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Urgent: BLM’s Bloody, Barbaric Experiments on Wild Horse Mares Back on the Agenda

Call to Action

Once again, the BLM is attempting to slip in under the radar a Environmental Assessment aimed at conducting inhumane, Frankenstein-like, spaying experiments on America’s wild horse mares.

BLM Hines, OR experimental facility ~ photo R.T. Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Burns District Office is beginning the process of writing an environmental assessment (DOI-BLM-ORWA-B050-2018-0016-EA) titled Spay Feasibility and On-Range Behavioral Outcomes Assessment and Warm Springs Herd Management Area (HMA) Population Management Plan.  The EA would analyze the environmental effects of a proposed research project involving spaying (ovariectomy) wild horse mares and assessing their behavioral outcomes after collaring and returning them to the range with untreated horses.”


To download the entire BLM letter please click (HERE)

And to complicate matters public responses must be in the BLM’s hands by Monday the 4th…great.


Phone: 541-573-4555

PLEASE promptly relay your indignant objections to this most barbaric experimentation on our federally protected Wild Horses.

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  1. No ethical vet would do this. It will kill a lot of the mares and their bodies will be unaccounted for. Mares that are in foal will probably abort their foals also. This is nothing but cruelty.

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  2. We can save ourselves a lot of money by simply pointing out that mares will still need to eat, drink, socialize and migrate the same amount whether they are sterilized or not. Expected differences include: not coming into heat, not contributing to genetic viability, mortality, perhaps social infighting as they try to steal other mares foals, and of course: not gestating or creating milk for nursing foals. The only environmental impacts of note may well be disposal of their amputated organs, and their carcasses when they die from this pointless and painful procedure.


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  3. How many wild mares have died from BLM’s sterilization experiments?

    Since the public wants to comment on the BLM’s plans for continued brutal sterilization experiments on wild mares at the upcoming National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting, I’m re-posting an article from 2013 with 24 pages of FOIA documents under it. Page #22 is an email from Leon Pielstick, and has information on the year, the number of wild mares that received the experiments, the complications and the number of deaths. A few of the FOIA records below indicate:

    2007 – was the Pilot study, 33 mares were spayed. 2 died (6% mortality)

    Sept. 2009 – 41 mares were spayed, complication rate 2.7%,. Pielstick claimed there were no deaths, but the mares were only observed in corrals for 24-48 hours before being released back into the wild. (this skewed the data and left no reliable information regarding post surgical complications and deaths).
    In July 2010 (11 months later) the BLM incidentally spotted about half of the spayed wild mares during a pronghorn survey). But what happened to the other half?

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  4. BLM and Fish & Wildlife Service Experimenting on wild horses
    By Debbie Coffey

    What you’ll see in the documents at the bottom of this article seem to indicate that there has been experimentation without properly planned protocols (which should’ve included having medication at the site in case of an adverse reaction to any drugs) and with haphazard (if any at all) monitoring after the procedures. It seems as if the BLM is fishing for “inferences” to push these FWS experiments as a “tool in their toolbox” for population control of wild horses.

    BLM should be doing ON THE RANGE MANAGEMENT OF VIABLE HERDS. Most herds are NOT viable. Stay on this point: Should BLM even be doing population control/fertility control on NON-VIABLE HERDS?

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    Colorado Springs, CO – On May 10, The Cloud Foundation (TCF) received a call from an unnamed Phoenix resident who had witnessed deadly burro and mare sterilization operations performed in Arizona last month by Dr. Leon Pielstick, DVM, the veterinarian slated to perform such procedures on hundreds of wild mares and foals, currently being held in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Hines, Oregon corrals. The BLM funded mare sterilization operations would be undertaken through a BLM grant to Oregon State University (OSU).
    “I received a call last week from a person who attended the surgeries,” explains Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of TCF. “According to the caller, the burros formerly roamed wild on the Lake Pleasant Herd Management Area north of Phoenix. The caller, who wishes to remain anonymous, had hoped that the surgeries might be a humane and effective field population control for burros, stating that there have been burros involved in accidents on highways near Lake Pleasant. The caller said that Dr. Pielstick told them that the procedure was ‘safe.’ The caller said, – “now we’ve done that (the ovariectomies), there are too many complications.”
    The ovariectomy surgeries on the handful of female burros and one mare resulted in one of the burros bleeding out (evisceration) and the mare dying two days later. To date TCF has been unable to find out whether the other burros are alive. They were believed to have suffered serious infection.
    In an ongoing effort to halt BLM-funded, inhumane sterilization research on wild mares (procedures rarely used on domestic mares that can be easily handled and given necessary after care), the Cloud Foundation, other humane organizations, and thousands of Americans have been in communication with OSU, urging them to abandon the research project.
    Dr. Lisa Jacobson, DVM from Berthoud, Co states. “As an equine veterinarian I’m in shock that the BLM, veterinarians, and OSU are even considering the mare sterilization techniques being proposed. These techniques are abusive & incredibly negligent.” Dr. Jacobson has worked with both wild and domestic equines for years. According to Jacobson, “The Colpotomy procedure is so barbaric and risky that I have never been behind it–with domestic mares–let alone wild mares. Laproscopic spaying is in no way a procedure to be done in a non-clinical environment, with no follow up management (the least being pain management. How can this even be considered for wild mares? . . . As far as I’m concerned, this is a deadly cocktail of risk factors.”
    Dr. Don Moore, equine veterinarian with decades of experience stated, “Mass experimental surgeries performed under these conditions outlined in the proposal, amounts to negligence and abuse. I believe experiments such as this proposal are unethical, inhumane and unwarranted. Any veterinarian(s) who would perform these experiments is in violation of the oath (Page 3) taken as a graduating veterinarian, ‘above all else, do no harm.’

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  6. “public responses must be in the BLM’s hands by Monday the 4th…great.”

    Does this mean BEFORE Monday, or up until midnight (or end of work hours — what time zone) Monday? It would help to have clearer timelines, especially when they are this disturbingly short.


  7. I can’t believe anyone would approve of this procedure, it is cruel and inhuman. This should be outlawed. No one that cared or is responsible for the care of animals should consider this approach to birth control.
    Find a better way!


  8. Barbaric treatment of United States wild horses will not be tolerated by our citizens. These animals are loved and adored by everyone.


  9. Do they think its the same as spaying a dog or cat? Its not you idiots. More like torture. What is wrong with these folks. They’ve bumped their Damn heads.

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  10. Leave them alone! Wild horses need to stay wild. Don’t slaughter or experiment on them. ENOUGH. MUST WE HURT & DESTROY EVERY BEING? STOP.


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