The Force of the Horse

Happy New Year: Reflection, Hope and Promise

by R.T. Fitch

“Peace and Love” ~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

It’s a New Year, a new decade and with that a new day of hope.

Today is a day off, for most, where we take time to reflect on what we have achieved and, hopefully, plan for a better and much improved future.

The key phrase that we should cling to, today, is that “We are in charge of our own destiny; we truly are captains of our ship/fate.”

It’s that simple, it’s that pure…without waxing sentimental we would like to leave that thought with you, today.

Have a safe and restful holiday, my friends, as we look forward to a future of opportunity and promise.

And with that said, I am going to leave you with a video of New Year fireworks from China a few years back and it was NOT safe, do not attempt to do this at home.

 After taking the screen out of his hotel window, for clear viewing, a good friend and myself watched an extravagant fire works show at EYE LEVEL as they were exploding right in front of the window. 

Exciting? Yes.  Smart? No. 

In fact, half-way through the video you can hear my buddy screaming “fire” as the exploding debris was rocketing right into his room and on his bed.  But being a stoic cameraman, with my iPhone 4, I hung tight and did not waver as burning embers whizzed by my head and into the room, I was hanging in there…what a weenie.

So enjoy, it’s rather intense and we only managed to get through it by being fueled with high quality Chinese beer…cheers.

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