Equine Rescue


by Elaine Nash as published on FaceBook

Animal Planet Here We Come

As I posted earlier, we saw 10 mares off on their several-month long journey to Alaska yesterday. Six of them will be going to the Chena Hot Springs Resort near Fairbanks. The other four have an even more exciting life ahead of them because they have been adopted by Dr. Dee Thornell, who’s featured as ‘Dr. Dee’ on the Animal Planet show, Alaska Vet. In addition to being a celebrity vet who flies to remote Alaskan villages to help animals of just about every sort, she is a horse driving enthusiast and well known national competitor. Dr. Dee asked me to select four big, beautiful bay mares from our herds for her, so they can be trained to become a competitive four-in-hand team. She hopes to show people all over the world that mustangs are very versatile, athletic, fast, and fun to show off!

Before heading north, the four big bay mares (real beauties!) will join the Chena Hot Springs Resort horses in WY for needed care, gentling, and training (and probably foaling) before heading up the AlCan highway this spring or summer to their new home with Dr. Dee!

We’ll look forward to seeing you four on TV and cheering for Dr. Dee’s Hallelujah Horses!

Previous episodes of Alaska Vet can be seen at http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/dr-dee-alaska-vet/.


WE STILL NEED LOTS OF HELP to get the rest of these horses cared for, placed, and transported by March 26th, our deadline. Still many horses to get out of there! Here’s how you can help:

DONATE: www.ISPMBHorseRescueMission.org

Lots of nice, healthy horses still available. We also need adopters for dozens of BLIND HORSES, SENIOR HORSES, and STALLIONS (If adopting stallions, ask about the gelding subsity of $100. provided by the National Equine Rescue Network.)

We need as many adopters as possible to arrange for and transport your own horses. Time is of the essence at this point, and there’s not time nor manpower to arrange for a lot of individual Fleet of Angels transports for you at this point.

We also need teams of drivers who have large trailers (40′-ish) that are capable of hauling 15-20 horses at once, and who can take load after load until the end of the month.

*Hallelujah Horses is the nickname given by Fleet of Angels to the 810 horses impounded and seized from ISPMB (Int’l Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros) in South Dakota. Fleet of Angels was given custody of all the horses, so each horse could be properly evaluated, treated and cared for, adopted, and transported to a safe new home. www.FleetOfAngels.org

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  1. I am so happy for these horses. Certainly things are looking up! Now Susan Humphries who has replaced Wallis as the Dead Horse Queen has her own Facebook se up to destroy the WILD horse Annie issue. Shes spreading all kinds of propaganda against horses being classified as pets and livestock. Pets classification the Proslaughter nuts believe is a class like dogs, cats, and hamsters. Thats totally Inxorrect. FDA classifies horses as Livestock and pets to Allow horses to be used for recreational riding, training professionally and privately as we see fit, usability is unlimited as Pets we are able to administer medications, supplements, feed, training, care, showing, racing, and handling as we see fit individually without Government oversight. The title of pets as some Advocates and ARs thought may mean that if they were no longer livestock it would release them from slaughter, working, and abuse and treat them as housepets. This is Simply Not True. The dual classification is not to bundle species together. The classification ONLY represents the ability to administer all listed above and as livestock allow tax laws for horses and recognize them as herd animals. As livestock herd recognition prevents them from using kenneling parameters. The livestock and Pets heading has Protected all forms of uses, personal choices, and prevented Horses from being slaughter entirely wiping them out. To rodeo they need to be pets and livestock and to be managed by private owners the same. The heading Pets was taken out of context by masses of people but now Sisan amd Duquette are Unknowingly peddling it incorrectly to the Demise of our Industry. Why mention here? Wild Horse Annie wasnt just fighting For Wild Horses, remember she once said ALL horses lives matter. We have to work to keep both headings, if we do not then where do you think the horses go once they do have homes? If pet status is removed and all thats left is livestock status theres not much jope. We have to fight together to protect horses. Please also rememver horses are Not pets, their family and pet status just allows Veterinary treatment and care proper handling, training, and use of our Horses as we see fit to happen Nationwide withoyt the Government saying they are only livestock meaning they tell ypu about handling horses as food source only.

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  2. I wish she would have included some pictures of these 6 lovely lucky lady mares 🙂 selected for these celebrity positions (before they go). It’s always fun to match real faces with their stories!


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