The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday Part II: Crazy Goat Brothers Keep Each Other Weird

“We are having so much fun with our goofy animal companions I thought I would throw this one in too, it is one of my favorites and it never fails to make me laugh; regardless of how many times I have seen it. 

Watching these kids makes me want to reach out and bottle the free joy and silliness, something that in my opinion you can never have too much of.  Just ask my wife, Terry.  She claims that the reason we don’t have human children is because she has her hands full trying to raise me.  Me; I was always reluctant to mix my genes with a normal person because I was afraid that any offspring of mine would grow hair on their palms and drink out of the toilet. 

The world will never know. 

Turn up the volume and read the captions, ENJOY!” ~ R.T.

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