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Feel Good Sunday: For the Love of a Friend

By R.T. Fitch

“Wash your mind out with this…”

It is Sunday again and time for us to stop, stand still and ground ourselves in what REALLY matters to us, our family and friends.  Of course, to everyone that is different and can range from a very intimate and personal philosophy to a much-publicized issue and/or concept.

To me, it is the simple things, the quiet moment listening to the horses contently munching on hay, the not so distant cry of a hawk or the sound of approaching rain in the leaves of the forest.  It’s about being in touch and in contact with what moves your heart and for many of us, the love we feel for our four-legged companions ranks very high on that list.

I say little about where I am or what I do as it is of no importance to the big picture of things and where we all need to go as a forceful advocacy but in the last 13 months I had only been home with my own family and friends for a grand total of 5 weeks, so several weeks ago I flew Terry up to Maine so that she could see some different sights and help me drive back to our small ranch and headquarters just north of Houston.  We had planned on making several stops and critter outings, more on them later, but as the days ticked by I found myself wanting to bump up the cruise control as I was anxious to reunite with the herd back home.

When we ultimately pulled down our drive and exited the Jeep I hid behind it so that Terry could release my little buddy, Roxy the Border Collie, from the backyard and I could surprise her when she ran out to the SUV.  Boy, I wish I had a video of my little buddy coming four feet off the ground and twisting in the air when she knew that I was finally home, that homecoming is ongoing because if she hears my diesel truck fire up and she is not in the navigator seat there will be hell to pay.

And likewise, the horses ran over to the backyard fence and nosed and nuzzled me as it had been so very long since they had seen me.  In fact, I promised Terry that I would not interfere with her feeding of the horses as I did not want to upset anything but of course, that all went out the window and I am acting as their full-time staff, as usual.

Even the indoor, rescued kitties were glad to see me, in their own unique and vaguely expressed way.

But again, it is the bond of love and trust that binds us to the ones we care for…and today we share with you a video of a reunion of an equine and his guardian.

Only gone three weeks, this young ladies’ equine charge wastes no time in running up to reunite and follows her about without even a lead on, initially.  It warms the soul.

Please, enjoy, relax, reflect and recharge…it is going to be a heavy work week for us with the phone challenge of tomorrow, so enjoy the visual reinforcement reminding us of why we do what we do.

We have an inner-power that the dark forces can only guess and wonder about.

We are one, united.

(The first few moments the camera is a little shaky, but it evens out in a bit)

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  1. Very sweet. I think all animals will show love to humans if they are loved in return. Recently I saw how much a tiny , baby raccoon loved his caretakers . It was almost unbelievable.


  2. Animals have the ability to form friendships and feel deep emotions just like us.
    (A quick, happy ending story)


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