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THE TRUTH #12 – The BLM has opened Pandora’s Box to sell wild horses & burros overseas: The BLM sold 21 wild horses to American Mustang Germany in March, 2017

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THE TRUTH #12 – The BLM has opened Pandora’s Box to sell wild horses & burros overseas: The BLM sold 21 wild horses to American Mustang Germany in March, 2017.

There has been a BLM policy to not sell wild horses or burros overseas, so WHAT CHANGED to allow this sale to Germany? What loopholes is the BLM using?

Wild Horse Freedom Federation has received Freedom of Information Act records of a BLM sale log that indicate that the BLM’s SE States District Office sold 21 wild horses to an organization/company called American Mustang Germany.  The website for American Mustang Germany is HERE.

And now, American Mustang Germany is selling our wild horses.  See it HERE.

We do not want our wild horses & burros to be sold overseas.  In 2011, when Lon Ball contacted the BLM to request that the BLM sell him wild horses to be used as prey on a Siberian Tiger refuge (see THE TRUTH #7), there were a series of emails between BLM employees and they were all very aware they could not protect wild horses sold overseas.

Remember, wild horses & burros are STILL wild and under the BLM’s “protection” while the BLM is making decisions to sell them where they cannot be protected.  So, while under the BLM’s “protection,” the BLM is making a decision NOT to protect the wild horses.

A few examples of what was stated in the 2011 emails between BLM employees are:

“The idea is if we sell horses to over seas recipients knowing we have no authority as to how they are treated or dealt with it is the same as selling without limitation and we are not allowed to do that under the omnibus.

I think we all know they are no longer wild horses once they are purchased.” – Zach Reichold

“Zach is exactly right. We’ve looked at this issue before, because of the excess horse challenge. We’ve advised that the BLM would have limited ability to protect horses’ welfare once they’re out of the country.” – Greg Russell

“One of the problems I read about with this was was the inability of to enforce private care and maintenance agreement terms outside of the US or the wild horse and burro act. The Advisory board has requested this before and that is the last comment for the solicitors office.” – Zach Reichold

“…our requirements for not selling to slaughter or proper treatment could not be enforced. Even if it is private property we could not enforce anything the individual signed. A person could buy a horse and march it right over to a slaughter house or rodeo and we would have no recourse. That is the point.” – Zach Reichold

Karla Bird, who was the Acting Division Chief of the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program, then wrote “Looks like we won’t be going overseas at this time. this same answer then would affect MHF idea of going to Calgary Stampede.”

So what changed from 2011 to 2017 to allow the sale of wild horses to Germany?  And, more importantly, did this sale of wild horses to Germany open the door for wild horses to now be sold to Lon Ball to be used as prey for the Siberian tiger refuge in Russia?  And where else will wild horses & burros be sold in the future?


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  1. I think we all know that the BLM wants all of our wild horses and burros GONE from public lands and they do NOT care how it is done. The Tom Davis fiasco, when the BLM sold over 1700 of our wild horses and burros to a known deadly future is one example. BLM got away with it and Davis got away with it so they have and will continue to use any method they can come up with to remove the wild horses and burros from their legal lands.
    It all boils down to the fact that BLM provides false, unsupported population data so that they can keep saying there is an “excess” which there is NOT.


  2. Looks like the German company is selling mostly foals… which raises many more questions since BLM generally doesn’t account for them. How young were some shipped that are now in Germany being sold as foals and yearlings? Did they go through the 3 strikes process or not?

    Also find a chilling connection between captive, tattooed horses and German history. Hoping for the best but fearing the worst as of course there is a tradition of eating horses there, too.


    • Looking over the website it seems they are taming and training the horses to ride them. They seem to be aware they are acquiring something special there and are treating them well as far as one can judge from the site. They also know about what’s going on with the BLM but are unfortunately falling right into their propaganda trap. They have a link to the blasted Times with a Ben Masters interview, etc. Such a sham. The damage these people do by being allowed media spots when all they do is spout lies.
      To my surprise I see that this isn’t the first time they have received our mustangs. In October of 2016 they were also expecting 22 American wild horses! How many times has this been going on?


      • Pauline, the point is, that once wild horses and burros are sold overseas, they can then be sold to ANYONE for ANY PURPOSE.
        This is not about this particular group. As it is, the BLM doesn’t even keep up with compliance checks on their Private
        Maintenance and Care adoptions (PMACA). Once the BLM SELLS wild horses or burros, the wild horses and burros no longer have ANY protections at all.


  3. Wild Horses & Burros are a FEDERALLY PROTECTED wildlife



    The Environmental Crimes Section has a wide and varied wildlife prosecution caseload. The following are some recent examples

    The Lacey Act and subsequent federal wildlife statutes addressed that problem. In particular, the Lacey Act makes it a federal crime to break the wildlife laws of any state, tribe, or foreign country, and then move or trade the wildlife across U.S. borders.

    Safeguarding Protected Species

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