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Horses at Axtell BLM Wild Horse Corrals quarantined after possible ‘Strangles’ outbreak

by as posted on Salt Lake Fox 13

“Healthy Wild Horses now in peril due to BLM’s FAKE law interpretations…”

AXTELL, Utah — The Bureau of Land Management and Axtell Contract Off-Range Corrals have issued a voluntary quarantine of wild horses at a facility due to a possible “Strangles” or equine distemper (Streptococcus equi) outbreak.

Horses at the Axtell Wild Horse Corrals facility are being tested for the infection after the animals contracted some sort of respiratory tract infection, a press release said. Individual horses are being tested, but an early diagnosis says the infection is “Strangles,” the press release continued.

The initial signs of the infection are fever, trouble swallowing, noisy breathing, swollen lymph nodes, and thick discharge from the nose. The infection is highly infectious, spread through contact, and can cause death in some cases, but no horse has been reported dead yet, the press release said.

According to the press release, the Axtell facility staff started noticing possible signs of the infection on March 27, mostly in the younger animals. The quarantine will delay the adoption of highly sought Sulphur and Frisco wild horses that were scheduled for adoption, the press release said. The public tour scheduled for April 19, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., however, has not been affected by the quarantine…click (HERE) for more BLM propaganda.

Horses at Axtell Wild Horse Corrals quarantined after possible ‘Strangles’ outbreak


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  1. Since these horses have already been so stressed by the roundups – then being removed from their homes AND their bands – being shuffled into pens with other horses who are also stressed out – I’m sure its common for any respiratory (shipping fever etc) to pass from one to the other. Strangles is a really nasty disease, putting the horses in danger of death. The usual throat swellings are bad enough, but can also turn up inside the body. Doubt that these horses will all get thru this. Seems to hit quite young and older horses the hardest. How sad that if they were left alone – free – doubt this disease would be a problem.


    Bruce Nock, PhD


    So let me tell you what happens to a wild horse’s physiology when he/she
    suffers the severe stress, trauma, of being chased and sequestered into captivity.

    Then, I’ll tell you what some of the consequences are. I don’t think it’s an
    exaggeration to say, as gathers are routinely done in the USA, if a wild horse
    doesn’t die straight off from the immediate devastation and commotion, it
    compromises him/her physically and mentally, putting him on a path of
    accelerated deterioration.

    Click to access Wild%20Horse%20Stress_1.pdf


    Bruce Nock, PhD

    There’s the confinement itself. Imagine how stressful confinement in an
    unfamiliar place must be to a species who depends on running for survival and who instinctively avoids places where they might get trapped.

    On top of that, there’s the social unrest from confinement in close quarters
    with unfamiliar horses. And don’t overlook the importance of such things as the loss of or separation from lifelong herd mates … companions and family. It is egocentric to think such things are only important to our species.

    Click to access Wild%20Horse%20Stress_1.pdf


    Bruce Nock, PhD

    Think about it. It’s like making a house messy so you can put it back in order. Why not leave well enough alone …everyone just mind their own business.

    Well, the truth is, a horse doesn’t strive to outrank another horse because he or she anticipates that it will lead to social order. That’s not it; social order is merely a byproduct.

    Horses strive for a high rank because high ranking horses go where they want to go and do what they want to do-Freedom of Choice-to horses, it’s worth fighting for.

    Click to access Wild%20Horse%20Stress_1.pdf


    • Its a shame that our wild horse & burro “managers” dont even attempt to SEE what they are doing to these animals or to gain any kind of understanding of the true, natural lives they lead when they are left alone.
      Mr. Nock’s research certainly could educate them – that is if they had any interest in being educated.


  5. Bruce Nock’s document has been provided to them often enough in public comments, but they don’t appear to have read it.
    Perhaps they will read it here Maggie


    • Honestly, Louie – I just am not optimistic about this agency or its employees doing ANYTHING other than their own agenda. Until they are forced to change their ways – I’m afraid nothing is going to change. Seems anymore every species of wild animal is in danger of extinction.


  6. Is someone countering this newspaper article (and others) by writing a letter to the editor and or getting the local news involved?

    Are there any veterinarians that would be willing to be interviewed on local channels and radio, who support the wild horses, to spread the word…OR on YouTube and other social media?
    to tell them what REALLY happens to these horses and how BLM is PURPOSELY getting these horses infected by keeping them in crowded conditions?

    Just trying to think of ways to broaden the message to put pressure on BLM.


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