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Outfitter Tortures And Kills Horse Over 6 Hours


Forest Stearns torturing horse to death.

by Dale Williams

Jackson Hole, Wyoming – In a 6 hour ‘training’ session, local outfitter Forest Stearns, owner of Stearns Outfitters, tortured a horse until it died after it kicked at a farrier. Afterwards, as he was washing blood off a saddle, he explained to lifelong friend Robin Winters “The horse died of a [censored] heart attack. Are you happy now?”

Stearns, 63, was employing what some trainers believe to be the only way to break a horse’s spirit and train it.  The method involves tying a horse’s legs together and throwing it on the ground. Trainers freely admit, however, that Stearns went beyond training and was torturing the horse. “As a horseman with over 50 years of experience, both from the old school and the new, I view this method of training as unacceptable, unnecessary and cruel.  While not one to stick my nose into other people’s business, I couldn’t help but be troubled watching this video, and felt sorry for the horse,” Grant Golliher, author of Chasing a Dream: A Horseman’s Memoir, said. “Sometimes out of frustration and even desperation, we as humans resort to inhumane practices, some of which I was guilty of myself before I learned a better way.  Ignorance is usually the culprit.”

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  1. No ‘real’ trainers resort to this savagery barbaric cruelty. This scum resorted to this because he is basically incompletent and is a coward. And if they think that breaking a horses spirit is training they are ignorant and inhumane. Any trainers worth that title are kind, patient and always consider the horses welfare. This poor fellow was tied up so tight he couldnt even move , his valiant struggles can be seen attempting to get up, the ropes are pulling him apart. That is sadistic cruelty – not training. Real training isnt cruel, barbaric nor cruel.


    • Not to mention that for HOURS this horse was stalked by what he could only think was a predator pacing around him, waiting to eat him alive. There is no possible excuse that this would somehow “train” the horse to be good about picking up his feet, and most especially for this man. I’ve worked with horses who had obviously been roped and tied this way and can assure you they only learned to be more, not less, willing to give any human beings access to their hooves… which for them are essentially their wheels so they can escape. If he kicked this man (as it seems, since he’s wearing new farrier chaps) it only shows how well the horse had him figured out as untrustworthy. It would be nice at least to learn this horse’s name and his history, so he’s not just a dead horse forever in the news.

      The horse was clearly having trouble breathing having already been down and struggling before the filming even started. The hours of agony (and surely hunger, thirst, and possibly colic, and swelling where his legs were bound) inflicted by this man are almost unimaginable, and if this isn’t considered “torture” it is hard to think what would be.


  2. I am in tears for the suffering this poor horse went through. He never needs to be around another horse and I hope he is prosecuted for this torture. I hate it when trainers try to break the spirit of a horse or when the trainer comes near the horse the animal is scared to death. That is not training. I have seen this happen.


  3. Bottom line: this is a SICK man with uncontrollable anger! Stearns Outfitters should be made to go bankrupt; he ought to be prosecuted and banned from being within 200 feet of ANY horse!!

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  4. Someone else was making the video, right? How could they justify this? Allowing this guy to call himself a trainer is just wrong. I think sadist fits him much better. Apparently this has been “reported” on Facebook! Why has it not been reported to animal control or the Sheriff? Do people really think that reporting something on Facebook will do ANY good?
    Did anyone else read the comments on that site? Seems the knee jerk reaction to violence (which obviously this abuse was) is more violence! Yes, this guy should be arrested & indicted on animal abuse – which hopefully could be a felony (per the FBI). But until animal abuse is made more of a crime – that doesnt seem to be happening.


  5. According to The New York Times: “The FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appear in its computer records of serial rapists and murderers …”

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  6. This scumbag needs to prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Animal abuse is a crime. In some states a felony crime. Remove him from circulation. May he suffer the same fate he has inflicted.


  7. Sickening act of animal abuse in plain sight and this guy has abused animals before;why is this passed off as human error;this horse did not deserve to die by the very hand of a callous individual who knew what he was doing,despicable and widely circulated petition signed to prosecute!




  9. I hope this bastard is in jail by now – he certainly should be!! and whatever “business” he runs should be boycotted and put out of business. And, I too, do not understand why whoever filmed this didn’t stop it or get someone to stop it….. horrible! this man is a pc of scum and horrible excuse for a human being 😦


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