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BLM Pays to Adopt Captive Wild Horses and Burros: A Nightmare in the Making


“The BLM to Further Finance, with your money, the Managed Extinction of America’s Wild Horses and Burros”

To encourage more adopters to give a wild horse or burro a good home, the Adoption Incentive Program provides up to $1,000 to adopt an untrained wild horse or burro from the BLM. The goal of the program is to reduce BLM’s recurring costs to care for unadopted and untrained wild horses and burros while helping to enable the BLM to confront a growing over-population of wild horses and burros on fragile public rangelands.

The Adoption Incentive Program allows qualified adopters to receive up to $1,000 when adopting an eligible wild horse or burro on or after March 12, 2019. Under this program, adopters are eligible to receive:

  • $500 within 60 days of adoption of an untrained wild horse and burro
  • $500 within 60 days of titling the animal.

The incentive is available for all untrained animals that are eligible for adoption, including animals at BLM facilities, off-site events and on the Online Corral. A $25 fee applies at the time of adoption.

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  1. Well – how about rescues/sanctuaries taking advantage of that offer? It sure would help their bottom line if every horse they adopted/saved came with $1,000., now wouldnt it? The idea of handing a thousand dollar bill to anyone – whether they have an understanding of what it means to take on a wild, untrained horse is sheer stupidity. The thought of giving kill-buyers a thousand for every horses they take???????????????????????? Beyond stupidity.

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    • This will inspire double-dipping, where truckloads of horses can be taken, along with taxpayer money (not to mention the costs of growing them on the range, roundups and processing etc.), then hauled en masse and sold by the pound for a tidy profit, and probably income tax free if unreported.

      What good are our laws if they produce and bless such a contrary result?

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  2. One thousand dollars divided by $1.35 (current AUM grazing fee per cow/calf pair) comes to 740.74 months of grazing for a horse, or to be fair, a horse and foal.

    That comes to 61.72 YEARS worth of on-range grazing for a wild horse, about three times one horse’s natural lifespan in the wild.

    It’s also clear to anyone keeping horses that $1,000 won’t buy much feed or space for long, so this is NOT a sustainable solution for keeping wild horses alive, or free-roaming as our law mandates.

    How can our paid managers keep a straight face when accepting their paychecks and returning us such BS, literally and fiscally.

    Any private firm doing this would be summarily fired, and should be.

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  3. The BLM is NOT allowing comments to be submitted by email?!

    Please Comment by March 17 to Save the Wild Horses and Burros of Warm Springs in Oregon

    by Carol Walker Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

    We won our lawsuit to prevent the gruesome sterilization experiments that the BLM proposed conducting on 100 mares from the Warm Springs HMA, which is almost 500,000 acres. I, American Wild Horse Campaign, the Cloud Foundation and Animal Welfare Institute blocked the study by our lawsuit. The BLM dropped the experiments from their plan for the HMA, and now they have decided to release a devastatingly small number of wild horses and no burros back into the Herd Management Area despite having removed almost 100% of the wild horses and burros during the roundup in 2018: The helicopter roundup removed 846 wild horses and 41 burros. These wild horses and burros are currently being held at the BLM Burns Corrals in Hines, Oregon. They plan to release only 66 wild horses and zero burros. This would leave 1 horse per 5000 acres and 1 burro per 17,000 acres! This is a plan for extinction, and cannot be allowed to happen.

    This devastating plan will leave far less then the number of 150-200 wild horses needed to maintain genetic viability and a healthy, viable population. They estimate that there are 30 burros left but this is an extremely small number, and is the number of all the wild burros left in the state. The BLM needs to revise the Appropriate Management Level of this HMA to allow at least 150 – 300 wild horses and to allow at least 75 – 150 burros.

    If the BLM has any new plans to manage the wild horses and burros here they must legally a separate environmental analysis including a public comment opportunity.

    The wild horses and burros currently at the corrals face a very uncertain fate. The BLM will say “we are preparing them all for adoption.” This is simply not true. The youngest of the wild horses can be adopted but any wild horse 5 years old or older will be shipped to private “Off-Range Corrals” and “Off-Range Pastures” where the public will not be allowed to see or adopt these horses unless they want to purchase the horses older than 10 years old by the truckload at $10 a head. These “bargain” horses will most likely end up at slaughter.

    Tell the BLM that you want at least 150-300 of the wild horses and all 41 of the burros to be released back into their homes where they belong, where they are safe and free, and where they belong.

    Here is the link to the documents:

    Warm Springs BLM Documents Online

    The BLM is NOT allowing comments to be submitted by email.

    Please submit your comments directly to the BLM by March 17th by going to this online form:

    Or you can send your comments via USPS to:

    Burns District Office

    28910 hwy 20 Hines Oregon 97738

    they must be postmarked by March 17.

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    To find out more about Wild Horse Freedom Federation and our work to keep wild horses and burros wild and free on our public lands visit:

    Spread the word


    • Must be the only place is the BLM’s own comment submission site – Did do that but seriously wonder if anyone ever looks at the comments there.


  4. I wonder if any of the comments actually ever are viewed, or just blown off. The BLM is notorious for their ignorances in regard to ‘public opinion’ aren’t they?
    It may be more effective to resort to ‘torches & pitchforks’ time… something has to change soon, or the only Mustangs we will see will be stuffed hides in a Museum of ‘WTF’ Have We Allowed To Happen?
    A sad truth, but it is the ‘eleventh & a half ‘ hour.


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