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LA Horse Slaughter Truck Flips and Kills 19

Report by Dale Williams as published on News of the Horse

Leland, Mississippi – A truck carrying 37 horses for slaughter from the Bastrop Kill Pen in Bastrop, Louisiana flipped on its side on hwy 82, destroying the trailer and killing 19 horses. The driver, Harry Swift, allegedly fell asleep and drifted off the road.

The horses lay scatted up and down a ditch, with trailer parts and tires scattered among them. The scene was truly horrific to all who saw it. The surviving horses were taken to Hamburg, Arkansas where no doubt they will continue their journey to slaughter.

The Bastrop Kill Pen is notoriously cruel to animals, and humans, and has been involved with many investigations and criminal proceedings over the last couple years.

Click (HERE) to view photos and video of disaster…WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC

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  1. Please warn the public that the same foks who instigated the Copiah “Christmas save” are raising money to “20 survivors”. They are demanding 11K to buy the horses followed by transport and vet costs. This is questionably a repeat fraud. The slaughter yard itself reported there were only 5 survivors and they were shipped.


    • That funding has stopped… just so you know! Which to me is a good thing… not of course for those poor horses… but I’m glad it was stopped! Long story … but it’s over!


    • I have one of the horses that survived the crash. She is doing well it has taken three years to get her trust but we are on the right path now and I feel when we are done she will be an awesome. It took two years to put weight on her because of the accident she tends to choke. She has turned out to be the kindest horse ever and loves children I am happy to say one had a happy ending.

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  2. What a horrible tragedy for the horse’s possible some might get saved from the slaughter pen but what a horrific thing to happen poor horse’s.


  3. Read the declaration by the slaughter operator, claiming “animal activists” harried the truck off the road! They even claim a disgusting description of the “harrasser” Yeah, the horrible people are the ones trying to monitor the slaughter bound trucks, like Animals Angels staff and others. Gawd-awful humans…


    • Ok. My ex-husband Owned a Trucking Company. He says that when a driver passes on the left side/drivers side of a semi you cannot see the person in the drivers seat at all. Unless they have a highrise truck or a convertable you wont see details like specific haircolors, or even a cigarette. He also says the Cruella Deville description is a vague description that drivers want to use for fear of felonies on their record. The Cruella Description is vague, faceless and has no realistic details. The reason, they simply get out of the charges. The second thing is if the driver is looking down inside a vehicle to see the driver they are a Distracted driver, most importantly the Law Enforcement on the scene were told it was sleep related which is the Actual reason. It all makes sense. Blaming Ar isnt uncommon but its unrealistic. AR simply do Investigative work simply when a hauler stops at a rest area. My ex hates horse slaughter but being a driver owner operator and much more he knows alot of over the road details and states this is horrifying they are trying to pin on a random person. Its illegal to misrepresent to law enforcement.


      • see down into a passing car without having to look through the roof, in the dark, and see anything, much less long black hair and a “LONG CIGARETTE HANGING OUT OF HER MOUTH.” ? Does anyone with a single grey cell in their brain believe this? If he was able to see so much detail, why didn’t he get the licence plate number instead of measuring how long the cigarette was?

        Sadly, the horses lay with other throw away trash in the ditch. It may be a blessing they didn’t suffer what those who survived will face.


  4. Horse slaughter is horrific, period. I am extremely saddened & sorry to hear of this accident, but more sorry about the events leading up to it in the first place. No horses, especially American horses, should EVER be going to slaughter, anywhere, in the first place. The 19 that died, died a much better death than what lies ahead for the traumatized survivors! The driver should have died as well. No excuses for anyone to take a “job” like this. It may should harsh, but I have zero tolerance & no use for any low-life involved in slaughtering, in any way, including over the road truck drivers that carry them to their horrific end. Find a different job, period. God bless ALL the American horses that endure this pain & suffering.

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    • Perhaps as punishment these “drivers” should be placed in a trailer full of loose horses themselves, and driven for mile upon mile without food and water, in the dark, in all kinds of weather and terror, and let them ponder the qualifications of their driver, and how long since that driver had any sleep, or how many medications the driver is on. Fair is fair.

      As a rule when I was teaching, I would take any new students for a short ride in a horse trailer (safely) so they could begin to understand what even a careful driver’s actions feel like for anything alive in the trailer behind them.


    • AMEN to that! So hard for me to know the ugly truth. It pains me everyday. I pray that something is done about this atrocity and the PASS ACT will be law in the very near future. It can’t come soon enough for these innocent majestic spiritual creatures.


      • Just to remind everyone there are loopholes in the PASS Act. Listen to one of the past Wild Horse & Burro Radio shows where Susan Wagner, Pres. of Equine Advocates, was a guest and discussed the loopholes.


  5. My stomach just sank:(! … and the driver walks … innocent animals on their way to a more horrid fate and the one’s that survived… sadly most likely will continue on to a journey thru hell according to previous comments. You would think that there would be a way to save them. This is an atrocity and so upsetting for me to live with the fact that thousands of horses are sent to slaughter ever year, paying the price for greed and ignorance. May God bless these poor unfortunate creatures and may they be with our Heavenly Father. I pray for the SAFE ACT to pass very soon. In Jesus name AMEN.


  6. Please tell me if any horses were rescued from this further episode of the hideous barbarians who sell horses to slaughter. Also, does anybody know if there is hope that Ryan Zinke, as Secretary of the Interior, will be an improvement for the treatment of our Mustangs? In the past we had horrendous experiences that persecuted animals in this country, specifically for our wild horses, with the previous Secretaries of the Interior. Ryan Zinke served Montana as their sole Representative, and he decided to come to work on his first day by riding in on a horse through the streets of Washington, DC. We hope he loves horses, but we have to worry if he, like previous Secretaries, will pander to ranchers and allow the loathsome BLM to continue to persecute our horses.


  7. I have a horse from this accident. My heart is so saddend that the man has not had a single charge on him. The mare has many problems some are from the accident some could be from her past. She has a heart of gold and tries very hard to make me happy. I am very angry that these people brought the horses back to the KILL pen to let the drugs work through them and send them back . The rescue bought each horse for $500 and found homes for them


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