Wild Burros

Donkey herds are dwindling as hungry Venezuelans slaughter them for food

Source:  Miami Herald

A road sign warns of possible burro crossings in the Venezuelan area of Paraguana. The burros are disappearing in the area as more and more hungry Venezuelans are slaughtering them for meals.   Johnny Gómez

A few years ago, there were so many donkeys, or burros, in the Venezuelan state of Falcón that they were a problem — herds everywhere, causing highway crashes and blocking airport runways.

But over the past three years, the herds have shrunk dramatically as thousands of burros have been slaughtered for their meat by Venezuelans suffering through a near-famine.

“There’s no more burros here,” said Odalys Martinez, a resident of the Paraguana Peninsula in northern Falcón.

The collapse of the Venezuelan economy is radically changing the eating habits in the oil-producing country, where large sectors of the population are being forced to pick through garbage and slaughter domestic animals to sate their hunger.

The burros’ disappearance in Falcón has set off alarms among authorities in the state, where it had prospered after it was declared a protected species and was used by residents only to carry cargo or to plow agricultural lands.

“From 2015 to today, 2018, the burros disappeared,” said opposition parliament deputy Eliézer Sirit.                                                 Read the rest of this article HERE.

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  1. Why are humans cruel to animals? Lack of empathy, failure to question harmful traditions, and growing up in a culture that devalues feelings are all things that contribute to the problem, but one of the biggest reasons people are cruel to animals is because it is profitable for those who own businesses centered around animal abuse.

    Hideously shocking eyewitness footage (on youtube) from Chinese farms shows donkeys, some as young as 5 months old, being hit on the head with a sledgehammer. Their throats are then slit, and they are left to die. Others face the same terrifying end after enduring a long journey to the slaughterhouse. These gentle animals are killed for one reason: so that their skins can be sold to leading pharmaceutical companies in China, where they are boiled down to make gelatin for ejiao, a traditional Chinese “medicine” that is believed to improve blood circulation. Before their painful and terrifying deaths, the donkeys live in cramped, filthy pens.

    It is a similar fate for donkeys hauled from the United States into Mexico for slaughter and also in Venezuela and other countries. But don’t kid yourself, animal abuse and slaughter goes on every single day in the United States. Before we make decisions on what WE consume, we must first consider what our animal friends might be enduring due to our decisions.


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