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from our partners at Equine Advocates


courtesy of Equine Advocates

Today is #PrimaryDay in eight states: #Alabama, #California, #Iowa, #Mississippi, #Montana, #NewJersey, #NewMexico and #SouthDakota.

There are only 22 weeks until the #MidTerms on November 6th.

It is URGENT that Americans who care about #equine protection, specifically the banning of #HorseSlaughter and the protection and preservation of our #WildHorses and #Burros, research their candidates thoroughly.

It is so important to support the ones who will help to turn the tide against the cruel, dangerous and frankly un-American agendas of those politicians who have been working hard to return horse slaughter to U.S. soil and slaughter, kill/execute the nearly 50,000 wild equines being held captive in #BLM holding facilities.

It seems that every day, members of the Lunatic Fringe who are obsessed with removing every last Mustang and Burro from the #PublicLands so that special interests in the ranching, oil & gas and mining industries can ruin and decimate the land for their own greed and use without anyone watching, want to either maintain or grab power.

We simply cannot allow that to happen and the ballot box is the best and only way to stop them. Click here for a complete schedule of State Primary Dates: http://www.ncsl.org/…/2018-state-primary-election-dates.aspx

#Horses do have friends on The Hill, but unfortunately many of them are retiring or stepping down by year’s end. For that reason, it is important that those who fill their seats are also dedicated to protecting our horses.

Please do your research. Every state is different. Become involved and participate in primaries in your state when they come up. Make it your business to learn how your lawmakers have voted or how newcomers will vote if elected on these vital issues affecting America’s wild and domestic equines.

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