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Feel Good Sunday: A Salute to the Horses in Blue

“Too often we forget that our four legged companions helped to found this nation, fight wars to secure this country and continue to protect us from crime and anarchy within our republic.  Of course, this definition applies to both our canine and equine brethren but what a tremendous leap it is for equines as by nature, they are flight animals and are genetically programmed to run from conflict and not towards it.

Today we feature a most interesting series from the BBC which highlights the men and women in blue who partner with some very special horses to aide in keeping the streets of San Francisco free from chaos.  A most interesting view and well worth your time this day. 

Many thanks to all who wear the uniform and go to work everyday, for our benefit, not knowing if they will ever come home, again.  My hat is off to both the two and four legged peacemakers.  Be safe.” ~ R.T.

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