Secretaries of Interior and Ag favoring special interests

We all know how important the Endangered Species Act is to cattle and chickens.  Thanks to our reader, Icyspots, for bringing this article to our attention.  –  Debbie

Source:  capitalpress.com

Farmers, ranchers have ‘unprecedented’ meeting with Ag, Interior secretaries

Ten Idaho and farmers and ranchers spent an hour meeting with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke June 2. They covered a wide range of topics important to the state’s and nation’s farming industries.
by Sean Ellis

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, left, and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue speak about farm and natural resource issues June 2 at Boise State University. Earlier that day, the secretaries met privately with farmers and ranchers.

BOISE — Farmers and ranchers described a private meeting with two of President Donald Trump’s cabinet members June 2 as unprecedented and historic.

Instead of addressing the group, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke listened and took notes, according to those who were there.

“They just didn’t have an agenda. They truly wanted to listen to us,” said Aberdeen potato farmer Ritchey Toevs. “It was a pro-producer meeting. It was a completely different experience than I’ve ever had.”

“They didn’t really say much. They let us do the talking,” said Jerome dairyman Mike Roth. “I feel like I witnessed a little bit of history today.”

Idaho Farm Bureau Federation President Bryan Searle, a farmer from Shelley, said he was floored by the nature of the meeting.

“I’m still in shock that they didn’t talk. They just flat-out sat there and listened,” he said.

During the hour-long meeting, the producers were given 5 minutes each to present.

They covered a wide range of topics, from immigration and the importance of labor to aquifer recharge, Food Safety Modernization Act requirements, NAFTA, the U.S. Sheep Experiment station in Dubois, invasive water species, farm bill funding, the Endangered Species Act, Equal Access to Justice Act and grazing and other federal land-management issues.

A lot more could have been covered “but those that spoke hit on many of the issues important to most of the commodities in our state…,” said meeting participant Rick Waitley, executive director of Food Producers of Idaho.

He said ”Perdue was writing like crazy as people talked about their various concerns” and Zinke asked for specific names when it came to certain public lands issues, a development that impressed other meeting participants as well.

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  1. So wouldnt it be lovely if they “sat & listened & wrote down” what the wild horse advocates had to say? Somehow I doubt that will happen. Watched a little of the video of the hearing Zinke went to from the Cloud Fnd. –
    Ginger mentioned that – PZP – far from costing “thousands” according to this Secretary – only costs $27 and PZP-22 the expensive one costs $200! Either these people are pulling amounts out of the air or they are terribly under-informed! All the usual pertaining to the starving horses and the devastated range (of course blamed the horses).
    Isnt it odd that the pictures I see from Ginger, Pam Nickoles, and many, many other advocates who actually go looking for the wild horses seem to be of beautiful healthy animals? AND the “devastated” range always seems to have cattle on it – how about that?

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  2. Now we need to meet with them on Various concerns. The Bureau abusing wild horses. The ones killed illegally at slaughter, the deadly roundups COSTING tax payers millions irresponsibly managing adoptions limiting marketing of wild horses. You need to explain not just what has can hold but what each State totals in Hmas and how many exist in those areas. They need to hear both sides. You also need to point out that the Agency as well as Ranchers have put a target on people trying to help the horses.


  3. What is wrong that my e mail address will not stay in the field, I can’t make a statement due to this. Daryl Conner I am for the horses staying free and out of the slaughter houses.


  4. People more interested in the public trust than private profits should demand a similar listening session immediately. Multiple use means multiple voices need to be heard ASAP.


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