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Animal Emergency Preparedness for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey

This probably isn’t your first rodeo, but we’re still going to post this for our friends in the path of floods and high winds. – Debbie


Texans Should Prepare for Flooding, High Winds from Harvey

With the probability of extensive rain and high winds throughout much of the state from the resurgence of Hurricane Harvey, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts are asking Texans to take measures to prepare their houses, farms, and ranches for what could come.

“We’re expecting Harvey to bring a lot of rain and flooding over a large area of the state and as he intensifies, some strong winds as well,” said Andy Vestal, MEd, PhD, AgriLife Extension specialist in emergency management, in College Station. “The storm system may also spur tornadic activity.” Vestal said people in both urban and rural areas of the state should take steps to prepare for what could come from this storm system to minimize damage and reduce the impact of its aftermath.

He said the Texas Extension Disaster Education Network (Texas EDEN) at has a variety of materials on disaster preparation and recovery.

Vestal said to avoid being trapped by a flood, it’s best to evacuate before flooding starts.

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  1. Having a granddaughter in the Houston area – I hope & pray she & everyone else get thru this safely. Yet another inkling of climate change – at least to anyone who has any common sense!


  2. Get prepared and heed the warnings. Protect your animals and personal property. Get your animals out of the flooding areas asap. I live in Florida and believe me these storms are vicious, I know. The flooding is bad, remember Katrina? It is important to do it now. If not to late. Make sure to get your personal papers and important stuff in a boat that floats. Please take care and God’s blessings for this is a monster storm. Cat 3 is nothing to be reckoned with.


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