Another Zinke cover-up?

In an article in Outside Magazine, reporter Elliott Woods noticed that Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, had rigged his fly fishing reel backwards.   This was also discussed on Outside Magazine’s twitter page.

The photo on the left below shows how a fly fishing reel is correctly rigged (with the line farther from the pole).  The photo on the right shows how Zinke rigged his reel (with the line closer to the pole).

Recently, the Department of Interior’s website featured the photo below of Ryan Zinke fly fishing.  In the photo below, the line is closer to the pole, and is, again, rigged backwards.

This is a closer view of his reel.

Somebody else may have noticed this, because a box with a quote has conveniently been placed over the reel, in essence, covering up Zinke’s ineptness as a fly fisherman.

In the lower part of the diagram below, you can see that the line from the reel is farther away from the pole.

In the Outside Magazine article, Elliott Woods wrote:

“As Zinke and I casted over the ice-cold water, I noticed something funny about his setup. He kept struggling to strip line out of the bottom of the reel. For a while, I thought he was simply having trouble concentrating on our conversation while casting. No, there was something wrong, and when I asked him to stand for a portrait, I finally saw what the problem was. He had rigged his reel backward, so that the line was coming out of the top of the reel. Every so often when he went to strip line out, he would grasp air where the line should’ve been.

Seems like an inconsequential thing, but in Montana, it’s everything.”

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  1. He rode a sick borrowed horse that needed good care but didn’t get until after he rode it to his first day.
    He doesn’t give a Damn about the publuc…..just how to take in cash.
    He was somehow linked to the Puerto Rico power problem.
    He was outed by the Military as a liar about accomplishments.
    And last but not least he doesn’t even know how to flyfish. I live in Illinois and can live off my rod and reel, pack a horse camp, outfit everyone I know, shoot accurately and STILL PROTECT WILD HORSES AND PUBLIC LANDS. He’s there and can’t even mount a reel, care for his horse or ride without bouncing and let’s not get on the subject of heels down and lightness in a horses mouth. This man’s a hot mess in a hat and boots, someone throw a bucket of water on his fire and put it out, please.

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    • It sure does show exactly how little knowledge & experience this man has – but hes too arrogant and proud to admit to it – like many other arrogant men for whom power is the biggest goal.


  2. Someone I know thought Zinke is great because he’s a Seal. Unfortunately, getting training to be a Seal has nothing to do with all the necessary knowledge and good will needed to successfully lead the agency responsible for America’s beautiful lands, wildlife with care to preserve what we have been endowed.


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