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Ryan “Dinky” Zinke’s Horse Hating Roots Run Deep and Far

“In my outraged Opinion” by R.T. Fitch ~ Co-Founder/President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

It is not with a personal grudge, whim or politically charged prejudiced that I write about newly appointed Secretary of the Interior Ryan “Dinky” Zinke but instead it is with an all too clear memory of where this political animal first crawled out from underneath his rock and embarrassed humanity by opening his mouth and exposing the stone cold heart that resides within the shell of his human body.

This man, and I use the term loosely, has been practicing for years to be the public, political egomaniac that he is today.  Under investigation for multiple misuses of tax payer dollars, trying to shrink current national monuments and public land, walking back restrictions on sick trophy hunter imports, adorning his office with dead and murdered animals and most importantly to equine advocates, trying to strip the federal protections from our iconic wild horses and burros while promoting the slaughter of said equines for human consumption, the list is endless.

Late last year, when the name Zinke first floated to the surface as a possible appointee for the DoI slot, I immediately saw the greasy slick begin to form on the surface of that Cabinet Kettle and the stench brought back some ugly memories.  All that is “Dinky” is not what it appears to be.

Below is just one of many articles that chronicle Zinke’s early political quest to butcher, slaughter and kill American horses; a concept abhorrent to over 80% of American citizens.  It is just the first installment of a ‘look-back’ onto the man that is charged with protecting our public lands and all of the creatures that walk upon their cherished soil.  It is unfathomable that such a reprehensible character has slithered his way into a position where he can now manipulate and collude with his special interest good ole boys to diminish all that is natural for the sake of money, power and ego.

Back in March of 2009 he gets in his quotes (below) and tells the world what to do with ‘old horses’.

This guy has got to go!

Horse Slaughter Bill Breaks Trail in Montana Senate

by By Kahrin Deines, Flathead Beacon//

Horse Slaughterhouse

“It’s the slaughterhouse for you, baby!”

HELENA – Horse slaughterhouses might find a new home in Montana if a bill to spur their construction passes one more hurdle in the state Senate.

House Bill 418, which senators endorsed Thursday on a vote of 27-23, aims to rein in possible state court actions that might discourage construction of a horse slaughterhouse in Montana.

It follows the closure of the country’s last slaughter facility in DeKalb, Ill., after the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an Illinois law prohibiting slaughter of horses for human consumption.

After one more successful vote in the Senate, the measure introduced by Rep. Ed Butcher, a Republican horse owner from a central Montana farming community, would move to the governor’s desk.

In Thursday’s Senate debate, the bill’s passage was hitched to Montana’s roots as a Western ranching state, with supporters urging fellow lawmakers to view horses as livestock that can outlive their commercial purpose.

“This is horse country, and it’s good horse country, and there’s a heritage there that we don’t want to lose,” said Sen. Rick Ripley, R-Wolf Creek.

Without a nearby slaughter facility, supporters said, the abandonment of old, sick or injured horses will likely increase as the country slumps further into the hardships of an economic recession.

When a horse is too old to breed, too old to ride, or too expensive to feed, a horse is disposed of,” said Sen. Ryan Zinke, R-Whitefish, who carried the bill in the Senate.

As it stands now, old horses can be set out to pasture in a handful of equine shelters in the state, or disposed of through euthanasia — options that some Montanan horse owners cannot afford, according to those who wish to see a slaughter facility in the state.

The bill’s opponents, however, bridle at the suggestion that slaughterhouses somehow align with the customs of a state where self-reliance is a core value.

“Yes, we’re in tough economic times, but I was raised like most of you to take personal responsibility for the decisions you make, including the decision to own a horse,” said Sen. David Wanzenried, D-Missoula.

The legal protections the bill would give slaughter companies have also prompted criticism.

“I don’t think there’s a business that we give a blank check to that says no injunction,” said Sen. Rick Laible, R-Darby, one of two Republicans voting against the bill.

The bill would require those challenging a slaughter facility permit to post a bond worth 20 percent of its construction costs. It would also prohibit courts from halting construction of a facility once it’s been approved by the state.

Other states where horses play a vital role in the economy have also recently considered studying the impact of opening slaughter facilities, and legislation is afoot elsewhere that asks Congress to support states’ rights to regulate horse transport and slaughter.

Most of it, though, is directed at a bill pending in Congress that would prohibit transporting across U.S. borders horses that would be killed for meat, effectively removing Canada and Mexico as slaughter destinations.

If a slaughterhouse were to open in Montana, old horses from other states could be brought here for processing, with the meat going to overseas market and other byproducts used in things like glue — a prospect that some argue would sully Montana’s reputation, but not one that frightens those in favor of the measure.

I don’t care about what Chicago or anybody else says. I care about what Montanans say,” Zinke said in his closing remarks.

