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Action Alert: Help Save the Wild Herds – Easy to do, free to fax and well written

Plea from Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Every FAX matters!

Soon, the Senate subcommittee on appropriations will be voting on the disastrous Path Forward. If we don’t stand up to this, 50,000 horses and burros will be removed from their designated lands and 90% of those remaining will be given birth control (ASPCA says sterilization is theoretically possible). Nearly all the herds are currently below genetic viability.

Please help by using FaxZero (or your own fax machine) to copy & paste this letter into the space for the cover letter.

Add the date & your name. Fax to the full Senate Committee on Appropriations at 202-228-0904:…/1BjiD2VCcW32-2MJuv1_WA30RECSANlpO…

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