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New report names Australia as 8th biggest importer of ejiao, a Traditional Chinese Medicine decimating donkey populations

Although this report came out in May, 2018, we wanted to focus more attention on burro/donkey issues worldwide, and wanted you to have an opportunity to read this.

Source:  Humane Society International

new investigative report released today, World Donkey Day, by Humane Society International Australia explores the current state of China’s donkey-hide gelatin (DHG or ejiao) market, an industry wreaking havoc on global donkey populations with Australia playing a significant role.

Donkey skins are boiled and the gelatin extracted to produce ejiao, an increasingly popular Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is hailed as a miracle elixir in China and is heavily marketed as a cure for everything from anaemia to impotence despite no scientific evidence of any health benefits.  Earlier this year China’s National Health & Family Planning Commission posted on its official Weibo site a blog entry titled ‘Ejiao is not worth buying ….’ stating that ‘ejiao is simply boiled donkey skin’.  This sparked a major social media frenzy. They were later required to retract their statement.

The new report shows that the ejiao market is expected to maintain a growth rate of 15% annually from 2015 to 2020 and worryingly the Ministry of Agriculture in China has included donkey as a target industry for the first time in The National Developing Plan of Herbivore Animal Husbandry 2016-2020. British charity The Donkey Sanctuary estimates that the demand coming from China could reach up to 10 million donkeys per year, representing almost a quarter of the entire global donkey population. They point out that 15 countries have already stood against the trade to protect their local donkey populations including Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Pakistan.

Read the rest of this article HERE.

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    It’s been almost four months since 60 Minutes exposed the terrible suffering of sheep on board Australian live export ships. In the days and weeks since, the footage captured by a brave crew member has reverberated throughout the world and reached the highest ranks of our Parliament.

    I hope you’ll enjoy watching this inspiring video, and reflecting on some of the milestones we’ve achieved, as we draw ever closer to ending this cruel trade for good…
    Together, we’ve ensured the plight of these gentle sheep hasn’t been forgotten — and that the exporters responsible for their misery have been held to account. Importantly, for the first time in decades, no sheep shipment has left our shores for the past two months, saving hundreds of thousands of sheep from enduring the heat of the Middle Eastern summer.

    The future of Australia’s cruellest trade now hangs in the balance. Politicians are preparing to debate and vote on historic bills which could finally bring it to an end. That we have been able to push live sheep export to the precipice is a direct result of the tens of thousands of compassionate people across this country, like you, demanding change.




    BREAKING NEWS: Australia’s biggest sheep exporter has been stripped of its licence to operate.

    It’s been going on for decades. Wealthy export companies increase their profits by cramming frightened animals onto ships and condemning them to a long, miserable journey across the ocean. Those who die at sea endure unconscionable suffering — but for those who survive, the full extent of their nightmare is unimaginable.

    After a brave crew member spoke to 60 Minutes about the horrors he witnessed onboard these ships — across five separate shipments — the industry has ground to a halt.

    Australians are overwhelmingly calling for an end to the live sheep trade, and because of caring Animals Australia supporters, THIS is what has happened in just a few months:



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