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New Requirements for Export of Horse Meat to the EU Now in Effect

Published on The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Website

“Horses should not be shipping straight to Canada to slaughter any longer, without residing in Canada for 6 months…”

March 1, 2017: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is reminding industry that the European Union (EU) has implemented a six month residency requirement for horses imported into Canada effective today.

According to new requirements, Canadian establishments that export horse meat to the EU must make sure that horses imported into Canada are resident in Canada for six months before slaughter and export.

The CFIA will only provide certificates for the export of horse meat to the EU that meet the EU‘s new six month residency requirement.

This new requirement does not impact food safety. It is mandatory for every horse (domestic or imported) presented for slaughter in a Canadian federally registered equine facility to have a record of all vaccinations and medications given in the previous six months. This is referred to as the Equine Information Document.

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  1. They will just forge that too. Just like England was angry the EU Passport program was reused passports from already deceased horses. Until they Actually are Under Law Enforcements daily eye, they will continue to be a thorn in our side. Right now they are passing a bill to make horses solely livestock in Kentucky. Duquette swears Animal Rights are taking animal ownership Rights away however making horses solely livestock states that horses cannot be used except as Livestock meaning they cannot be competitively raced, shown, bred, handled or trained and administered medications vaccines and supplements or treatments unless the FDA allows it in food animals. In other words taking away pett status strips the entire industry of the ability to have horses as pets, show animals, racing, etc and Only designates them as Food Animals Solely Governed by the USDA and FDA. The Racing Industry, AQHA, and many others fought including my grandfather to make certain the FDA would keep them classified as both indefinitely so we can do as we wish with our animals. The proslaughter nuts dont realize this as they pursue the ridiculous pet notion, removing the word pet making them livestock disavows them from also reselling horses to people anywhere, it also prevents them from using in rodeos etc. Why? Because the entire food industry is uniform and cannot have animals in various uses go into the food chain. Really stuns me Kentucky is becoming so ignorant to the real reason the pet and livestock status was placed so that Kentucky can race horses. Without it, racehorses cannot be livestock, racehorses are solely a food animal. Now if this passes Animal Rights can walk in and Demand that food animals Not be subjectex to the torment of racing and Win. What is wrong with Our Country? The Internet has become a wasteland of false information and real imparative information is squashed out until its too late. Why hasnt our own industry not realized, the facts are with the people who are not proslaughter, prohorse slaughter has One solumn Agenda…..slaughter em all. Our mission is to unite our horse industry and educate owners not see how many survive off the internet. A young woman told me she euthanized her horses put them in a truck bed and hauled the meat to a big cat Sanctuary in Indiana. Why are people not equating the euthanasia drug kills after the dead animal is consumed? Where has the World gone mad? Canning companies caught with euthanasia drug in horsemeat in Illinois killed a dog and made 4 extremely ill. A guy says they have received more BLM horses with pictures of these freezebranded horses to ship. These stories are far to real and reflect how the younger generation has no concept of what they are doing. No offense but we have to educate them otherwise a mindless internet will.


  2. To whom / where is most of the horsemeat sold from the Mexican slaughterhouses? I’ve never heard of any real guidelines they are required to follow, and wonder how many people in non-EU countries are actively being poisoned?


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