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BLM Investigates Killings Of Wild Horses In Red Desert; Reward Offered

“While the killings happened in November and January, she didn’t know why the BLM chose to delay releasing the information until now, she said.”


(photo:  Getty images)

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is investigating the deaths of five federally protected wild horses that were found on public land in Wyoming’s Red Desert, a BLM spokeswoman said Tuesday.

“We’re also offering a reward of $1,000 for information that leads to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person or people involved in the death of these horses,” said Sarah Beckwith, BLM spokeswoman for the Lander field office that covers the Wyoming, Wind River, Bighorn Basin District.

Beckwith said three horse corpses were found in early November: one on Green Mountain, and two near the Three Forks/Atlantic City Road in the Pickett Lake area.

Two more horses were found in mid-January near the same road south of Crooks Mountain.

“Preliminary findings suggest that all five horses were shot,” Beckwith said, adding she doesn’t have any other information about how they were shot.

While the killings happened in November and January, she didn’t know why the BLM chose to delay releasing the information until now, she said.

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  1. Must be someone found out about it or there probably would have been NO acknowledgement at all! On going investigation? Seems there are many of those – which never get solved.


  2. Why did the BLM wait until now to release this information ? The BLM seems to protect only themselves. To allow the remains of these treasures to lay there, with no burial, is disgusting.l Karma will bite the BLM!


  3. At least some of these could have been shot during the Sept/Oct removals, and we know many hundreds of horses were promptly disappeared by the BLM without any real public oversight, even to today. I suggest these horses should be added to the roundup-related fatalities.

    I find it very curious the paid “spokeswoman” has no real information about why the delay, or what caliber of firearm was used etc. which is information at least two people certainly already know.

    Do we need to start requiring the BLM to do post-roundup flyovers to determine if (and how many) horses were left behind wounded and perhaps dying? How many corpses are still out there unnoticed today?

    Also, the reward needs to be substantially increased, since if those five horses were kept in holding they’d cost us all about $5 a day each, or $25/day. Over a year that comes to over $9,000. A $10,000 reward would seem to be in order and paid for from the BLM budget. $1,000 is probably chump change for the oil and gas workers in the area and not enough to get anyone to man up.

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  4. The hateful BLM, paid by taxpayers to kill our horses and burros to appease the greedy ranchers. May YOU all rot in hell.


    Anyone got any information on the validity of this story? Sent to me apparently they gleaned it from U H fb. I read it, contacted a couple of people who have no information yet. If any of you have contacts inside Louisiana, this feedlot was accused of slaughtering a puppy and punching animal control officer and a list of other alleged occurrances. If the University and the Military are doing business with this feedlot we need an uprising. If any of you have any details please let me know.


  6. Just noticed the photo provided (by Getty?) shows three collared mares and four foals, all in one place, presumably in the Red Desert. Which raises the question of why this photographer had access to the collared mares when most or all of the rest of the public have not? If they were all released far from each other it should be of interest they have formed a herd. I’d like to see more photos from this photographer’s visit, if anyone has them, please link. The fourth foal’s mom may also be nearby and collared.


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