Month: June 2018

House Votes to Inhumanely Rip Ovaries Out of Federally Protected Wild Horses & Burros

We didn’t think the House Appropriations Committee would vote to make our few remaining wild horse & burros non-reproducing and single-sex herds, they did.

We never in a million years thought that our lawmakers would vote to put our federally protected wild horses & burros through a grotesque, deadly and inhumane procedure, they did.

We just knew that our elected representatives would vote in favor of the wishes of their constituent’s, they did NOT!

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Opinion: ‘Here is your country’

By Maryann Hendrickson / Commander, U.S. Navy, Retired, Las Cruces, Ruben Roybal / U.S. Marine, Retired, Las Vegas, N.M. and Jeff Swanson / Veteran and Military Chaplain, Alamogordo as published on “Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who while claiming to be a disciple of Theodore Roosevelt has had […]

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from our partners at Equine Advocates “ONLY WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, CAN DECIDE THEIR FATE!” Today is #PrimaryDay in eight states: #Alabama, #California, #Iowa, #Mississippi, #Montana, #NewJersey, #NewMexico and #SouthDakota. There are only 22 weeks until the #MidTerms on November 6th. It is URGENT that Americans who care […]

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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s conduct attracts unprecedented scrutiny from government investigators

By Greg Zimmerman as published on Westwise New analysis finds 12 government investigations into Zinke’s actions at Interior — more than the last four secretaries combined Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s tenure at the Department of the Interior has been marked by a series of ongoing scandals, with the secretary’s actions […]

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THE TRUTH #22 – BLM’s Sally Spencer did not show an agreement to Wild Horse & Burro Program Division Chief before signing the multi-million dollar agreement with Mustang Heritage Foundation

Wild Horse Freedom Federation issues THE TRUTH to share Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents and information with the public.  Be sure to subscribe HERE to Wild Horse Freedom Federation, so that you can receive email alerts. THE TRUTH #22 – BLM’s Sally Spencer did not show an […]

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