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  1. First off, the fact he went to a College doesn’t prove he has an Education. Let’s start with the State of Illinois is Against horse SLAUGHTER not Chicago. Specifically, Zinke can barely properly ride, yep an actual honest assessment from a Judge of Show Horses, he’s really got A lot a lot to work on. If It were Not for Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio horsemen buying Montana Ranch horses they would have been outta business Decades ago. Truth be known. We are outright backing buying from Western States because they don’t have ENOUGH people buying their commodity overpopulated Ranch horses otherwise. So to insult your buyers market Zinke is an outright idiot. AS FOR Montana, and trucking horses to Montana, that’s the best BioSecurity risk ever entered into for Montana intentionally. Sure truck those sick, disease ridden horses to your fine State and deal with outbreaks that will Destroy your Montana reputation. Hmmmm. Got anymore grandious ideas? These people show up like their horsemen and women in the past few yrs. Funny ENOUGH a thorough check of all horse records across multiple breeds and their barely a blip on the radar. I’ve got nearly 50 years in horses and I habe met everyone far and wide and it’s always the newcomers to horses or the ride one horse experts that try to convince you they know more. I have extensive knowledge on horses and the slaughter industry. It never was a surprise to have a dude in a cowboy hat act like a know it all. Dr. Lenz, Baxter Black all proof you just wear a hat to a cowboy, but being an expert on training, history, values, handling, management, and true proper care is more than an F###ing hat!!!! It’s who’s under the hat and what they learned while not wearing it that counts. No Ranchers don’t know more….the land doesn’t make you better than other horse people Zinke just proved that. The utter disrespect to actually imply that Any one State knows more than Another. The fact is Our knowledge against slaughter comes from the Worldwide stage, not the internet, our experiences Nationally told us slaughter slaughter of horses was a horrible investment, brutal treatmemt, environmentally unsound and criminally backed. A few inexperienced proslaughters people with nothing but propaganda and killer buyer friend is Not expirience. Zinke didn’t crawl out from under a rock, the rocks are inside his head. Probably covered in cavepaintongs so he can remember what to grunt.

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  2. This guy has to go – well sure. Let’s not forget that he’s a mouthpiece along with other mouthpieces, such as Pruitt who wants to reverse EPA rules so to mine gold at Pebble Mine in Alaska. The bad guys are in charge now, and it’s amazing how it all happened. Let’s hope and watch that the conference committee sides with protecting wild horses. Otherwise, we need to really get loud.

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  3. By STEVEN R. WEISMAN, Special to the New York Times
    Published: October 10, 1983

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 9- Interior Secretary James G. Watt, declaring that ”a different type of leadership” would best serve President Reagan, resigned tonight in the face of growing support for a resolution in the Senate calling for his ouster.

    Mr. Reagan, after speaking to the Secretary by telephone, issued a statement saying that he had ”reluctantly
    Text of letter and reply, page D10. accepted” the resignation.

    The resignation of Mr. Watt, whose department manages Federal parks, land and natural resources, marked the second time a high-ranking official responsible for environmental policies had been forced to quit the Reagan Administration. Earlier this year, Anne McGill Burford resigned as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency amid charges of political manipulation and mismanagement of a program to clean up toxic wastes.


  4. I call him Stinky. He’s rotten from the inside out. He didn’t learn almost 20 years not to misuse taxpayer dollars…and here we go again.

    It’s very telling how Stinky feels when he promotes “disposing” old horses. And my public lands are not for Stinky tomsteal or plunder.


  5. And of course, we might not have this if previous administrations had done something. Salazar was no friend to horses by allegedly arranging for them to be slaughtered with his buddy Tom Davis – and Jewell did nothing but kick the can down the road.

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  6. With all that this man has done in years past , which was nothing that was any good for the People , how did this person get this office to begin with ? This man shouldn’t of never got this Job ! He surely doesn’t know what the job is all about , he is just following what the people at the BLM are telling him which is all lies to begin with about the wild Horses and burros . When they heard he was coming out to see for himself what was going on , They took him to a ranch , everything was staged … For his eyes only … The BLM is always lying to the public , and keeping people out from seeing their meeting .. What is going on with the wild horses and burros is wrong … What happen to the Animals Rights to live where they are born … From the beginning for time , Man has always want to control and take things away , whether it’s land or animal or people & family he wants full control , and whether he realizes it , and he is killing the natural growth of things the way they should be . And is killing our mother earth . This whole thing is over greed ! And what he can take for nothing .. I have wrote to congress and the white house demanding that this man should be taken out of this position and someone to be put there that knows what is truly going on .. This man is a total Idiot >… And should not be the United States Secretary of the Interior , I wonder who’s derriere he Kiss to get that Job ! This is my opinion ….


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