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Feel Good Sunday: Donkey offers Finals Week stress relief for Snowflakes at Montana State

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“Thanks to the kindness of the gentle donkey as his gentle spirit reaches out to privileged college students who do not realize that adult life has no safe harbors or feel good zones.  In the real world it is those who reach out, extend and open up who succeed in making a difference and NOT those who suck their thumbs and hug their security blankets while the world falls apart around them.

This is a lesson that teaches that through the eyes of an equine a soul can be touched and inner peace has the potential to be achieved.  We can only hope that the generation of entitlement and privilege learns that life is not a handout but instead a ‘reach-out’ to the natural beauty and efficiency that surrounds us…before it is too late.” ~ R.T.

A donkey named Oliver joined several therapy dogs offering stress relief during Finals Week at Montana State University in Bozeman.

The 8-year-old brown and white donkey was standing inside the front entrance of the university library on Tuesday. Owner Stephanie Bar tells the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that since it was Oliver’s first time at MSU, she wanted to make sure he got a lot of attention.
Students petted Oliver, hugged him and took selfies.

In another part of the library, students sat on the floor and played with dogs provided by volunteers with Intermountain Therapy Animals.

Sierra Bosley says she looks forward to seeing the dogs at the end of each semester.

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  1. Well said, R.T. and I can say from personal experience that there is nothing like hugging a donkey – a true “feel good” way to spend time.

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