Equine Rescue

Failed Former Wild Horse Sanctuary Attempts to Derail Rescue Operations

By Elaine Nash

The TruthOnce again, for the record. . .

ISPMB is circulating a rumor that Fleet of Angel and our partner organizations are trying to take the horses away from ISPMB. As we have said before, we have made no effort whatsoever to take the horses from ISPMB, and we don’t plan to. Our role in this massive mission is to protect the ISPMB horses from auction and probably slaughter IF the judge does remove them from ISPMB. It’s not fun in any way, it’s not easy in any way, and it’s not profitable for us to be involved in this effort. It’s quite the opposite, in fact.
In order to stop the auction of the horses that was scheduled for Dec. 20, we had to pay the hay bill that the counties, which was approximately $78,000.00. We did that. We also had to agree to cover the cost of hay and care going forward. We agreed to do that. We also had to agree to take the horses IF the judge ruled that ISPMB could not keep the horses, and we have also agreed to do that.
Fleet of Angels and our associates do NOT ‘want’ the horses. What we do want is to do whatever we can to prevent any of the ISPMB horses from suffering or dying IF they are taken from ISPMB because of their inability to meet the requirements laid out in the court order that turned responsibility for feeding and caring of the horses over the the two SD counties the ISPMB is in. It is a massive commitment to accept and care for these horses while they’re being adopted and transported, and we’d love to not need to- but we may need to, in order to save them.
We do not get involved in efforts to remove horses from anyone, but we do try our best to provide a safety net for horses that are at-risk of suffering or going to slaughter if they are in need of homes. In this case, we are willing to be the safety net for the ISPMB horses for long enough to allow their adopters to arrange for transportation for them to new homes- IF they are no longer owned by ISPMB, and need homes to go to.

The hearing on this matter is scheduled for this Friday, Jan. 27. If asked by the judge to take on Phase II of this mission, we will rely on you to help us help these horses. Thank you all for your support in this effort.


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  1. Thank you for helping us far away to understand completely. I, for one, am 2000 % behind this effort on the behalf of RTF FOA and others. I look forward to good news in your next post. Sincere thanks !!!!



    Meanwhile, business as usual continues for those who profit from their removals from our Public Lands.

    Castrated, Captive, Former Wild Horses Now Roam Power Ball Winner’s Land
    Unedited story by Seth Tupper as published on GrandRapidsMN.com

    “The BLM’s propaganda war against wild horses and burros continues in the unedited article below. It contains inaccurate numbers, hints on sending the horses to slaughter AND the livestock company “Spur Livestock” who managed this move were caught by Wild Horse Freedom Federation selling wild horses to known kill buyers, click (HERE…. https://rtfitchauthor.com/2013/01/22/breaking-news-wild-horses-sold-to-kill-buyer-by-blm-contractor/) which the Feds swiftly swept under the carpet.

    On Tuesday, officials of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management showed off the roughly 50 square miles of grassland where a herd of 917 newly transferred wild horses will graze for years to come.
    The land is about 25 miles east of Newell, or about 75 miles northeast of Rapid City. The property is owned by Neil Wanless of South Dakota, who bought it with the proceeds of a $232 million Powerball jackpot he won in 2009 (he opted for a lump-sum payment and took home $89 million after taxes.)

    Wanless, who is preternaturally averse to media attention, did not attend the tour that was staged for the media Tuesday. His ranch manager, Adam Karrels, attended in his stead.
    “He likes his privacy,” Karrels said.

    Wanless’ privacy is further protected by his private arrangement with Spur Livestock LLC, which has a registered address in Midland and is owned by South Dakota ranchers Jim Reeves and Lyle Anderson. The government pays Spur Livestock a varying rate of around $2 per head, per day, to ensure that the horses are fed, watered and kept relatively wild and free-roaming. Spur Livestock, in turn, has a private deal with Wanless to keep the horses on his land.


  3. RT – considering how hard all of these organizations have worked to save these horses – no one is going to doubt their honesty. I know the people I donate to are on their way back to SD now. The weather appears to be as bad as it was before.
    I can imagine how hard it is just to make the trip – much less to stand out in the cold & snow to sort horses. But they do it because they CARE!

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  4. God Bless you for stepping in to save the ISPMB horses. It’s a disgrace that they are putting rumors out to hurt the very animals that was under their care. I save what I can, and wish I had the funds to take all of the remaining horses, etc. needing new homes, but, unfortunately, God didn’t give me the D__ Koch brothers money. If so, all of the company ‘s profits would go to save our horses, wild and domestic, donkeys, burros, mules, dogs, cats, etc. to live happy and healthy lives.

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  5. In addition,. the BLM should be disbanded and all individuals, having to do with the roundups and giving free rain to the cattlemen should be charged with animal cruelty to the highest extent and FIRED IMMEDIATELY, with new overseers of this agency. This agency disgusts me.


  6. Thanks Elaine. You are too terrific for words. No one has any right to find fault with you for communicating to us. Many would give up but you are the true horse advocate. No matter what, you are steadfast and dedicated. Not many would even attempt to do what you’re doing to save those horses!


  7. ISPMB is selling half price Valentine sponsorships on their website (regularly $150 – $5,000) which is a new update. Their “news” is one year and older, however. Since all their horses are impounded, buyer beware. Funds for hay and care are being raised by state-appointed entities (including Fleet of Angels), and it would seem ISPMB may only “own” horses for about one more wee, as the sheriffs dept. indicated no horses would be returned once removed from ISPMB.

    “Wild Horse Valentine sponsorships are fully tax-deductible. All proceeds benefit ISPMB and are used purchase hay and care for our horses.”


    I am in hopes the IRS has been alerted to this supposed nonprofit and is reviewing their finances and corporate structure.


  8. I have gotten several requests from ISPMB for donations. She stated that several rescue groups are trying to take the horses. I dont think she’s in touch with reality.


  9. Many thanks to Elaine and all of the volunteers who have traveled to SD to render aide to these horses who are struggling to survive amid the madness of an individual who has lost touch with the needs of the horses and reality over-all.

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  10. I just heard that an agreement was reached so there will be no hearing???? Could you share? Is it good for the horses? Thanks so much!!!!!


  11. Might I suggest a really nice white room with padded walls and a nice jacket to allow them to calm down momentarily while the horses are saved? I think they serve sweet tea and crumpets.


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