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The Wild Horses in Wyoming’s Checkerboard Will Not Be Forgotten


The Wild Horses in Wyoming’s Checkerboard Will Not Be Forgotten

by Carol J. Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

*Reminder* Please call your U.S. Senators to save our wild horses and burros.

Stunning horses run into the trap

Stunning horses run into the trap


The “Judas horse” kicks out at the wild horses he has betrayed by leading them into the trap

The last few days of the roundup I was living in nervous anticipation of whether or not Judge Frudenthal would grant our Preliminary Injunction and stop the roundup at 1560 total wild horses removed until our case would be heard, or if the roundup would continue with another roughly 400 wild horses being illegally removed.

Rock Formations in Adobe Town

Rock Formations in Adobe Town



A small family: stallion, mare and foal


We set out to “the heart of Adobe Town” as the wild horse and burro expert described it. We went the very long way, and that morning it was a 4 hour drive made longer by a flat on one of the public’s vehicles. We finally arrived to an area a bit further into Adobe Town than I usually go. There were gas pads and the occasional gas vehicle but other than that we were alone. We passed the stunning Willow Creek Rim, and the unique and strange rock formations that are so much a part of this area. We set up at a gas pad then were told we had to move because the helicopter would be driving horses that way. We finally arrived at a small rise above a creek, and were told we needed to crouch down.

Horses running in front the of the gas pad

Horses running in front the of the gas pad

Running into the trap

Running into the trap

We were fairly close to the horses as they came into the trap for a change. The varied and beautiful colors of these horses were absolutely stunning, palomino, roan, dun, appaloosa and the many greys. The horses running in front of the gas pad I found rather ironic. We had come to this remote area to get wild mares for the radio collar study – they wanted to have a sampling of horses from different areas.We saw one family run by very close, the small foal running full out to keep up.                                                               READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE HERE.

To find out more about Wild Horse Freedom Federation and our work to keep wild horses and burros wild and free on our public lands visit

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    • Call your Senators and express your outrage at the Public’s Wild Horses being captured and whisked away to PRIVATE/NO Public allowed holding facilities.. They ARE hearing about it from their own constituents.


    Feds: Wild horses sent to slaughter, not pasture
    Trevor Hughes, USA TODAY

    Wild horses are an iconic symbol of the West, and their handling has long been politically touchy. Land managers say the herds can grow too large for the lands they roam and must be managed through sales or euthanization. But critics have made land mangers nervous enough that they ignored laws allowing them to kill horses or sell them to any willing buyer, calling it “political suicide” to take such actions.


  2. An Interview with Former Sen. Conrad Burns
    by Steven Long, HORSEBACK MAGAZINEHorseback (reprinted with permission)

    In the world of equine welfare there may be no person subject to derision than former Montana Sen. Conrad Burns. An ardent supporter of horses as a commodity to be sold for whatever reason their owner deems profitable, the former auctioneer lost his seat in the U.S. Senate to a farmer, Jon Tester, after passage of the BURNS AMENDMENT. THE LAW WAS PASSED IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT after it was attached to an appropriations bill nobody had read. For the first time, in an exclusive interview with HORSEBACK MAGAZINE, Burns how revocation of the law came about.



    The Geocommunicator has since been removed from the BLM website…or
    perhaps someone can find it?

    Original Herd Area Acres: 7,301,975 (BLM)
    Original Herd Area Acres: 10,344,424 (Total)
    Herd Management Area Acres: 3,633,879 (BLM)
    Herd Management Area Acres: 4,768,682 (Total)

    So in other words, Wyoming has ALREADY stolen about half of the wild horse legally designated land from the wild horses and now they are maneuvering to take away and sell what little legal land they have left? Why we may ask? For one reason only … to fatten the wallets of a few private/corporate ranchers and massive energy companies at the sacrifice of the American people and the land and wild horses that belong to ALL Americans.

    Go to the BLM RAS website and the geocommunicator map and see for yourself. Click on the box marked HMAs and the box marked HAs and see what massive lands that have been robbed from our wild horses.


