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Horse Eating, Fringe Cult Leader Bumped from National News Show

“In my most humble opinion” by R.T. Fitch

Maybe Fox News Listened to the Voices of 80% of Americans

Vegan Poster Boy – Dave
‘Doink” Duquette. Infamous horse hating proponent for murdering and eating equine friends and family.

Longtime proponent of murdering (processing) companion and wild equines (horses and burros) for perverse human consumption, Dave “Doink” Duquette was abruptly removed from the broadcast schedule of Fox News Tucker Carlson show on Friday, December 29th.  A very sad moment for his horse hating lemmings but a moment of comic relief for the rest of the self-actualized human beings that inhabit this planet.

It appears that the mass objection to the appearance of this monosyllabic moron by normal, mainstream Americans may have been a force in Fox reconsidering the highlighting of a subject that is against the law in the United States and makes the skin crawl of even the hardiest soul.

Or…it might be that Tucker himself was on vacation and that he, personally, wants to chew on this horse hater and expose him for what he really is.

Either way, it has rekindled the compassionate soul of those who strive to build a better world for humans and equines alike.

“Mmmmm, this would be a nice cut”

I strongly recommend that motivated equine advocates continue to politely contact Tucker Carlson and Fox News and thank them for not allowing this dark lord of horse blood to spread his gore and untruths across the cable news wire.  In reality, it was actually an act of kindness to Doink himself as he does not have the sense to realize that the intent of the interview/debate was to make him look like the raving idiot that he is.  Unless he has received a crash course on verbal communication and removal of expletives from his vocabulary he would have crashed and burned within the first 10 seconds of the debate. (expletives = cussing, Dave)

Let’s hope that ole Doink crawls back into his hole with the rest of the weirdos that moan about trying to start an illegal business of killing and eating family and friends.  Disgusting, to say the least.

We are a strong voice, a just voice as we represent over 80% of Americans and ALL of the voiceless horse nation…the horse haters are simply a small and perverse, fringe group of emotional cripples.  May God have mercy on their twisted souls.

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  1. Would you consider writing some posts without the name calling and sarcasm? There is so much of that everywhere, and it’s counterproductive to providing good serious information that people can share. Advocates already have a hard time with establishing credibility. Making the issue personal only keeps it that way. Thanks for considering.

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    • I respect thoughtful, fact-based dialogue and journalism as much or more than anyone — but am struggling in this time where none of that seems to matter. Name calling, sarcasm, intentionally misleading information, blatant falsehoods and personal attacks seem to garner all the political oxygen, and efforts to produce logic and reasoned approaches are cast aside like so many emptied diet coke cans.

      How do we hold a civilized discourse to chart a path together in this surreal time, one when polite recourse to facts and logic fall on deaf ears and those in power dance to whatever catches their fancy that hour? These ARE personal issues if we care about our country and our shared future!

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    • Who speaks up for these animals when a perverted horseeater and killer is skiulking about, I do wish he would have a massive stroke, and that would be the end of his horse killing + eating days, so smarten up we will continue to spread the word, a little more politely but we can’t stop since the cruelty+killing continues miss sweetness + light smarten up, this world is not a kind one.

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  2. Did watch (& fast forward) thru the show last night – figured what the main guy wasn’t on – it wasn’t happening. But maybe, putting Duquette on and letting him put foot in mouth might have done more good than bad? The subject really needs to be put into mainstream media (even on Fox)!

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  3. A comment from one of the ‘sane’ lemmings:

    Colleen Michaels commented on Breaking News: Infamous Horse Eater to Debate on Fox’s Tucker Carlson, TONIGHT

    “HA HA HA!!! YOU ARE THE PIECE OF SHIT-ALONG WITH MANY OF YOUR COMMENTERS!!!!!! YOU have NO business living in America!!! People have the RIGHT and FREEDOM of doing what they want with their personal property-INCLUDING eating their animals or selling them!! YOU HIPOCRITES!!! You eat other animals!!! WHACKO communists!!!”


