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Feel Good Sunday: ~ Video ~ Cat Rides His Favorite Horse Every Day

Source: The Dodo

“CUTE ALERT:  Good Grief, this cut is so cute you won’t even need sugar in your cup of coffee while you watch it…outstanding.  This clip brings back memories as years ago, when we first rescued Apache in Brazil, a little kitten befriended him and would claw his way up Apache’s legs to nap on his back and ole Apache would never flinch.  Let a fly land on that same leg and things were much different.  Never really figured that one out.  But enjoy folks, thanks for all you do and keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

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  1. Great story. We used to have a cat that would sit on the back of one of our horses when my kids were grooming the horse. So durn cute!


  2. I had a cat that always wanted to be around my horse. Horses and cats do seem to have a natural affinity for one another. Both are HIGHLY sensitive creatures and besides that…horses smell so good. Cats are VERY particular about things like that.


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