Wild Burros

Give to Wild Horse Freedom Federation on Giving Tuesday and Receive the Gift of Wild Horses

Source:  wildhoofbeats.com

On Giving Tuesday, consider donating to help our wild horses and burros stay wild and free on our public lands.

Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF), one of the nation’s leading advocates for wild horses and burros is offering three unique gift item while supporting an organization giving a voice to a special group of endangered animals currently under siege on our public lands across America.

If you make a donation, you will receive a free certificate emailed to you with one of four wild horses images by Carol Walker and “A donation has been made in your name,” the perfect gift for the animal lover in your family.

One of the four images to choose from on the certificate

You can also purchase a calendar or a book or both that will go to support Wild Horse Freedom Federation:

Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s 2019 Wall Calendar with images by Carol Walker

Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses by Carol Walker

Or a package that includes both the calendar and the book.

Go here to our webpage to donate and get your certificate and/or purchase the book and calendar:


Please spread the word

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  1. Please read and remind people to Contactvthe House of Representatives as we watch them continuously try to sneak this in again and again. https://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/final-spending-bill-delays This time they are saying horse slaughter is a USEFUL TOOL…… time to Tell them its NOT A TOOL TO BE ABUSIVE AND VIOLENT TO OUR NATIONS HORSES. REMIND THEM OF THE WASTEFUL SPENDING OF OUR TAX DOLLARS FOR OPENING JUST TO SIMPLY USE A VIOLENTLY ABUSIVE UNWANTED TOOL AS A TEMPORARY PATCH. PLEASE TELL PEOPLE TO START CALLING ASAP AND LETS STOP THIS KIND OF ABUSIVE MANIPULATIVE WORDING FROM REPRESENTING THE HIDDEN HORRORS OF SLAUGHTER AMERICANS DECLINE TO ACCEPT.

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    • Carol Walker’s fantastic photos are truly a gift, and I will be ordering too!

      Colts’… You made an excellent observation and you are so right about the apathy that is so prevalent in our nation regarding EQUINE TORTURE MURDER, for that is what it actually should be termed. Most people would rather ignore it and maintain their safe denial without the RESPONSIBILITY OF CARING. Even some seasoned horse people that I’ve known just shrug it off when I try to explain the Holocaust that is being perped on our precious Mustangs because of the political corruption and deceit we swim in now.
      The collective reaction is much like what I imagine Nazi Germany was like in the WWII era, the frozen denial of otherwise ‘good’ people.

      The Silver King removal of 1000 MORE of our precious horses is slated to be underway right now… I have come to realize that once the helicoptor monsters fly, the lives of these irreplaceable horses are over and done save for the lucky few that could be adopted.

      It will be one of the happiest days of my life if and when the SAFE ACT-113 gets through and is law… a miracle for not just the Mustang Nation, but for all the thousands and thousands of American equines who are suffering this atrocity each year!

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  2. A Prayer for Animals…….

    Hear our humble prayer, O God
    For our friends the animals
    who are suffering

    For any that are hunted or lost
    or deserted or frightened or hungry
    For all that must be put to death

    We entreat for them
    all Thy mercy and pity

    And for those who deal with them
    we ask a heart of compassion
    and gentle hands
    and kindly words

    Make us, ourselves,
    to be true friends to the animals
    And so, to share the blessings
    of the merciful

    ( Albert Schweitzer )

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  3. I’ve still been hemming and hawing about which horse group to give a donation to – I think I will donate to this one unless there is another in desperate need? I wish I could give to all – and I hope that damned BLM won’t muck up the herd in 2019 as they threaten. That’s (one) of my New Year’s resolution, to stop that kind of thing.

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