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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ R.T. Fitch Thanks Advocates Care and Concern

“Thanks to all of you for your care and concern, keep the Faith!”

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  1. R.T – We all do whatever we can, whenever we can for our wild ones and that definitely includes you and Terry and all of the Wild Horse (and Burro) Freedom Federation members. It is easy to get burned out on such a gigantic problem and think we are going nowhere but then I think about Wild Horse Annie. Although many many people have fought for our wild ones over the many years, I honestly believe that we would not even have any wild horses and burros today if this one woman hadn’t dedicated her life to saving them. Thank you to everyone and I want to dedicate a special (wrangler ice tea) toast to Wild Horse Annie.

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    • I’m betting that years ago when Annie was trying to save wild horses – the attitudes & the abuse she got likely was worse than it is now! Cant imagine how hard that must have been – and as vulnerable as she was healthwise? Had to be really tough. Not the backup (us!) there is now.

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  2. I want to give an enormous hug and thank you with deep gratitude to everyone here… this advocacy is one of the most stressful and heartbreaking and frustrating, and especially if you are empathically focused, not for the faint of heart. (Literally).
    I had to take a big step back for awhile and center myself to regain health after being torn so so emotionally, and now feel a bit stronger. Many thanks to all of you for hangin’ in there while things develop, and it’s got to get better for our precious wild ones soon.

    BTW… (Louie C.) James Cameron is coming back with FOUR sequels to the AVATAR film, with the next coming out in 2020/21… hope the sacred is going to be regenerated and preserved and honored once more, as with our wild lands and horses 😉

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