Month: April 2018

BLM’s Instruction Memorandum to transfer wild horses & burros to federal, state and local government agencies to use as work animals

When these “working” wild horses & burros “retire,” will they end up in the slaughter pipeline?  Will there be little oversight of the final disposition of these transferred wild horses and burros? Source:  BLM Transfer of Excess Wild Horses and Burros to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies […]

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BLM seeks public comment of Environmental Analysis for Wild Horse Gather in Southeastern Utah

NOTE:  The link to documents in the BLM notice below isn’t working.  Here is a working link to the planning documents: News Release Utah State Office FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 20, 2018 Media Contact: Lisa Reid  (435) 743-3128 BLM seeks public comment of Environmental Analysis for Wild […]

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Breaking! Support Calls Needed This Week Before Iconic African Species Protection Act Advances To California Senate Committee On Public Safety On April 24th

By Judie Mancuso  as published on World Animal News “Last month’s tragic loss of the world’s last male Northern White Rhino served as a wake-up call for people around the world that once the species is gone, it’s gone,” California Senate Bill 1487, the Iconic African Species Protection […]

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