The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: “Something You Get Through”

by R.T. Fitch

Last Sunday’s Father’s Day installment was, perhaps, a little dark for the day but with good reason.  Many, many good people are struggling with personal issues of loss, care-giving and diminished hope yet continue to get up everyday, face their fears while doing good for their families and others.

I love that sort of fighting spirit and grit; it is what makes us such a great society, country and a strong advocacy.  We tend to our own, continue the fight and lick our wounds before we lay our heads down knowing that we will do it all over again the next day.

Without discounting or demeaning human loss and separation there is also the pain that comes with the passing of our animal companions that plague the heart and hover over our spirits on a day to day basis.  I have always said that the holes in your heart will never be filled but instead; you learn to embrace the voids as it keeps the memories alive and you push on.  That in and of itself makes their lives eternal and it pushes me forward to love even more.

With that said, a dear friend sent me a video this week of Willie Nelson’s latest song and I have no problem in telling you that it made my eyes leak…a lot.

Perhaps it is Willie, at his age, sitting before that microphone setting a heart rending philosophy to music or maybe it is just the lyrics itself, either way it touches the heart and soul.

So if you will humor me one more time and trip the light eternal; we will venture into our hearts and seek strength and solace for what tomorrow may bring.

Be strong my friends and remember that you are not , by any means, alone. ~ R.T.

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  1. OK – RT – that IS a tear jerker = no matter what new animal companion is present – there are so so many that are not anymore. Thats the case for all of us – who love animals. Their lives are so much shorter than ours – doesnt seem fair.


  2. This song made me remember how strong my Grandfather really was. He flew to Washington when there were No Advocates and yelled Stop Killing Our Horses! I could see his face after coming out of the Dekalb plant, his hair a mess, glasses misding, blood on his nose and clothing all askew but him leading those horses out. His knuckles were white from holding the ropes he put on their necks to take them hone to Joyce. The true grit he had in the midst of prostate cancer to get out of bed and DRIVE IN PAIN to an auction to save one of his former mares. He bought her back. He was strong, fierce, and unafraid and yet his hands trembled with the pain until that mare was loaded he Never said so. He termed the traders KILLER BUYERS in a fury of rage that was NEVER seen before or since, he stood up to their intimidation and walked tall through their hate and EARNED their Respect for Never backing down. This song made me in a moment see All those things. Thank you Willie and RT. I I know he’s in Heaven saying NOW YOU FINALLY SEE. It takes true grit, the truth, white knuckles on a rope, you lead and they will follow, just shake through the pain but Never leave until you win. Your personal struggles don’t interfere with the battles, and Always Fight like you can Win! Accept losses but remember to Always help those who are suffering more than you. When he held that man down and called him a killer decades ago it was shocking, but when he got up and yelled your nothing but a Killer Buyer……pointing his finger at the man I saw humanity. It’s when you Stand Against Bullies and uncover their masks that we see the truth for ourselves. He unmasked them that day…..for that I am grateful. I get up every day knowing it’s white knuckle day, thanks for reminding me to remember life in between for myself.

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    • Thank you coltswesternshop, for sharing your personal family history about your Grandfather and his incredible courage.


    • I had a Grandmother like that. She was one of the kindest people that I’ve ever known and yet absolutely fearless when she took on a battle…and she took on plenty of them. She LOVED animals and woe onto anyone that neglected or mistreated them. She had such tremendous empathy for anyone or anything that was vulnerable or helpless and absolutely detested arrogant buffoons…such as we see now. She had seen it all before and when she was at the end of her life said “there’s one thing good about getting old. You get to see that the wheel of justice DOES turn” It never turned fast enough for her and she did her best to speed it up and had no patience with wimpy people who weren’t willing to take a stand.
      I often feel that she is with me right now and pushing me every step of the way.


      • I know she is with you, Louie and you are continuing her work. Thank you for sharing your grandmother’s story.


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