First WY Ranchers Target Wild Horses, Now Other Wildlife in Their Gun Sights

Source: Animal Legal Defense Fund

Take Action: Help stop 2 coyote killing contests on BLM controlled federal land


The Animal Legal Defense Fund and a coalition of animal protection organizations submitted a written request to the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) urging the agency to enforce its own regulations regarding two Rock Springs, Wyoming coyote-hunting contests scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. These contests are slated to take place partly on BLM-managed federal land—and contest organizers have failed to obtain the requisite permits.

The first of these upcoming contests, the “Wyoming Coyote Classic,” is scheduled for this Saturday, Jan. 7—the second, “Wyoming Best of the Best” is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 4. In light of the impending dates, we need you to contact BLM and politely urge them to hold these contests to the law.

Click (HERE) to send letter!!!

http://org2.salsalabs.com/o/51 54/p/dia/action3/common/public /?action_KEY=23967&okay=true

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  1. Honestly dont understand the mind(?) set of people who get their jollies from slaughtering animals. But then everyone here has said the same thing at one time or another.

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  2. Only Rednecks could come up with something as stupid as this. Don’t they have anything better to do with their time. What s pathetic bunch of people. And people wonder why the ecosystems are out of sync. Is it sponsored by the Welfare Ranchers?.
    And who will buy the hides?? Designers are shining fur. And no one wants to wear it now anyway. So inhumane! I sent my letter and will politely make a call too.

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  3. I called Wyoming..I guess there is heavy snow up there today and Rock Springs office is closed. One avalanche could take care of this!! Hide the coyotes!!! But they will be open tomorrow!!


  4. Letter sent with my personal thoughts included not that I think they will do any more than file it on the round file just like they do with all the letters and petitions.


  5. These contests are cruel and unethical and have no place on our public lands. Please sign/send the email letter to Rock Springs, WY.

    Here’s a little true story about BLM & welfare ranchers & wildlife & a “thriving ecological balance”. A few years ago in mid-Utah, BLM put out a contract to have all the prairie dogs (a type of ground squirrel native to north america) “gassed” with poison in their underground dens within a particular area. The contract was VERY specific about how each and every den was to be thoroughly gassed so that not one animal could possibly survive.
    Now think about it for a minute … I think we can rightfully assume that this was part of a vicious circle caused by “management” of our public lands. First, non-native cattle and sheep are grazed on our wild public lands where they do not belong to start with. Then add in the welfare rancher mentality of killing everything in the area where they graze their livestock (i.e coyotes and mountain lions) – as is planned in Wyoming this weekend. This then causes a drop in predator species and an unnatural jump in prey species (prairie dogs etc). Then the welfare rancher complains to BLM about the prairie dog dens that could cause cattle to break a leg and so then BLM authorizes the costly extermination of the prairie dog by lethal doses of poison and on and on and around and around it goes. This kind of MIS-management is a specialty of BLM and done mainly for the welfare ranchers and it is 100% UNNATURAL.

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  6. Well, WTF. If the BLM can shut down Madeline Perkins’ Mustang Monument for lack of a permit to drive the public across public lands on existing roads, why would the lack of permits here to kill wildlife not require equal enforcement? Also, the area around Rock Springs contains most of the remaining HMAs in WY, and the WY Checkerboard from which illegal removal of wild horses happened in 2014. It is deep winter there now so one has to ask what risks the remaining wild horses will face from these “sports” who presumably value horses even less than coyotes.

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  7. The picture reminds me of those old pictures from hundred or so years ago with the wolf hides on a wall or the pile of mountain lion skulls! Sort of tells us that nothing has been learned about the environment all these years! Seems “managing” only means slaughtering wildlife – per the BLM & other agencies.

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  8. Oh.My.God. I cannot understand for the life of me why these cretins do this. What about God’s creatures? And yet, cherry picking Bible passages to suit them really makes me want to vomit. If there is a Hell (and it appears to be already here on Earth), I do hope they all end up there eventually.

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      • What good is it to them anyway? It’s misinterpreted, misconstrued, commandments broken every day or used to rationalize and excuse their bad behavior, or used as a way to condemn others. It’s too good of a book for them, and they are incapable of understanding it.