    • All horse enthusiasm and personal feelings set aside, American horses are not treated the way other livestock are. They aren’t predisposed to being handled and managed as meat animals. Equines have acute flight reflexes which make them difficult to stun properly. We don’t eat horses in this country for the same reason we refrain from eating other companion and work animals. However, it’s legal to slaughter and eat horses in Canada and Mexico. Why doesn’t Colleen move to one of those countries if the facts anger her so much?

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    • Animal’s are God’s creatures. We are their caretaker’s. Human’s “should not” have the right to do what they want with “God’s creatures”! They are not ours to use, abuse, and kill for personal greed and explotation. People with attitudes like your’s need to get a heart! What’s wrong with people that are so inhumane and find some kind of sick pleasure from harming animal’s. How would you feel to be treated so inhumanely?!
      Your comment is just the attitude that some people have and why animal abuse and neglect continues. Say what you may, but one day all of you heartless souls will answer for what you’ve done to the innocent and voiceless; even speaking out in support of abusers and murders of God’s creatures! I’m sickened over some people’s behavior and attitude towards the innocent.


  4. Attempted to find some excuse for dropping him online. Only thing that mentioned it was “Protect the Harvest” blurb from yesterday – no followup that I could find.

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  5. Sue Wallis was a horse eater, slaughterer, she died, and it was thought it was from eating horse meat, which is full of poison for humans. Too bad, right? It really grosses you out, the horse is not meant to eat, Horrible, some people eat anything and end up dead before they should.


  6. Just remember, folks, Tucker Carlson & Fox take the Trump line more often than not. I don’t have any idea which side he & they would come down on here! I guess that makes me biased – but hard to count on anyone sticking up for the horses at this point.


  7. Inanimate objects are personal property
    Animals are living, breathing, Sentient Beings.
    We, as Human Beings, must remember what it means to be HUMAN and HUMANE
    That is our Responsibility and a Sacred Trust

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    • Terry and I do not ‘own’ our charges, they are our family and we are charged with caring for them. They bring us much joy and in return we supply for their needs.

      We are truly guardians…and if anyone owned anyone else they would own us, or at they very least, we are their staff.

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      • AMEN 🙏
        My feelings exactly!

        What is it with people that feel animal’s are “their” property to do with what they want like a piece of furniture or in some cases their’s to use, abuse, neglect and even eat at will! Sick!
        We’re their caretakers. Animal’s are God’s creatures. We’re so blessed to have animal’s on our planet. They give so much and it breaks my heart some people are so cold and callous towards God’s beautiful innocent creatures. Humans fell from God’s grace and he sacrificed himself to save us. Animal’s are innocent and not tainted by evil.
        Human’s are the one’s going thru trials here on Earth.
        These fame seeking souls are pethetic!

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      • RT my therapy mare has taken to rubbing her head all over me…it’s less about disrespect as it is…she’s claiming me as “hers”. I’m not suppose to talk to other horses or pay them attention…she’s quite possessive! And it doesn’t matter if I shower, wash my clothes…she KNOWS! Yup she owns me! Funny part is…I don’t wish to talk to other horses…she has my heart.

        And HELL TO THE NO would I ever consider such a heinous thing as that S word. One simply doesn’t betray a best friend in such a manner.


  8. I’ve watched Tucker on numerous occasions. He can be BRUTAL. If he was going to debate Douchebag (please forgive me Vickery, his last name rhymes with it!), he would’ve turned the horse eater into horse forage.


  9. Great article! You summed that bastard up to a T. He globs on to anyone he thinks can make him famous. Now that he can’t suckle slaughter house Sue any longer, He has picked Pukas Lucas. Sorry Vickery….


  10. For once Faux News got rid of a revolting guest. We still have former Rep, Jack Kingston, on CNN to look at and hear. He thinks eating horse is great and slaughter houses should come back to USA.



    “According to a new state law effective Jan. 1, judges in divorce proceedings can consider the well-being of companion animals in allocating sole or joint ownership.

    “It sort of starts treating your animal more like children” instead of property, said Illinois state Sen. Linda Holmes, D-Aurora, who sponsored the legislation and is a self-proclaimed animal lover. “If you’re going before a judge, they’re allowed to take the best interest of the animal into consideration.”

    And not to forget:

    Click to access CambridgeDeclarationOnConsciousness.pdf


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