a boon for equine head and spine diagnoses

Vaccines for all Ages

Poll Recap: Enriching Your Horse’s Environment

Fit for the Trail

Influenza Challenges

The Abnormal Horse Hoof

Cold Truth About Equine Pastern Dermatitis

The Science of Feeding Your Horse for Healthy Muscle

Focus on Health and Well-being of Horses and Equine Industry

6 things you discover when you get two (or more) horses

Equine bodysuit alerts owners to illness or injury

Study Examines Empathy in the Veterinary Profession

Cannon Bone Crud

A New Way to Monitor Your Horse’s Health

New Treatment Offers Promise for Horses with Trigeminal Nerve Neuralgia

Managing Stress with Horse Sense: 12 Steps to Integrity With Your Horse

to be continued…

DisclaimerSFTHH has neither tested, verified or endorses the procedures/recommendations listed above.  But, in the opinion of the editorial staff, it is the responsibility of all equine caretakers to make themselves as knowledgeable as applicable to the appropriate care of their charges and to to make said care fit for purpose to their particular situation. and circumstances.

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  1. Really good idea, RT – I dont have a horse anymore – but I could sure have used a lot of this info when he still was with me!


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