        Praying and fingers crossed for bad weather!


  9. Does Public Land grazing help the American consumer in any way?
    It looks as though this is all for export to foreign markets.
    Has anyone checked the price of hamburger or steak lately?

    China to reopen beef market to American producers after 13 years

    The USDA forecasts that China will surpass Japan as the second-largest beef importer (after the U.S.) with imports estimated at 825,000 tons in 2016. The agency said rapidly rising demand for beef has been fueled by middle-class growth and has made China the fastest-growing beef market in the world.

    “This is great news for U.S. beef producers,” said Kent Bacus, director of international trade for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. “While these initial reports are positive, we must continue technical negotiations and undergo the process of formally approving export certificates.”


  10. Another Unethical and cruel situation is the American Horse Council which is the Unwanted Horse Council (Coalition) absorbed which is intensifying the Unwanted horse issue and began the Kingston stripped back door session legislation protecting horses in 2011. These are all tied now to the AHC attending the Trump Inaugural Parade Ceremony. Be prepared people as they march their way towards Trump. Now what can we do? We need to Unite All avocates that Includes Domestic even if you disprove of the Registries or training or anything and and All Wild Horse Advocates for this years Journey to stop the Processing of toxic horsemeat and the Destruction they leave in their path from abuses privately to transport…to kill pens to plants. We have to Unite this year more than Ever. The AMC is slowly intertwining itself so lets be proactive and work together. Wild and domestic and even yes Feral. Why? Because the horses Need our help. We have to help The horses in order to help other species. Please understand we are the Last Safety Net horses have. Susan Humphries and many other pro horse slaughterphiles constantly monitor yoyr words so we need to Unite and speak from a place of unity. We have Alot of work ahead of us and what we do not do will make it harder. Thos shows you the AHC was accepted into the parade. Lets begin the process of being proactive. http://www.horsetalk.co.nz/2017/01/06/horses-donald-trump-inaugural-parade/#axzz4UvFbrHES

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  11. I hope they don’t consider themselves “sportsmen” because they are far, far removed from being that. Gratuitous killing by blood suckers. No imaginations to entertain themselves in a non-destructive way.

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  12. STOP!! THIS killing of our Wildlife has to STOP!! We, as Humans, have a Responsibility to take care of our World, and everything on it!! Please, let them live there lives, like we live ours!!!!


  13. This week a video online showed a game warden shooting a fawn to death because a family in Kansas considered it a pet. He without a warrant took said fawn stating shooting it was “humane euthanasia” he told the family its euthanasia for cows. He shot it! These sick people could have released it the wild meaning Game Warden but their deseire to Hurt people by killing the deer was greater than being rational. The deer could have been kept until it was large enough to release by the warden and it could have been shipped elsewhere where it could have legally been permitted. Hate runs deep.


    • I saw the video too. It said the doe was maybe a year old – had been with them since they found her. She stayed pretty much on their 6 acres – but they didnt confine her. It does seem there would have to be some kind of legal document for these “wardens” to come onto their land, tho. Talk of the chronic wasting diseased – which from what I’ve read actually comes from farmed deer kept in a small environment. There sure didnt seem to be any danger of that in this case. It also sounded like the municipality was trying to “walk it back”! Too late.


  14. When I saw a FB page last year advertising the annual Coyote Shoot, I complained checking the box that this was “Offensive”. FB’s reply was probably automated and did not resolve the issue as they did not consider the posting offensive which was a photo similar to the above one with a mass of killed coyotes. I retorted with a more vigorous statement getting a namby, pamby reply. What the hell is wrong with the world? This is. There were comments on the page of how excited the dad’s were to take their young son’s to the contest. No wonder kid’s of todays think nothing of taking a gun to school to shoot other kids or their teachers… No respect for the living PERIOD.

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  15. I’m wondering how this is not legally considered “wanton waste” and suggest that those who kill for sport be required to eat everything they kill, including hundreds of coyotes. In game animals, wanton waste is a federal crime with severe punishments. It’s not clear if they are harvesting furs and/or meat, but if they are doing neither this should constitute wanton waste. If ti doesn’t due to their status, the laws need to be revisited.


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