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“We received this information from Elaine Nash last night” – R.T.

Earlier this month, the Navajo nation had announced a plan to sell hunting permits to 60 Navajo hunters, with the first hunt scheduled for March 27, 2018. As of today, due to the diligent work of wild horse advocates, that very bad plan to shoot 60 wild horses has been canceled.
There will probably be many new efforts launched to help the Navajo people with their wild horse management issue. Please support these efforts. Donate, participate, educate, adopt. This very close call definitely got the attention of the wild horse advocacy community. Now, let’s be sure that we do what we can to be sure it never happens again. It might not be canceled the next time.

(To be clear, Fleet of Angels nor I should be credited with this save. We did no more to stop this effort than any other organization that posted about it, shared information, and encouraged the public to make their displeasure known. As far as I know, the very loud collective public outcry heard ’round the world was as responsible for this change in direction as any one person or organization. If I learn that there was a key person or key organization that should be credited with this reversal in the Navajo nation’s plan, I will make that information known far and wide.)

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  1. The Indigenous Horse Nation Protector Alliance, based in NM and headed by Ron Toahami Jackson, led the social media etc. warcry and had organized a rally for this Friday. That, & decision by NN President Russel Begaye, sealed the decision. The fight’s not over. NNF&W estimates 38,000 horses on the rez. Humane on-range management or sale to slaughter are the basic alternatives. Meanwhile, IHNPA is focusing on ending legstraps.


  2. I keep in touch with loys of Wild mustang groups via Instagram ( I also own a BLM Little Mustang Mare). And was utterly dumbfounded when I read that ‘allowing to hunt wild horses’ edit. And when the ruling was Rescinded. I was relieved: greatly! Thank you for your article.


  3. I’ve looked horses ever since I was a little girl and looked into their eyes they have souls. Mustangs the wild Mustangs where my favorite and my heart and I followed the Kiger Mustangs the cloud Foundation for many years. I’ve appreciated the Native American Indians and what they’ve gone through. But when I read this article it disheartened me to the Core. I never realized that BLM and the helicopters that chase down mares and little Colts and foals get $350 for every one that they get. And the extreme torture and exhaustion that exerts these poor helpless beautiful magnificent animals till they collapse and then they’ll go back and pick him up. It disgusts me to no end now I’ve got my husband involved he sees why I love these beautiful creatures and all animals and my friends are involved I read these articles to them and they’re shocked. I will try to do my best to inform everyone about this travesty. They have a right to run free just like foxes, Birds, bears, lizards, and all other forms of life. I asked everyone I talk to when was the last time I heard of horses came through your community and terrorized you tore down your house broke into it robbed you stole your car your jewelry and at the the least murdered you or anyone. Let’s leave that to the humans. And I’m going to try to get funding from all my friends and relatives and spread the word and donate to these beautiful magnificent animals. And God bless everyone who feels and loves these beautiful horses as I do. Thank you Brenda Casanova


  4. If no one organization should not take credit then why did your organization post a fund raising button on my post that originally broke the news of the the hunt tp the general public at Indigenous Horse Nation Protector Alliance of which we received nada ZERO from the couple thousand that you raised?


  5. It was Indigenous Horse Nation Protector Alliance based on the Navajo Nation who first alerted the public and led the effort to get the hunt cancelled


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