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Great news in the 2018 Budget: America’s wild and domestic equines will be saved from slaughter and destruction


Thanks to all of YOU for making the many phone calls, sending faxes letters and visiting with your Congressional representatives. 

The language for the Omnibus Spending Bill has been released and it contains provisions against horse slaughter and protections for America’s wild horses and burros!

While none of this will be official until both Houses of Congress vote on the bill, it is being reported that the votes to pass it with this language are there.

When passed, horse meat inspectors will remain defunded so that no horse slaughterhouses can open and operate in the U.S. Wild horses and burros will be protected from execution by the BLM and they will not be permitted to be sold “without limitation,” which means slaughter.

Much work still needs to be done.  Language that threatens the horses is in the 2019 Budget.  We need to pass a federal horse slaughter ban and the round-ups of wild horses and burros need to end and the captive ones need to be released back on the range..But at least for now, life and hope have triumphed over death and destruction.

Please be sure to send an email of thanks to Congressional Representatives who helped to save domestic and wild equines and defund horse meat inspectors.


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  1. Need to hear Final Word. I keep praying. Not ashamed to say it, but I have prayed every day, I will pray until the budgets Finalized. We will fight for 2019 with everything we have, no backing down, not now, not Ever! I go to pray tonight, tomorrow, and on. They need our support every single day!

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  2. I am so hoping this news is what we have waited for our horses and burros. I will definitely contact my representatives to thank them for saving these magnificant animals.

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  3. I want to thank all the people who wrote and called too! Every where I go I talk to people about the safety of our US horses and other equines. In politics as we have seen 1 call or 1,vote can make the difference. I feel that this just might be the year of the horse and other equines. It appears this years election cycle might be good news! In my state those who sided silently with the export.issue are being hotly contested.on other issues as well. So this is very good news!

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  4. Please post here those congresspeople who stood up for America’s horses, once they vote. We have right to know who voted which way, and a duty to honor those who stood up against the lethal legislation.


  5. Time for all large advocacy groups to join together on the issue of government waste re: grazing permits/public lands grazing… The message is pretty simple…. “What idiot government proposes a $10,000,000 cut in spending in one program, the Wild Horse and Burro Program, while expanding the spending in another program (Grazing Permits) which already looses $125,000,000 each year in public funds?”


  6. It’s not over til it’s over. We need to remain vigilant and vociferous. Looks like the language about to be passed (unless revised at the last minute) demands a comprehensive plan within just 30 days:

    “Wild Horses and Burros.-The Committees are extremely disappointed that the Department has failed to provide a comprehensive plan, as directed by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017 (P.L. 115-31) to address the fast-rising costs of the Wild Horse and Burro program and overpopulation of wild horses and burros on the range. The failure to address these problems is irresponsible and will result in irreparable damage to the landscape and the welfare of the animals protected by the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. The Committees reiterate their belief that there is no one solution to the problems with this program, and that Congress and the Administration must work together to correct them. Until the Department provides a comprehensive plan and any corresponding legislative proposals to the appropriate authorizing committees, the Committees will maintain the existing prohibitions and reduce the resources available for the program. Reprogramming requests will only be considered for urgent needs. At a minimum, the Committees expect a science-based, detailed plan that 1) reduces the complexity and cost of contracting policies and procedures; 2) eliminates unnecessary environmental reviews; 3) simplifies and expands the use of partnerships and cooperative agreements; 4) identifies statutory and regulatory barriers to implementing the plan; and 5) has the goal of reducing costs while improving the health and welfare of wild horses and burros, and the range. The Committees direct the Department to provide the report within 30 days of enactment of this Act.”

    Click to access BILLS-115SAHR1625-RCP115-66.pdf

    Click to access DIV%20G%20INTERIOR%20SOM%20FY18%20OMNI.OCR.pdf


    • DJT just announced his signed the Omnibus Budget for 2018, but the 30 day language above is still true, and the FY 2019 Budget draft remains a work in progress. “We, the People” need to weigh in NOW on the points listed above that must be addressed and reported on in 30 days.


  7. I was reading that Senators were concerned about sneaky closed door language in this, so we need to be certain Every step of this process.


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