  4. OUR tax $ spent to capture, remove and then…..SEND TO PRIVATE FACILITIES…WHERE THE PUBLIC CAN’T SEE THEM?

    This is from 2012, when OUR Wild Burros were captured and removed…and then sent to Axtell, where some of the Checkerboard, Salt Wells captive are now being taken:

    Notice Type:
    Award Notice
    Contract Award Date:
    September 18, 2012
    Contract Award Number:
    Contract Award Dollar Amount:
    Contractor Awardee:
    DESPAIN, KERRY, M13500 S 1049 WAXTELLUT84621-5504US
    Added: Sep 18, 2012 8:12 am
    No Description Provided
    Additional Info:
    Click here to see more information about this opportunity on FedConnect
    Contracting Office Address:
    Point of Contact(s):
    Wimmer,StevenS 801-539-4177



  5. Ranchers should have spent a lot less time complaining about wild horses unfounded of course and spent much more time Actually fighting for their own cause. You want fairness in cattle prices yet your dishing out unfairness to horses and people around you. What a shock, right? Nope, saw it coming with bright beams blazing through the darkness on a desert highway.

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    Revealed: Biologists discover longest mammal migration in Lower 48 (excerpts)
    A new study finds that Wyoming’s Red Desert mule deer trek 300 miles each year. En route, they leap over and wriggle under 100 fences, dash across five highways and scale 11,000-foot mountains
    by Nate Schweber @nateschweber April 22, 2014

    A wake-up call
    “This migration isn’t just important to Wyoming,” Sawyer said, “it’s part of our federal legacy and our national heritage, but the land-use patterns are uncertain.”

    Just west of the mule deer’s migration route is a 200,000-acre grassy basin called the Pinedale Anticline, where thousands of other mule deer winter. Despite warnings from hunters and environmentalists, in 2008 the BLM allowed oil companies to drill more than 4,000 new gas wells, many for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and gave permission for the wells to work year round. From 2002 to 2010 the mule deer population crashed, from close to 6,000 to about 2,000. Most say the drilling killed the deer.

    “The moral of the story is we knew what not to do before these developments occurred, and we weren’t willing to do that as a country,” said retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Rollin Sparrowe. “The government allowed the development

    Almost all the private land in the Red Desert is owned by the ROCK SPRINGS GRAZING ASSOCIATIONR and ANDARKO PETROLEUM CO.Anadarko
    Anadarko did not respond to requests for comment.

    Don Schramm of the grazing association, which sued the BLM for not removing wild horses but earned praise from hunters for allowing public access, said the discovery changes nothing.

    “We don’t study the wildlife,” he said. “They’ll go where they have to.”


  7. Week of October 31, 2004
    Anadarko wants partners to help explore Rockies land grant

    Ray Tyson
    Petroleum News Houston Correspondent

    Anadarko Petroleum says the crown jewel of its 2000 merger with Union Pacific Resources, an 8 million acre slice of the gas-prone U.S. Rocky Mountains, is just too much territory for one company to explore in a timely fashion.

    “We want to take a much more pro-active step … using other people’s money, along with our own, to leverage our mineral fee acreage and get some things done,” Jim Fuchs, who manages Anadarko’s U.S. western region, said in an Oct. 21 interview with Petroleum News.

    Acreage that makes up the land grant lies in a checkerboard strip almost 700 miles long and 40 miles wide, based on 20 miles on both sides of the original rail tracks. The strip passes through southern WYOMING
    and portions of Northeast Colorado and Utah.



    CHEYENNE, Wyo.
    The Bureau of Land Management will offer 45 parcels totaling 72,843.75 acres in the High Desert District at its December quarterly oil and gas lease sale. The BLM will hold the lease sale online via

    Bidding will begin at 8:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2017. The BLM will offer three parcels in Laramie County, seven parcels in Sweetwater County, four parcels in Uinta County, and 31 parcels in Lincoln County.
    The lease sale’s environmental assessments, lists and maps of the parcels, and the attached stipulations are online at


  9. There’s no way immediate removal, prevention of photographing individuals for adoption purposes, and shipping to inaccessible private facilities squares with this policy:

    “The BLM’s first goal is always to find good homes for the thousands of wild horses and burros gathered from overpopulated herds on our country’s public lands.  The BLM will continue its partnership efforts to train and find homes for as many wild horses and burros as possible…”

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