Wild Burros

BLM Concludes Marietta Wild Burro Gather

These 129 burros have been sent to BLM’s Indian Lakes Road facility in Fallon, NV, where the public is only allowed to go for a quick tour on a wagon once or twice a year, so nobody can see them.  The BLM will now flood the internet adoption sites with these burros, so the burros can rack up 3 strikes as soon as possible, and then it’s off to the slaughter pipeline. – Debbie

SOURCE:  thehorse.com

(Stock photo)

Edited Press Release

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) concluded a wild burro bait-and-water-trap gather on the Marietta Wild Burro Range (MWBR) in Mineral County, Nevada, on Aug. 4.

The BLM gathered 129 wild burros within and outside the MWBR.

The BLM said the purpose of the gather was to alleviate overpopulation within the MWBR. This led to animals leaving the range and moving into the vicinity of the state highways and had resulted in numerous vehicle collisions creating public safety and animal health risks.

All gathered wild burros were transported to the Indian Lakes facility located in Fallon, Nevada, where they will be prepared for the BLM adoption program. For information on how to adopt a wild burro, visit blm.gov/whb.

For more information contact Lisa Ross at 775/885-6107.

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  1. These beautiful animals are in even worse luck since the BLM stopped funding its Trainer Incentive Program (TIP) which, in Colorado at least, was finding good homes for quite a few halter-trained donks. With the Trump budget requesting an FY18 Interior Dept. budget authorizing sales without limitation of all burros and mustangs in holding, and the BLM reportedly ordering its warehousing venues to sort the captives by age etc. to prepare for the slaughter sales NOW, the knives are out. The Agency wants to start with holding pens that are least in public view. Please, Nevada advocates, visit the Indian Lakes facility & send photos, updates.


  2. There should be no wild burro round-ups just as there should be no wild horse round-ups in any of our western states! It is high time for Americans to protest loudly to our government to stop these “gathers”, as they call them, of our wild horses and burros. Let’s quit spending taxpayer money decimating these populations of our icons of the west by gathering, corralling and then sending them to slaughter. Instead, leave them alone to live as they always have, wild and free, on their home ranges throughout our western states. Stop the BLM before it’s too late. Sign every petition, write letters, call Washington politicians, including President Trump and Secretary Ryan Zinke; and let them know how important our wild horses and burros are to us. If these round-ups are being done so that oil, gas, mining exploration can be done on larger scales; and so ranchers can use more of our lands for grazing of their animals, we must demand that our wild animals are to be protected by our government, not destroyed by our government!


  3. WILD BURROS..will they disappear forever?

    Dr. Lori Eggert, University of Missouri – Genetic Diversity
    BLM Advisory Board meeting Sept 9-11, 2013

    Genetic diversity of burro populations WELL BELOW what you would see in healthy populations.
    12 burro HMAs with populations between 2 and 49 animals.
    Burro populations do need priority for genetic management.
    Maintenance of genetic diversity over time is going to require higher population size than even the largest HMA now has.


  4. I have no words to express my disgust for these people and the government for what they do to these innocent animals. I can only contribute to those organizations who fight for their cause. It is never enough it seems.


  5. This whole BLM corruption is only for special interests to make more money by taking the lives of our wild horses. Never in my 67 yrs have l heard of a more heartbreaking endeavor to completely wipe out the very species who tirelessly helped make settlement of the USA possible and this is what they get…killed. All to satisfy the stupidity of our government employees and of the greed of the so called cattle & sheep ranchers. They’re not ranchers, they are leeches, moochers and murdering thieves!!! Ranchers own land and work to make a go of a ranch. Not just steal from the wild horses and the taxpayers. ALL SO VERY WRONG. One day when you murdering thieves stand before our God, l pray that He strikes you down permanemtly. Amen.


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