The Force of the Horse

Breaking! Support Calls Needed This Week Before Iconic African Species Protection Act Advances To California Senate Committee On Public Safety On April 24th

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  1. It makes me I’ll how we are destroying the Worlds Wild life. I totally agree and will make calls. Every person should see if their state has similar laws. I am going to check in my state of Illinois to see what laws if any we have. We have one of the largest airports in the country and probably the World. O’Hare airport has confiscated many animals in illegally trading!


  2. I would like to repeat what was said in the article … ““What is happening to our wildlife around the world is a global tragedy.”
    None of us can do everything, but all of us can do something to help our wildlife and our planet. We must each do whatever we can.

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  3. Having trouble sharing these phone numbers in support of SB1487 in california as there is a list of senators RT has shared with their phone #s

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